Daily Activities You Can Do in Playa del Carmen

What comes to mind first when you are thinking of something to do in Playa del Carmen? Would it happen to be the beach? But let us tell you, there are way more activities to do other than just spending all your day at the beach.

Here are some ideas of daily activities you can do in Playa del Carmen

Have you ever thought of renting a bike, joining a gym or salsa class? Maybe even a sports team if you’re into that. What makes Playa del Carmen so special is that there are so many activities here for all ages. Whether you are a child and looking for swimming lessons or you are in your teens and you would like to try out a new sport. Maybe you are in your early 50s-70s and you would like to get out and play tennis a couple times a week.

Anything and everything is possible in Playa del Carmen

There is one unique Canadian restaurant whose owners are a couple and each week they have a trivia night, along with other charitable events throughout the year. This restaurant is called ‘Moms.’ Let us tell you, if you are a Canadian and you are used to Mom’s homemade cookin, then we would highly recommend visiting this place. It’s not just great for Canadians. This couple welcomes each and every person here with open arms. There are also pool tables here too, which makes the perfect games night.

Getting back to the activities we had mentioned before. If you are looking at bike rentals in Playa del Carmen there are many different shops scattered around the town.

Activities in Playa del Carmen

One place in Playa del Carmen that has great reviews is Playa Bike Rentals. You can find this place in 24 street between streets 10 and 15. They charge the following prices below:

1-3   Days = $10.00 USD per day

4-7   Days = $38.00 USD for the period

7-14 Days = $5.00 USD per day

This company is opened 9am-9pm Monday-Saturday.

If you’d like to play tennis, there are many tennis courts all around the town. Some places you have to reserve ahead of time, and some are on a come and go basis. We would recommend reviewing the times online prior to heading to the courts.

For swimming lessons, we would recommend ‘Kiin Ha’ indoor pool and sports center based on their reviews. They open from Monday-Friday from 7:00am-10:00pm and Saturdays from 7:00am-1:00pm. Depending on how many classes you would want to enroll in the prices vary. They are located just off Constituyentes Avenue, one block north between 85th and 90th avenue.

Activities in Playa del Carmen

If you woud like to do a water activity, we would recommend trying SUP (stand up paddle-boarding.) If you haven’t already done it before, “Aloha Paddle Club” offers lessons and board deliveries. They are located at: Inti Beach club which is located at Calle 4 and Calle 6 in the center of town.

Now that you know about amazing activities you can do in Playa del Carme, go out and have fun! Living in paradise has this and many more incredible advantages!


Powerful Earthquake Affects Mexico City, Puebla and Morelos

This month two devastating earthquakes affected Mexico. Just a few days ago Oaxaca and Chiapas were severely affected, and yesterday another 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico City, exactly 32 years after a devastating earthquake struck the city in 1985.

The government sources have reported that at least 224 people were killed. Also, thousands have been rushed to hospitals due to severe wounds. As a result to this overwhelming disaster, Mexico is going through tough times, and really needs the help of its citizens to raise above. Once again.

The total account of damage can’t be yet estimated. Nevertheless, the result may be devastating. This is our opportunity to help, above all, showing we are Mexican citizens who will help our country through good and bad.

Earthquake Mexico City

If you want to help, there are several collection centers where you can bring the following products and items:

  • Bottled water
  • Non-perishable food
  • Canned food
  • Gauzes
  • Lanterns
  • Batteries
  • Baby food
  • Animal food
  • Clothing
  • Blankets and towels

You can bring these products to the following collection centers:

  • Frida Kahlo Museum in 5th and 8 street – Playa del Carmen from 8:00-23:00.
  • Spinny Grooves in 20 street between 10 street and 10 bis – Playa del Carmen
  • La Verbena in 34 street between 5 street and 10 – Playa del Carmen
  • Reaccion Expeditions in Cozumel Ave. between streets 28 and 30 – Playa del Carmen from 10:00 to 20:00
  • Mega supermarket in Constituyentes Ave. with 30th street – Playa del Carmen

You can also donate money to the non-profit Mexican organization Topos (The Moles), which is a professional rescue team, to:

Santander – Account: 92-00070929-4
CLABE: 014180920007092942
Reference: Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco, A.C.

Anywhere else:
Paypal: donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org

Also, you can donate money to UNICEF Mexico on their website.

Don’t forget that Oaxaca and Chiapas are still in need of help too. Spread the voice and help as much as you can. Mexico needs your help more than ever!


