Spring has Sprung in Riviera Maya!

Once you live in the Riviera Maya you tend to forget that there are different parts of the world which still bear the distinctness of each of the four seasons; because here even though we do feel a slight shift in temperature and endure a rainy day or two, about 90% of our year is absolutely beach and cenote enjoyable.

One of my morning rituals is take a beaches of Playa del Carmen near my home, which most of the time I do after I leave my kids at school. I just walk for half an hour or so, depending on how my day is scheduled and how hectic it could be. I take this time for me to see what´s around me and charge my batteries from the sun and the sea.

I also like to watch how other people start their daily routine, all of those beach walkers that, like me, are sharing that peaceful moment to focus on themselves and organize their thoughts before the day gets into full swing. As

As  I people watch I notice that some of them are walking with their significant other, others are jogging or doing yoga, other people go for a quick swim; I particularly enjoy to just walk and stumble upon something interesting or beautiful and take photos.

And today, what would say Welcome Spring better than the scene I found this morning: wild flowers growing just a few meters away from the sea, quietly and beautifully lying on the sand, getting energy from the sun and the sea breeze, probably listening to the song of the waves and enjoying life as it is.

A lesson that I learned living Playa del Carmen: be grateful, live one day at the time even if you are one of those who likes to plan everything ahead (as I do myself), because living in Riviera Maya means peace, beach, colors, joy,  happiness and amazing moments at the beach!

-By Bea Lozano