Cancun Center, A Top Location for Conventions Worldwide, Celebrates 10 Years

Published on: Aug 22 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Global MexicoIn Mexico News Travel, I read today that Cancun Center is celebrating 10 years in business, offering conventions and business meetings at a world-class level. Some of the highlights of these 10 years include:

  • Cancun Center has won the World Travel Award, called the “Oscars of Tourism” by Wall Street Journal
  • It is now considered one of the top options worldwide
  • It was founded in 1993
  • Cancun Center has won several other international awards
  • It hosts 39 international congresses annually
  • Its record attendance is 84,000 people
  • The Center boasts a $209 million dollar revenue

This is yet just another sign that Mexico is in “the swing of things” in the global world!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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