Xpu-ha! Heaven on Earth on the Riviera Maya

As the winter is fading out, and yes even we get a small hello from winter, we are finding warmer days meant for staying all day on the beautiful beach!  We love Playa del Carmen but always want to show that in the Riviera Maya, there are always small escapes right around the corner.

Since it’s always good to share different experiences and perspectives I would like to share a story of a friend of mine who loves to spend her free days exploring different adventures.  In this story she tells us how she first met a paradise that was only a small drive away – Xpu-ha.

“Last weekend, for the first time, after all my time living on the Riviera Maya, I discovered Xpu-ha beach!  I had always heard a lot about it and have seen incredible photos but believe it or not, despite the short 20 minute drive I have never made it there.  But finally I have discovered paradise!

I suppose it’s the same as living near Boston for almost your whole life.  You get comfortable with the fact that you know it’s there, yet since you know you can go anytime you have a tendency to put it off until actually you are the last person on earth to ever have been there.

Searching for a place to stay on an impromptu trip at about 8 pm at night my husband and I landed at Xpu-ha hoping to find a decent enough hotel room.  While we didn’t find any pretty place to stay we did discover for the first time, the incredible beauty of Xpu-ha.

True!  The sun was not out but it did not matter.  The beautiful moon shining down on the water gave us a clear impression of what this hidden place must look like during the day.  And the stars!  Just incredible!  I hadn’t seen that many stars since my childhood trip to the planetarium.

While we didn’t find such a great place to say we did however return back in the morning, and Wow!  When I say wow, I mean WOW! My first thought was “how could I have lived so near to this amazing place for such a long time and haven’t experienced it?”  I felt as if I had missed out on the last years of my life.  But not anymore!

Xpu-ha is one of the absolute most beautiful beaches with clear blue water that you will find on the Riviera Maya.  The main entrance leads you to a great beach club where you can lounge all day, enjoy perfectly made drinks (and I don’t always say that about drinks), and great food!  If you walk further down there is another beach club which is attached to a small hotel with a more upscale appeal.  Either way, no matter where you decide to park your tush you have the same sparking incredible view.

Xpu-ha is very well known and loved by local kite surfers.  The temperament of the water combined with the wind creates the ideal spot for those who love the sport.  If you have never kite surfed before and would love to try this is the spot for some of the best kite surfing schools in the area.

We spent the day lounging, drinking, laughing, swimming and just soaking up the sun.  The water is so clear that you can see the bottom of your feet.  Everything is transparent!  I highly recommend bringing a water proof camera as you can take photos clear as day in this water.

If you are looking for a true Mexican Caribbean feel, Xpu-ha is it!  It’s quiet, it’s tropical, there’s no overcrowding or overuse of the beach.  It is simply pure!  Since Playa has grown up, it is the ideal place to live full time because of the fact that daily living necessities are easily within reach, however you must remember that only a short ways away you can always find the peace and serenity of the Riviera Maya.”

We must always remember the beautiful place we live in and take full advantage of everything that it has to offer us.  This is the root of why people come to settle here in the first place.

­-By Bea Lozano