Mexico to Invest $316 Billion into Infrastructure in 5 Years

Published on: Aug 13 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Mexico highwayReforms are moving quickly in Mexico. Alongside of massive reforms in economy and other areas, it looks like President Pena Nieto is also moving ahead with his predecessor’s push to invest heavily infrastructure:


Reforming President Pena Nieto announces plans to pump huge amounts into Mexico’s undeveloped infrastructure, and specialist investment funds are following suite.


Financing the huge upheaval of Mexico’s infrastructure network will provide international investors with plenty of opportunities, and it will be bolstered by the governments plan to funnel $316bn towards such projects over the next five years.


Recently appointed President Enrique Pena Nieto’s proposals could potentially add five percent of GDP during this period, as his country sets about updating its roads, railways, ports and telecommunications infrastructure.

(Read the whole thing here.)


Of course, we almost don’t even need to mention the huge opportunities in real estate that new highways, telecommunications, etc. will create. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a huge boost in expat buyers and investors looking to Mexico – or at least those who do will probably be seeing very nice results!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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