Let Earth Day Inspire You – Eco-Lifestyles in Mexico

Earth Day (today, April 22) is an inspiring day for many of us.  It reminds us that we need to take action to prevent pollution, live sustainably and protect wildlife and natural vegetation.  It also reminds us of the possibility of living in harmony with nature.


It’s one of those things many of us support and think about, but when it comes to taking action and making it happen, there’s always something in the way or a reason why we (apparently) can’t make the leap right now.  Sure, we all recycle, ride our bikes when we can and hope the government will cut back on pollution – and those things are great, but it would be nice to have the right chance to just go out and do it.


Retiring in Mexico

Here’s something that’s surprising for many people who haven’t lived in Mexico; it’s easier to live an environmental lifestyle here!


But you may ask yourself – why is living in Mexico better for an ecological lifestyle?  Consider these points:


Mexico has a huge variety of natural settings, wildlife and biodiversity.  In many parts of the country, there have simply never been the resources to develop these areas.  Fortunately, as resources have increased with recent economic growth, many large protected areas, such as Sian Kaan, have been created.

Retiring in Mexico

Ecological residential developments are becoming increasingly common. Because of the point mentioned above, more residential developments are being designed with sustainable principles. Many are even being designed in a fully sustainable design, integrating nature and offering an ecological lifestyle in very close contact with that nature.  (See, for example, Pueblo Sac-Be near Playa del Carmen.)

Eco-lifestyle is supported by a deep-rooted spirituality. Many people who want to live in harmony with nature also seek out the spiritual element of that lifestyle.  The strong roots of Mayan mysticism, combined with the recent influence of Tibetian monks and yoga, in the Yucatan Peninsula have created a place where spiritual health, environmental health and bodily health are one and the same.  (See, for example, Holistika, a new eco-village in Tulum.)

Retiring in Mexico

The cost of living is lower.  While an eco-lifestyle is more natural and closer to the basics, up north it tends to cost considerably more.  This is often one of the factors that prevents people from taking the dive.  In Mexico, the cost of living is considerably lower – even for natural products and lifestyle – leaving people more freedom to choose the lifestyle that is best.


So, don’t be content to put a poster up on your fridge for Earth Day.  Let this day inspire you to start something extraordinary!  You may not change the world today, but you can start the steps to change your own lifestyle drastically for the better, and inspire others to follow you.


-by Bea Lozano


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