Israel Looks to Mexico for Boosting Trade

Published on: Aug 20 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Port receiving goods in IsraelAs many Americans continue to look around and wonder where the opportunities are these, Israel joins so many other parts of the world to start looking towards Mexico, our closest neighbor, for investment:


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made a strategic decision to act to significantly boost trade and economic ties with Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru, all regarded as politically friendly countries that could serve as bridgeheads for increased trade with Latin America.



The four countries, which last year formed the free-trade Pacific Alliance, account for about 36% of Latin America’s gross domestic product and have strong growth potential. The group has close trade ties with the United States and Canada.


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While the article is about large-scale, corporate and government foreign investment and trade, as we’ve said before, Mexico is likewise overflowing with investment opportunities for the average American, including real estate and small business.


-by Thomas Lloyd


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