Childless Couples Become a Greater Market Force in Mexico

Published on: Jul 15 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Lifestyle for childless couples in MexicoIt looks like Mexico’s consumer economy is taking a shift towards dual-income, no-kids couples (“dinks.”) Fox News has this article:


While their parents may have scrimped and saved to raise small armies of children on a single paycheck, growing numbers of high-earning Mexican couples are putting the department store before the baby carriage.


Couples with dual incomes but no kids, or “Dinks,” are on the rise in Mexico, nearly doubling since 2005. They are buoying a growing high-end goods market, splashing out on everything from expensive lingerie to home decor. …


With more stores and restaurants gearing their sales towards couples, this is good news for expat couples, especially retirees, choosing to live in Mexico.


I would say Mexico is very family-friendly, but it’s a plus to have more available for childless couples as well.


Read the entire article over there.


-by Thomas Lloyd


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