Earthquake in Mexico – Organizations and Donations to Help the Victims

On September 8, 2017, an 8.2-magnitude earthquake in southern Mexico affected at least 2.3 million people in the states of Chiapas and Oaxaca, and claimed around 96 lives. The official reports count a total of 40,000 houses with a damage in Chiapas, and around 12,000 in Oaxaca.

Thankfully, there are some organizations already working on helping these victims; but there’s a lot to do and people in the affected areas have many needs. So, you if you were wondering how you can help the earthquake victims, here’s a list of what the Family Services Agency (DIF) is collecting:

  • Blankets and bedding
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Canned tuna, sardines, beans, cereal, biscuits and instant coffee
  • Powdered milk and water
  • Soap, tooth brushes, toothpaste and sanitary towels

Earthquake in Chiapas and Oaxaca

Where can you provide these items?

The local Red Cross, Walmart and Superama stores are collecting donations. Also, Starbucks Café is accepting donations such as: non-perishable foods, bottled water, clothing, blankets and personal hygiene products.

You can also donate cash to:

  • Account #0404040406 at BBVA Bancomer in the name of Cruz Roja Mexicana IAP.
  • Account #066 900 6667 at Banorte

In addition to this, Club Rotary Tulum with the help of Ex-Pats Tulum and Gaia Hotel Tulum, will be receiving items to help earthquake victims in Oaxaca and Chiapas until Tuesday 19, 2017.

They are collecting:

  • Non-perishable foods
  • Bottled water
  • Clothing
  • Blankets and towels
  • Sleeping bags
  • Lanterns and batteries
  • First aid kits

You can bring these products to Gaia Hotel Tulum; for further information, call (984) 134 6082.

Although it’s been more than a week since the earthquake affected Mexico, it will take a long time for these communities to recover and any aid is still helpful.

For more information, visit the Red Cross website or click on this link to make an online donation through the Red Cross website.


Mexico’s Independence Day in Playa del Carmen

The day is finally here! Mexico’s Independence Day is on September 15. If you’ve already lived this experience, perhaps you already know how it is to have a Mexican style party; but if this is your first time celebrating this huge event in Mexico, be prepared to have an awesome night.

Let’s sum up in a few words what’s Mexico’s Independence Day. Back in September 15, 1810, El Cura Miguel Hildalgo, one of the nation’s leader, motivated the town to revolt against the Spanish soldiers. His speech is known as El Grito de Dolores, Cry of Dolores in English. Although Mexico’s definitive liberation was on September 21, 1821, Mexicans celebrate their Independence Day on September 15.

Needless to say, this date is extremely important for Mexicans, who will transfer their Mexican spirit to any foreigner willing to celebrate this holiday. If you’re looking for ideas for how to celebrate El Grito, here’s a list of great places in Playa del Carmen where you will surely have fun.

But if you want to celebrate like a Mexican, then you should go to the plaza 28 de Julio, where you can witness the traditional ceremony, followed by fireworks. This event is starting at 7:00 pm.

  1. Mexican Party at The Carmen Hotel

On Friday 15, The Carmen Hotel will be hosting a Noche Mexicana. This party will include live music, Mariachis, art exhibition, Mexican games and a Frida Kahlo characterization contest.

This party starts at 8:00 and ends at 12:00 am.

Where? Calle 8 with beach

  1. La Reina Roja

Mexican Party at La Reina Roja Hotel will open its doors Friday 15 at 7:00 pm. This party will include a Taco Buffet, better known in Spanish as a Taquiza. Eat as much tacos as you want at the price of 2×1.

Have a magnificent and unforgettable Mexican party at a singular and unique place: La Reina Roja.

Are you planning to assist to this event? Then head to 28 street between 5th Avenue and 10 street.

  1. Merendero Surf

Is there something better than Mexican food? Well, Merendero Surf will be hosting an amazing Mexican party this Friday the 15 at 9:00 pm. They will offer live music, Mexican food, drinks and much more to make this night unforgettable.

If you would like to join this event, go to 5th Avenue between streets 30 and 32.

  1. La Vagabunda Mexican Food with a Twist

This Mexican cuisine will offer a Taco Buffet (Taquiza), Mexican snacks, games, Mariachis and much more! The price for adult is $250 pesos, $120 for children 11+ and free for kids under 10 years old. The open bar has a cost of $200 pesos.

