Mexico Welcomes S&P Capital IQ to Highlight Investment and Market Opportunity in Mexico

Published on: Sep 09 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Investment in MexicoS&P Capital IQ has made a press release today, indicating their upcoming expansion into Mexico:


“S&P Capital IQ, a business line of McGraw Hill Financial (NYSE:MHFI) and a leading provider of multi-asset class data, research and analytics, today announced the opening of a new office in Mexico City from which it will both provide a variety of investment and credit in-depth information analysis tools and research for local financial professionals as well as increase data coverage of Mexican and Latin American securities.”


What does this all mean?


Well, I think that it is safe to take away from this that despite what some people may think Mexico Investment is growing and continuing to modernize!


As stated in today’s press release, “Over the coming months, S&P Capital IQ Mexico will expand its existing activities to increase awareness in the local market with the introduction of more of its many award-winning products and services already available in the United States and other parts of the world”


This will provide a boat load of more information to be available to investors who are interested in Mexico. So far, information on investment in Mexico has been limited and not readily available on a highly professionalized basis such as this. Besides indicating confidence in Mexico’s investment potential, I also suspect this will bring more investment to the country:


“A robust investment climate, sophisticated, demanding and independent investors, and rapid globalization are driving the need for a new tier one financial data and research provider in Mexico,” said Lou Eccleston, President, S&P Capital IQ. “Very simply, given the success of its reforms and rapidly growing financial markets, we view Mexico as an important and necessary next step in our global investment strategy to serve investors in all major capital markets. We believe this is the right time for S&P Capital IQ to step up and provide our intellectual and technological capital to assist Mexico’s continued economic expansion.”


“Mexico is not only a destination for foreign capital, but also a net investment exporter,” said Juan Carlos Perez Macias, Director, S&P Capital IQ Mexico. “With 2012 capital outflows double those of capital inflows, we believe S&P Capital IQ has much to offer to help strengthen Mexican portfolio management, risk assessment and credit-worthiness and, ultimately, investment record outside of Mexico with our wide and expanding range of knowledge, products and services. In addition, we are eager to assist global investors better understand, evaluate and benefit from investments in Mexico.”


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-by Thomas Lloyd


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