A Quick Guide to a Mexican Golfing Retirement

A Quick Guide to a Mexican Golfing Retirement is a contribution by Chrissy Jones.

With some of the best all-inclusive golf resorts in the world, it’s natural to assume that Mexico takes its golfing seriously. With 11 of these courses based in Cancun alone, it’s a haven for the golfing enthusiasts. The real estate market also loves golf courses. Because of this, they add a significant amount of value to the properties in the area. For retirees, good properties and plenty of golfing is the perfect combination. Mexico offers some of the best retirement spots, now with the added advantage of including a swing at golf.

Golfing Paradise at Baja and Las Palomas

Mexico is not necessarily known for its golfing. But an increased focus in the sport has resulted in two of the top ten golf courses in Latin America to be in Mexico. Jack Nicklaus designed the first, Cabo del Sol in Baja. At 36 holes, this is not a course to be trifled with. The second is designed by Forrest Richardson and is based in Las Palomas. This course features 18 holes, which is perfect for a quick round on a Sunday. Both Baja and las Palomas offer retirees the ideal mix of real estate to keep their purses and comfort levels satisfied.

No Need to be a Pro

Bahia Principe Golf Course

Retirees who wish to take up golf as a hobby after retirement don’t need to worry about learning the perfect swing or putt. Plenty of beginners are retirees. In fact, many of the gated estates and resorts offer beginner golfing to their residents. This is a trump card on the real estate front. You can find many of these residences in the Riviera Maya, such as this one in Bahia Principe. Retirees don’t have to worry about starting out their golfing hobby in retirement, as many of them do. This is because many retirees never had the opportunity to take up a hobby before due to lack of time. Residents can request golfing lessons at the local golf courses. Participants can decide when they’re ready to go out on their own.

Luxury is Part of the Package

From the Tom Fazio signature golf course in Chileno Bay to the Jim McLean Golf School at Banyan Tree Mayakoba, luxury and golf go hand in hand. Sprawling residential resorts that offer more than just great views are the ideal location. Here, retirees can rest their wandering feet on Mexican soil. These destinations offer other spoils such as spa access and exclusive outdoor activities, as well. For retirees, this all comes at affordable prices and the temperate weather is a bonus.

From the sprawling beaches that provide the perfect backdrop to a great day’s golfing, to world-class accommodation, retiring in Mexico is one for the young at heart. With fresh greens and crisp lawns, there has never been a better time to take up golf.

The Best Festivals in the Riviera Maya

Whether you’re a full-time resident of Mexico or a snowbird that flocks to escape the freezing winters of the north, it’s good to know what’s going on around for you to enjoy. The Riviera Maya and the whole Yucatan Peninsula are increasingly booming when it comes to art and culture. Because of this, many festivals and events have started to take place annually. So, get out your calendar and start marking the dates to attend these amazing festivals year-round.

Spring and Autumn Equinox Festival

Equinox Chichen Itza

Each year, attendees can observe an extraordinary manifestation at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan Peninsula. This happens during the first few days of spring, as well as fall, when the descending sun casts a shadow of a giant serpent alongside the corner of the renowned Kulkulkan Temple. The shadow gives the impression of a snake gliding down the staircase. It then fuses with a large stone serpent head at the base of the pyramid.

This commemoration rejoices the progressive zodiacal prodigy of the Mayan culture with a variety of concerts, sounds and bright light displays on the consecrated archeological site.

The Riviera Maya Film Festival

The international film industry puts on a festival to celebrate cinema through contemporary films every year. Producers screen Mexican and foreign movies throughoug different spots in the Riviera Maya, from Cancun to Tulum, during six days. It’s a great event for film lovers and a great way to get to see your favorite actors, directors and industry big names in person.

In Playa del Carmen, award-winning films are featured in remarkable outdoor locations such as the beach, as well as inside reinstated theaters. In Cancun they have a drive-in cinema, as well, which is one of the most popular events they host. The festival has attracted over 80,000 visitors over the past five years and has featured close to 1000 free screenings.

Festival of Life and Death at Xcaret

Day of the Dead

The Festival of Life and Death takes place over four days starting on October 31st at the Xcaret eco-park. Inside the festival grounds you can enjoy delicious foods such as tamales, cochinita pibil and other traditional Mexican tasty treats. You will also be blown away by the many decorations and lights within the park.

This is a truly Mexican experience you won’t want to miss if you’re visiting at the time. The festival features musical performances, theater, comedy, equestrian shows and a lot of culture. It is suitable for families with children of all ages. With plenty of flowers, candles, and beautifully-decorated altars, you won’t even know you’re in Mexico’s most touristic destination.

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival

Perhaps the best thing about the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival besides the stellar line-ups, is that it’s completely free. The even takes places on the beaches of Playa del Carmen and it is one of the longest-running festivals to take place here. Thanks to its world-class entertainment and gorgeous setting, it is a favorite amongst locals and foreigners alike.

Even if you’re not a jazz fan, it is great to appreciate the music as they bring plenty of big-name artists. The setting is quite enjoyable, too. Many people bring food and drinks and make their own beach picnic while listening to the music. It runs through the night.