La Vagabunda’s party will begin at 8:00 on Friday the 15. Where? 28 Avenue and Carretera Federal.

  1. Prana Hookah and Drinks

Are you ready to live a party in one of the most animated streets in Playa del Carmen? Well, then Prana Hookah Lounge is the right place! On September 15 visit this bar and take full advantage of the Tequila and Mezcal promotion. This Mexican party will include many surprises to make sure you have an amazing night.

Be ready to Prana Hooka Lounge at 8:00 pm on 12 street between 5th Avenue and 1st street.

  1. Art Hummus

Celebrate with Art Hummus this enormous national holiday. Art Hummus will be offering a menu which includes Mezcal Papa Diablo, organic Tacos al pastor, guacamole and dessert for $350 pesos. Dance all night and have an incredible Mexican Party at Art Hummus!

If you want to join this event, visit Art Hummus at Plaza Paseo Coba in Aviacion Avenue, Playacar. 

  1. Thompson Playa del Carmen

Join Thompson this September 15 at 10 pm and celebrate the Independence Day in an amazing atmosphere. Their resident DJ Shemaya along with DJ Flight will animate this party. Thompson will be offering Ladies Night from 10 pm to 1 pm.

How to get to Thompson? Go to 12 street between 5th Avenue and 10 street.

8. Zenzi

Zenzi will be hosting a Mexican party and every margarita sold will help people affected by the earthquake last week in Chiapas and Oaxaca. Help this great cause by visiting Zenzi in 10th street and the beach.

Have a great and unforgettable Mexican Independence Day! Enjoy all the Mexican parties in Playa del Carmen and tell us how your night goes. Live this incredible experience and get to know more about the history of Mexico and its culture.


Why People Love Living in Playa del Carmen

There are so many things we could include in this article. We will do our best to include as much as we can, but you most likely do not have hours upon hours to read about everything that we love about living in Playa del Carmen. So let us keep this short and sweet. We will include the main attributes as to why people love to live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Below we have listed the top five things that we love best about living here.

  1. The location (beach + convenience)
  2. The people
  3. The safety
  4. The food
  5. The culture


Let’s start off with the number one reason as to why we love living in the beautiful Playa del Carmen, and that would be the location. Here you can find everything you would ever need in the proximity of 45 minutes. An international airport is only 30 minutes away. Some of the best beaches in the world, such as Tulum, are only 45 minutes away. If you would like to go on a tour to one of the eco parks, it is within 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen. If you are looking for grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Cell phone stores, malls, and Starbucks, Playa del Carmen is home to all those places.

Living in Playa

The people

Secondly, it would of course be the people. They are some of the friendliest, most helpful people here living in Playa del Carmen. Not to mention people of every nationality. It is such a multi-cultural beach town, where you will find people of your own culture and meet new people too! No matter where you go, if you have troubles or need help with anything you can ask a fellow local and they will be happy to help you out.

Living in Playa

The safety

Number three is a huge advantage to this town, and a very important reason as to why people choose living in Playa del Carmen. When you think of living somewhere, you do not want to be afraid of your safety. We know things happen everywhere in the world and you always have to be cautious, Playa del Carmen is a safe town. There are policemen located all over the city to protect everyone who lives and visits Playa del Carmen. So there is no need to feel unsafe living in Mexico. Just ask the other Americans and Canadians and other nationalities that live here.

Living in Playa

The food

Number four is most likely why the expats choose to live here for so long. The food in Playa del Carmen is FANTASTIC. Not only the Mexican food is delicious, but also the Italian community is huge here. We recommend you trying out all the delicious Italian restaurants on Fifth Avenue, but there are many wonderful and cheaper restaurants on 10th Avenue. You will not be disappointed in the gastronomy here in Playa del Carmen, especially if you are a true foodie.

Living in Playa

The culture

Last but not least is the culture. If you have been to Mexico before and stayed in an all-inclusive resort, you have experienced about 10% of the culture. If you went into town for a day, you have experience 20% of the culture. You need to move to Playa del Carmen to experience 100% of the culture here. With Mexican shows at night, friendly locals roaming the streets, comedy nights, local talent acts in the middle of the streets, along with musicians who sing to you while you are enjoying some wine. No matter where you go you will be surrounded with beautiful people who love you! The energy is high, and that comes with a high quality of life. So we suggest you pack your bags and move down to paradise.

