Mexico’s President Cares about Keeping Us Happy – $8.63 Billion Investment

Published on: Aug 28 2013 by Thomas Lloyd

Tourism and expat lifestyle on Mexico's beachesWhile the motives are most certainly for the sake of his country, its economy and the daily quality of life of its people, President Pena Nieto knows that keeping Americans interested in and happy about Mexico is important. This is why he’s investing $8.63 billion USD into tourism:


President Enrique Peña Nieto announced an investment of 8.63 billion dollars to improve the Mexico tourism sector, which is the third most important income of the Mexican economy …


The amount announced by Peña Nieto will be used in carrying out 176 projects such as hotels, timeshares, airport infrastructure, restaurants, theme parks, golf courses, marinas, clinics and retirement communities.


The investment will extend to 17 states with 27 tourist destinations, 11 are cities and 16 are beach related. According to Peña Nieto, this investment will result in 28,097 direct jobs and 77,619 indirect jobs in those 17 states.


Investment into Mexico’s tourism is always good for expats and real estate investors. It offers us more services and activities, as well as more investment and business opportunities in a country right next door.


As long as tourism is important to the Mexican government, we can look forward to seeing funds poured into economic sectors that benefit us directly. Considering that tourism is Mexico’s third largest source of income, and that Americans are the largest source of tourists, I don’t think we’ll see the government – or large corporations – ignoring Americans who love Mexico any time soon!


-by Thomas Lloyd

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