Getting Rich in Paradise – Investing and Living in Mexico

Published on: Jul 23 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Understanding Mexico's EconomyWhy are your clients considering purchasing Mexico real estate? For a relaxing retirement near the beach?


You may wish to remind them that Mexico is currently a huge investment opportunity as well:


When most Americans think of Mexico, they picture white-sand beaches and sombreros — a vacation paradise — not a place to invest. Which is a shame, because these folks are missing out on a tremendous opportunity.


You see, Mexico is growing at nearly double the pace of our economy. You won’t hear about it on CNBC, but they’ve been averaging 3.4% to 4% per year since 2009. (We’ll be lucky to grow GDP by 2% this year.) And Mexico is expected to continue this pace of growth through 2014 — meaning those who get in now have months of gains ahead of them.


Author Ian Watt goes on to talk about the opportunities in the natural gas industry, but Mexico is rich with investment opportunities in many areas – including opening small businesses or simply real estate.

Read the entire article at Seeking Alpha.


-by Thomas Lloyd


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