Living in Playa

The Cenote Route in Puerto Morelos

The Riviera Maya is home to beautiful attractions and wonderful activities that will provide you an excellent time. Needless to say, one of the main charms of the Riviera Maya are the sinkholes or cenotes. These breathtaking freshwater natural pools are just a small proportion of what nature has to offer.

Actually, if you’re looking to enjoy an amazing journey where cenotes are the main attraction, the Cenote route is for you. This attraction is located on the road that connects Puerto Morelos to Leona Vicario, and is a wonderful road that has plenty of cenotes to choose from. Each one will offer you a different adventure, and you will be surrounded by natural wonders.

The entrance to the cenote route is located in Puerto Morelos, which is located halfway from Playa del Carmen to Cancun. We highly recommend to live this experience and have fun while you admire the amazing landscape. You can visit them all or pick the ones that seem more appealing to you. To help you plan your trip, here’s a brief description of each cenote and what makes it special.



To begin your adventure, the cenote Mojarras will amaze you. This is an uncovered sinkhole where you can freely swim and snorkel. Some of the extra activities are a zip line, ATV road, horseback riding and there’s a restaurant where you can eat and have a little break from your adventure.

Boca del Puma

This sinkhole is located in a natural reserve in the middle of the Riviera Maya. Boca del Puma offers an amazing experience and a journey filled with entertainment. Also, take full advantage of other activities such as the magnificent zip lines and the incredible ATV tour. Most people consider this park as one of their favorites!

Siete Bocas

Cenote 7 Bocas is a beautiful cavern sinkhole which received its name due to the 7 holes that allow the light to enter. This is a covered cenote that offers a taste of what diving in caverns is. You will be amazed by the rock formations and the color of the water; to enjoy the place even more, consider bringing a waterproof flashlight so you can explore de depth of the water. This is a great experience for good swimmers, and there are life vests available for rent if you want. Being a more rustic and less- touristy cenote, this place offers a jungle vibe that is surely a worthwhile experience.


Chilam Balam

You will surely have a happy surprise as soon as you arrive to this sinkhole. Chilam Balam, is home to a beautiful cenote where you can definitely snorkel and get closer to nature. This place also offers more activities such as ATV rides, horseback riding and canopy lines. You can have a dreamy family day here by enjoying the open-air sinkhole and much more.


Verde Lucero

A little piece of paradise where you can freshen up and enjoy the crystal clear and cold water! This sinkhole is an amazing inexpensive experience. One of the main features is the zip line that drops you into the water. Besides being a peaceful and quiet cenote, Verde Lucero is a hidden jewel in the middle of the jungle.

La Noria

This cenote is actually an awesome place to experience a sinkhole visit among other different activities. This place offers zip lines, cliff diving and mountain biking! Prepare yourself to have an extreme adventure at the surrounding jungle with a wonderful atmosphere.


Looking for a fun adventure? Then you will surely find it at cenote Kin-Ha. If you’re feeling adventurous, be ready to jump 25-ft. into a 72° F degree water! Also, explore the jungle while you ride a four-wheeler track to get to the 2 beautiful sinkholes. And to add more fun to your incredible journey, enjoy the dual zip lines and zip together with a friend!



Be ready to have an excellent day at this eco-park that not only has astounding surroundings but also incredible adventures. The first cenote has 10-ft. and 25-ft. jumping platforms. The second sinkhole offers a different adventure, being an underground cenote where you can see stalagmites and stalactites. The third and last cenote is a small deep sinkhole with two high jumping platforms. This place is waiting for any adventurous soul who’s ready for some action!


Remember that each cenote will offer you an amazing experience and they are all different from each other. Prices vary as well; if you’re planning to visit more than one cenote make sure to bring cash, since there are no ATM machines nearby. And while there are some small restaurants on the road, it’s a good idea to bring enough water and snacks to keep you energized during the day.

Consider visiting the cenote route… You won’t regret spending a day in these wonderful natural sinkholes doing eco-friendly activities!


5 Things You Can Do to Escape the Caribbean Heat

We understand this summertime heat can be a little irritating. There are days when all you want to do is stay somewhere with air condition. But, this could actually be boring. Besides, when you live in Playa del Carmen, you must learn how to handle the heat. It is okay to stay locked in home with A/C once in a while. However, there are so many places where you can go to freshen up while you have fun outdoors. Let’s take a look at some options to escape the Caribbean heat!


