Top 25 Beaches in the Riviera Maya: A Day at Sirenis Beach

Beach #16 on the Countdown to the Best Beach in the Riviera Maya: Sirenis Beach

People often forget that the Riviera Maya stretches beyond Cancun and Playa del Carmen. To the south, you can find many beautiful beaches, often barely populated, that are the definition of a gem. White sand, turquoise waters, and the privacy that everyone loves.

That is why the beautiful beach of Sirenis (a residential complex, and 5-star resort in Akumal) takes up the 16th place on our Top 25 Beaches in the Riviera Maya.

Although every beach in Mexican territory (and the world) is public, many lack public accesses. This is the case of Sirenis, and the beach is mainly used by its residents and hotel guests. However, the hotel Grand Sirenis Resort Riviera Maya offers “outsiders” day passes so that they too can enjoy the experience of the resort and the gorgeous beach that stretches right in front.

If you want to visit the Grand Sirenis beach, you need to access it through the hotel, hence needing to buy the Day Pass. Up until April of 2015, you can buy the day pass for $700 MXN per person, however, this price will go up after this promotion is over. Children enjoy 50% off in the day pass.

The day pass will give you the full experience of being a guest at the hotel. You will be able to access all the facilities within, do one free hour of snorkel, or rent any of the other activities such as kayaking; you will be able to enjoy their pools, their slow river, and more. You can buy the Day Pass directly at reception.

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Sirenis Beach: Getting There

Getting to Sirenis is rather easy. It is located just north of Akumal (Sirenis is actually considered part of Akumal) and south of the Palladium Hotel.

Driving: Get onto the Federal Highway 309 and drive south towards Akumal. Before reaching Akumal you will find the Palladium Hotel on your left; it’s time to slow down as a few kilometers ahead you will find Sirenis to your left. It’s easy to spot! If you reach Akumal, you’ve gone too far. Make a U-turn and drive into the main entrance of Sirenis. At the main gate, just say you are going to the Grand Sirenis hotel and they will let you through.

Taking a Taxi: A taxi may be expensive if you are coming from Playa del Carmen or Cancun. However, if you are willing to pay $300+ MXN, then all you have to do is ask them to take you to Sirenis Beach, and they gladly will. Although most taxi drivers know their way around every beach, make sure you also know how he needs to get there (which is the same as driving), in case the taxi driver is unfamiliar with the beach.

Public transportation:

Colectivos: Colectivos, or collective vans, are easily available on the highway. If you are coming from Cancun, first you will need to take one to Playa del Carmen, which will drop you off at the van central. You will then need to take one heading to Tulum and ask to be dropped off at Sirenis. Because you will be on the wrong side of the highway, make sure you either walk to the nearest bridge, or cross very carefully. A van from Playa del Carmen to Sirenis should not charge you more than $35 MXN or around $3 USD, per person.

Buses: ADO buses will not take you to Sirenis as they have set, default routes, and mainly go between big cities. However, there is a service called the Mayab bus (which you can get at the ADO terminals), which make stops as they drive down the highway. You would need to ask the driver to drop you off at Akumal (its nearest stop), and you can then cross the highway and grab a colectivo north and get off at Sirenis (the next stop), or take a taxi from Akumal.

Sirenis Beach: Things to Do

Once you have decided to purchase the Day Pass at Grand Sirenis, there is an array of activities you can enjoy there:

  • You can eat at one of their many restaurants (make sure you ask at Reception if meal are included in the Day Pass)
  • You can enjoy the palapas and beach beds
  • You get one hour of free snorkeling
  • You can head to the dive shop and go on a diving adventure
  • You can rent one of the following activities: kayak, water polo, bingo, beach volley, bike tour, archery, and more.
  • You can relax at one of their three amazing pools
  • After tiring yourself all day with so many activities, you can also just relax and float around the lazy river.

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Sirenis Beach: Recommendations

Although you will be in a resort, there are always some previous recommendations that you should take into consideration:

  • Bring money! You need to pay for the Day Pass, and not all activities are included – you don’t miss out on anything because you forgot your wallet at home.
  • Bring sunscreen! You will be doing activities and relaxing by the beach and the pools all day – nobody wants nasty sunburns.
  • Ask everything you need to know BEFORE buying your Day Pass! Meals may or not may be included depending on the day pass you purchase– same goes for drinks – so make sure you know what all is included before you pay $700 (or more) MXN.
  • Get there early! Call a day prior to your visit to ask at what time the Day Pass become effective, and until what time you can stay at the hotel. In case you don’t want to leave, you can always just end up booking a night there and waking up to the beautiful Sirenis Beach once more.
  • Last, but not least, have fun! Day Passes give you the unique experience of enjoying a resort vacation in a day – and they are a lot of fun! So leave all the stress back home and enjoy the day with your family.

Sounds like the perfect day at Sirenis Beach, right? We’re already looking forward to our day off, for our day pass!

You can continue learning about the best beaches in this beautiful region by following our Top 25 Beaches in the Riviera Maya countdown every Friday! If you are looking for the perfect beach, make sure you check out our options. We aim to provide you with the best information about living in the Riviera Maya!

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