“Mexico Has Had a Little Bit of Luck, but It Has Also Made the Most of It”

Published on: Aug 09 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Invest in Mexico“Mexico has been the beneficiary of a little bit of luck, but it has also made the most of it.”


These are the words of Paul Christopher, Chief Investment Strategist at Wells Fargo Advisors LLC. Luck? Well most certainly, geographical location, as the lowest cost and most populous neighbor of the U.S. But as Christopher says, Mexico has made the most of it.


Take a look at the beginning of the article:


News stories from Mexico rarely highlight the country’s robust economic growth, a burgeoning car export industry or its rising national productivity. But many observers argue that the economic story is defining Mexico’s future. Investors who 10 years ago looked beyond the headlines and found merit in the country’s economic fundamentals and enlightened fiscal policies have seen the Mexican Bolsa equity index average a 21.7 percent annual gain during the 2003–2012 decade, according to Bloomberg and calculations from Wells Fargo Advisors.


The macro view of the Mexican economy


Part of Mexico’s success can be attributed to former President Felipe Calderon’s reformist policies, which touched many sectors, including education. The new administration of Enrique Peña Nieto is expected to further these structural reforms, especially the financial and labor sector changes, as well as encouraging greater efficiency in the state-owned energy sector.


People are catching on. We should be paying more attention to Mexico’s economy and the significance of recent reforms – especially since this country is right next door to the U.S.!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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