The first thing you can do is visit a beach

Well, this one is clear! There are so many beautiful beaches all along the Riviera Maya. We recommend to bring an umbrella, a large blanket, drinking water, snacks, sunscreen and a chair. This will help you stay fresh and away from the sun. Whenever you want to rest, you can sit under your umbrella. And if the heat takes over, you can run to the sea and cool down Don’t forget to bring a book or something to stay entertained and enjoy the beach to the fullest.

Caribbean heat

Have a wonderful day at a cenote

A freshwater sinkhole, also known as cenote, is a perfect way to fresh up. Its cold water will help you to feel better and escape the Caribbean heat. Also, most cenotes are covered, so you can stay away from the sunlight and avoid a sunburn. There are many cenotes you can visit, and most of them are not expensive. In addition, if you want to have an adventure and enjoy a cenote to the fullest, you can rent diving equipment and have much more fun.

Caribbean heat

Enjoy a delicious ice cream on the 5th Avenue

What’s better than taking a walk on the Fifth Avenue? Well, having an ice cream while walking all along this amazing street. There are plenty of ice cream shops that offer delicious flavors and also, beverages if you’re not really in a mood for an ice cream. Once you decide what kind of dessert you’re having, it’s time to enjoy the 5th Avenue! This pedestrian street offers so many shopping stores, restaurants, spas, among many other things. The world-famous 5th Avenue in Playa del Carmen will surely keep you entertained and, sometimes, away from the Caribbean heat.

Caribbean heat

Have an amazing adventure at a theme park

There are plenty of options to choose from! Each theme park in the Riviera Maya offers different amazing activities. You can have a relaxing day at Xel-Ha or an incredible adventure at Xplor. And if you want to have a family day, Xcaret could be the perfect place. Alternatively, there are some other companies that offer great tours which include zip-line, ATV and a cenote visit. Choose one or more of these activities and have fun while you freshen up.

Caribbean heat

Swim in one of the many hotel rooftops in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is home to several hotel rooftops that are open to the public even if you’re not a guest. However, most of these rooftops will ask you to eat something or have a drink. Therefore, make sure to bring some cash, so you can enjoy your food and/or beverage while you sunbathe and refresh in the swimming pool. This exquisite option could end up being your weekend getaway plan!

Caribbean heat

Now you that you have these ideas in mind, go outside and enjoy all the activities the Riviera Maya has to offer! As a result, you will escape the Caribbean heat whilst having an astonishing journey. Additionally, you will get to discover more incredible places in the Riviera Maya and see why people define it as a paradise.



Mayakoba Playa Fest 2017

Mayakoba Resort celebrates the second edition of the most dynamic and fun event: Mayakoba Playa Fest 2017.

Mayakoba Playa Fest 2017 will be an amazing event surrounded by crystal-clear waters, mangroves and the beautiful Caribbean Sea. The stunning turquoise water and the white sandy beaches highlight each of the activities performed in this event.

This festival will take place in Mayakoba, a paradise located in the heart of the Riviera Maya. On September 15 to 17, Mayakoba Playa Fest will celebrate this amazing party. This huge event expects around 250 people. Every guest will enjoy this unique event and its beautiful location in the recently inaugurated Andaz Mayakoba.

Here is the schedule for the Mayakoba Playa Fest activities:

  • Opening Cocktail: To start with this event, we will celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day at Mayakoba’s Pueblito (little town). This party will be open for the public and it will be the perfect moment to celebrate with family and friends.
  • Mayakoba Challenge: This is the most challenging activity. This event includes Yoga, a 5K race and a SUP race- 1K into the sea.
  • Sunrise Yoga: An inspirational yoga session in front of the beautiful dawn at Andaz Maykoba beach.
  • Stand Up Paddle Race 1K y 5K: One of the most fun activities in the sea, led by a Stand-Up Paddle expert.
  • Jet Surf Mexico demonstration: A sport that mixes surf, motor sports and entertainment.
  • Aqua Forza: A great experience with a new exercise trend that combines yoga positions, resistance and elasticity.
  • Yoga and Kite Surf: Additionally, during this weekend you can take courses of Yoga and Kite Surf. Relax and have fun at the same time.
  • Award Ceremony at Andaz Mayakoba beach: To award the winners of the “Mayakoba Challenge”, they will offer an exquisite lunch. Chef invited, Paul Bentley and the culinary Andaz Mayakoba team will create an extraordinary menu. Their delicious food will delight all the guests with Mexican food and margaritas, accompanied with the best music.
  • Closing Dinner at Casa Amate: To end on a high note, Mayakoba will host a splendid dinner. Vincent Wallez, the executive chef at Andaz, and Chef Paul Bentley will create a banquet. This delicious dinner will take place at the Insignia Restaurant in Andaz Mayakoba.

