Living in Akumal – Make a Child Smile this Holiday Season!

Do you love to get into the holiday spirit by giving?  If you are living in Akumal or traveling to the Riviera Maya area this holiday season, you might be interested to hear about a great opportunity to spread some love and cheer for children in Akumal this Christmas!

We got a lot of questions from clients and visitors who ask about how they can contribute or volunteer in the local Mexican communities.  There are constant initiatives and ways to get involved including special efforts like this one to make sure all children have a little something for Christmas!

Among the many volunteer organizations in the Riviera Maya, who are working hard this season to create lasting Christmas memories for children living in the Riviera Maya, we would like to highlight the efforts of those at the Hekab Be Biblioteca (library) in Akumal!

This year, you can purchase a special Christmas ornament with a child’s name on it for 20 US dollars or 200 pesos!  The money that you use to purchase the ornament will ultimately be used to sponsor a Christmas gift, for the child whose name you have chosen!

Participating is beyond easy!

If you are living in Akumal, you can purchase your ornament in person at the Turtle Bay Bakery and Café.  If you are not in town yet, don’t worry, you can make your sponsorship online anytime, from anywhere!

Santa Clause is coming to town!

The most exciting part for the kids, is that each gift will be hand delivered by Santa at a special Christmas party being held on December 21st at the Hakab Be Library.  The event is open to all who wants to join and see the smiling shining faces on the children receiving gifts!

This is truly a rewarding gesture to partake in!  There are numerous organizations, such as this one, all over the world making children’s holiday wishes come true!  Most times we look to contribute in places that are close to our hearts!

There are many Canadians and Americans living in Akumal, and in the whole Riviera Maya, that feel just as much as home here, as in their countries of origin; therefore they look to help and be a part of the community in any way they can.

There are numerous ways to stay active and involved in the community.  Follow our blog for updates and news on volunteering throughout the year!

-By Bea Lozano