Don’t miss this amazing event! Mayakoba Playa Fest 2017 will reiterate the beauty and greatness within a resort like no other.

More about Mayakoba:

The Riviera Maya is home to this beautiful resort that takes only a 15 minute drive from Playa del Carmen. Mayakoba is an eco-friendly development on the Mexican Caribbean beaches. Also, natural beauties, such as lagoons, mangroves and white sandy beaches sorround this luxurious resort. On the other hand, Mayakoba is home to 4 luxury hotels: Fairmont Mayakoba, Rosewood Mayakoba, Banyan Tree Mayakoba and Andaz Mayakoba.

Another spectacular feature Mayakoba Resort offers, is a spectacular 18-hole golf course; where the OHL Mayakoba Classic takes place each year. This course is surrounded by 13 km of lagoons and fresh water channels that lead to the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

For more information about this event, visit Mayakoba’s website.   


5 Beautiful Secret Beaches You Must Visit in the Yucatan Peninsula

It’s not a secret; Mexico has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Each year, thousands of tourists choose the Yucatan Peninsula as their destination for incredible vacations. This place has become a favorite destination for both, tourists and Mexicans.

Once you land in Mexico, any beach you visit will look extraordinary. It’s guaranteed that you will never find an ugly beach in Mexico, but when it comes to the Caribbean, you are standing in paradise. The white sand that almost feels like powder and the beautiful crystal-clear waters will hypnotize you. Walking along the beach, while you take a sunbath and freshen up with the sea breeze, is an unforgettable experience.

Since most tourists come to the Caribbean beaches to look for comfort, some beaches tend to be too crowded. This could actually be ideal for people who want to have fun and party. However, for those who want to relax and enjoy, a tranquil beach would be perfect. Luckily for those people, the Yucatan Peninsula has many virgin beaches; most of these beaches are kept secret and are much less crowded.

Here are the 5 most beautiful beaches in the Yucatan Peninsula:

Caleta Tankah, Tulum:

This beautiful beach is located on the Highway 307, on the way to Tulum. It is a 43-minute drive from Playa del Carmen and 1 hour 30 minutes from the Cancun airport. The entrance to this beach is not easy to see, so it’s really important to be alert and observe the way.

Once you’re in, you’re going to drive a small path towards the beach; it should be less than a minute. The entrance fee is $150 pesos, and it includes access to the beach club. Right here you can choose a spot, leave your things and relax. This location has a restaurant, so you can order delicious food and beverages for a reasonable price. It’s important to mention that Caleta Tankah has limited space, so it is highly recommended to arrive early.

A wonderful thing about this place is the beautiful inlet “caleta”, where fresh and salt water collide. However, the whole beach itself is stunning, from the beautiful white sand to the amazing crystal-clear waters. Also, Tankah is home to a cenote. You can dive into this freshwater sinkhole and freshen up a little.

El Cielo, Cozumel:

You may have heard of this fantastic paradise located just a short drive from downtown Cozumel. This place is perfect to do some snorkeling in its crystalline waters that allow you to appreciate the bottom of the sea. El Cielo has become one of the favorite destinations for people who visit this island.

To arrive to this paradise, you have to take the ferry from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel. Once you get to Cozumel, you can buy a tour that includes activities such as snorkeling. It is also possible to book a tour through a website. If you decide to acquire a snorkeling activity, don’t miss the opportunity to watch the starfishes; a highly interesting activity El Cielo has to offer. The white sandy beach and the turquoise water will make you never want to leave the Caribbean.

Xcacel, Tulum:

The turtle sanctuary, located 40 minutes away from Playa del Carmen, is also home to a cenote. This hidden jewel is another paradise the Yucatan Peninsula has at your disposal. Its name is Xcacel and it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Quintana Roo. The entrance fee to this beach is $20 pesos.

Why is Xcacel so special? Let’s begin with the fact that it is a turtle sanctuary. Each year, between April and October, thousands of turtles arrive to nest along this beach. If you’re visiting Quintana Roo during these months, you can volunteer for one day and witness the birth of hundreds of turtles.

Another beauty in this place is the amazing freshwater sinkhole, known as cenotes. Cenote Xcacelito” is perfect if you want to cool off in fresh water. It is located a few steps away from the beach, in the middle of the jungle. Run to the cenote and escape for a while from the Caribbean heat. Xcacel is definitely a beach you must visit at least once.

Boca Paila, Southern Tulum

Boca Paila is an incredible fishing village located in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This is a dream for anyone who is a nature lover. In the same way, any adventurous lover would enjoy a night camping here.

Besides being a gorgeous beach, Boca Paila has a giant lagoon, which is actually ideal for fishers. Thanks to the fact that Boca Paila is located in a protected area, this beach is still virgin. As a result, it is not crowded and noisy. Thus this beach is ideal for a tranquil and relaxing getaway.

Also, if you decide to stay the night and camp here, this would happen under the starry sky. From here, you will be able to appreciate nature as you’ve never done it before. This heavenly site doesn’t have any kind of service, so we recommend bringing water, food and a tent. Please remember to keep the beach clean!

Punta Maroma, Northeast Playa del Carmen

Punta Maroma is definitely among the most beautiful beaches in the Yucatan Peninsula. This site has become a favorite destination for newlyweds. For those who enjoy a beach that is not very crowded, this is the perfect place.

Punta Maroma offers a tranquil and peaceful ambience. People who commonly visit this beach, consider it a giant crystal-clear pool. Here you can admire the beautiful landscapes with gorgeous colors next to the calm Caribbean Sea. Since this beach is not crowded, you will be able to enjoy this paradise for yourself. Punta Maroma has a large range of lodgings; here you will find camping spots, eco-friendly hotels and fancy villas.

If you’re intending to visit this place, Punta Maroma is located 35 kilometers from the Cancun International Airport. As a reference, it’s between Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen.

So take your things and visit these beautiful and amazing beaches in the Yucatan Peninsula. Don’t forget to take your camera with you and photograph the stunning landscapes.

Have an incredible getaway far from the city and close to nature. Enjoy the Caribbean to the fullest.

Mahahual – A Beautiful Destination in the Yucatan Peninsula

Mahahual is one of the many hidden jewels of the Yucatan Peninsula. A small fishing village where magic happens since you arrive. This small town is a very safe destination; and the perfect spot to escape and have a peaceful time off.

Mahahual is located south of Tulum following the 307 highway on the way to Chetumal.

Once you pass the town of Carrillo Puerto, you will see the signs pointing to take the road to Mahahual. Your destination is only 3 kilometers away from the Costa Maya cruise port. If you’re coming from Cancun’s International Airport, it is an easy and worthwhile drive to Mahahual; with plenty of cenotes and quaint towns. If you’re looking for a getaway to relax and to get some rest from the crowds of Playa del Carmen or Cancun, Mahahual is the perfect place to achieve this.


Here you won’t find big hotels, nor giant developments. Mahahual features beautiful small hotels in the heart of the town. You will find some grocery stores and, of course, delicious restaurants where food will give you another amazing experience. Mahahual offers a range of lodgings, from camping spots, boutique hotels and luxury villas.

In Mahahual there are several activities to do. It goes from eco tours, to snorkeling, diving and fishing. The weather conditions in the summer are excellent for fishing, so in this period of the year this town hosts amazing fishing contests. Also, you will find some beach clubs with excellent service to enjoy an amazing day at the beach.


Wake up every morning in this small paradise. You can have breakfast in one of the many coffee shops, so you can later get ready for an incredible day. The calm waters of Mahahual will allow you to dive in and swim all along the Caribbean Sea. Then, you can sunbath while you drink a fresh beverage. When you decide to leave the beach, you can go for walk on the main street, where you will find some local sellers with beautiful Mexican handicrafts; the perfect place to find a souvenir to take back home! Moreover, take the opportunity to rent out a bike and go across Mahahual, a short but lovely road.

Once the night arrives to Mahahual, you can go out on a romantic dinner under the moonlight and feel the ocean breeze. Enjoy every corner that this paradise has to offer. Mahahual has managed to maintain the beautiful Caribbean vibe that every tourist looks for.

Mahahual is another hidden jewel of the Yucatan Peninsula, and you must visit it before you leave Mexico. Once you’re here, you will not regret this amazing getaway!