International Festival of Caribbean Culture

The International Festival of Caribbean Culture is a six-day festival in the Riviera Maya with events held mainly in Cancun during the month of November. This festival is popular amongst people who enjoy salsa music and poetry. There is always plenty of dancing, amazing Caribbean artists and a lot of fun to go around.

Make sure you plan your visits to Mexico or your general calendar around these amazing festivals so you can enjoy the most cultural activities around. The Riviera Maya is growing ever-so-rapidly and more and more of these festivals are now taking place here. Mark your calendars and enjoy!

Retiring to Mexico: The Best Choice for You

When you’re thinking of your retirement, there are many things to consider. Amongst those, is the ease with which you will be able to move around. This means actually living in a city that is relaxing, close to everything, and where transportation is at hand. A place that requires you to drive everywhere most likely means traffic, and nobody wants to deal with such things during their retirement. It’s your turn to sit back, relax and enjoy. That is why retiring to Mexico has so many benefits. In fact, it is one of the top destinations in the country for Americans and Canadians to spend their golden years.

There are many benefits to retiring in places such as Playa del Carmen. Not only do the big expat communities help each other out constantly, but the quality of life is impressive. Walking everywhere is easy, everything is nearby, there are plenty of things to do, and there is also a great infrastructure.

Medical Assistance

Medical Tourism

One of the perks of retiring to the Riviera Maya is its top-notch medical industry. Many English-speaking professionals work here and cater to the well-being of American and Canadian expats. Retiring to Mexico means having the best possible medical care at hand with many private clinics and dentist’s offices available.

Money Goes A Long Way

The Mexican peso is constantly fluctuating and the dollar gains more and more strength against it. While that may be bad news for our Mexican friends, it is a great opportunity for Americans and Canadians. Dollars will go a long way here not only because of its value but because living in Mexico is very cheap in comparison to other countries. Not only when it comes to real estate but also with simple things such as a meal out in a restaurant, or grocery shopping and even transportation.

Retiring to Mexico Increases Quality of Life

The Riviera Maya is a friendly and welcoming place. It is home to a close-knit community that will help you find anything or recommend places to visit. Many people will also willingly volunteer to help you in translating documents, instructions, or anything else you may need. But because Mexicans are so friendly and open to foreigners, the quality of life is much better, too. Friends are found around every corner. Great food is served in every restaurant. Beers and cocktails flow by the beach nonstop. Activities to do include swimming, snorkeling, diving, yoga, fishing, and many others that keep everyone young at heart.

Moving Around in Mexico

If for some reason you decide to use a vehicle, there are many trusted rental cars that offer incredibly low prices in comparison the USA. Renting a car to pick friends up at the airport, or to get around is an easy and affordable process. However, the transit system (bus and colectivos) are very reliable, timely and good. There are a few terminals scattered around the Riviera Maya that will take you anywhere and bring you back.

Year-Round Warm Weather

The weather in the Riviera Maya is very consistent with the sun always shining and warm temperatures throughout the year. The average temperature is 28°C, while it can fluctuate anywhere between 22°C and 36°C. The weather makes it a great place to retire due to the amount of activities one can enjoy under the sun.

All in all, there is no reason to avoid retiring to Mexico. It is affordable, fun, friendly, beautiful, and offers a great deal of Americanized standards that you are used to. Shopping is easy and cheap and moving around either driving or in public transportation is no hard feat. Mexico is definitely the number one choice for you to retire.

Organic Markets in Playa del Carmen

Eating healthy and buying organic foods has become trendy in today’s society. It has become important for people to eat right, making sure they do not consume pesticides or harmful toxins. Luckily, Playa del Carmen is a great city to live in if you want to focus your habits on being healthy and leading a cleaner lifestyle. In this vibrant town you will find many restaurants offering organic options, a signature many people live by. Most places in North America offer cheap food options, but in turn, these are unhealthy. When you live in a place where healthy options are more affordable, it makes it easier to transition into this lifestyle. Here are some of the best organic markets in Playa del Carmen where you can find fresh food for good prices.

The Best Organic Markets in Playa del Carmen

Organic Market

DAC Market

DAC is located on 30th Avenue, just north of Constituyentes Avenue. It is open Monday through Saturday from 7 am to 8 pm, and Sundays from 7 am to 2 pm. The market offers a wide arrange of fresh fruits and vegetables and an abundance of other delicious items such as fresh meat and seafood. This is a rather traditional market where you can find a variety of items that are also available in supermarkets.

El Pueblito Mayakoba Farmer’s Market

You will find El Pueblito Mayakoba within the eco-friendly, luxury resort of Mayakoba. However, anyone can visit the market. It is open every Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm, which makes for a great afternoon spent browsing through the many items on display. Find fresh and organic produce, home baked goods, art, and much more available here.

El Arbol Playacar Market

Fresh produce

The market El Arbol within the gated-community of Playacar is a tranquil place that offers more than just food. You can enjoy the beautiful environment, peaceful music, and a variety of organic products all in the same place. The market is open every Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm right on Tulum Avenue in Playacar’s Phase II. Throughout the week, you can find delicious bread and vegan food at the local, as well. This is one of the most complete organic markets out there.

El Jardin de Todas Market

Located on 80th Avenue and 3rd Street South, this quaint little market is open every Friday from 9 am to 12 pm. If you’re an eco-lover, you’re in for a treat. Here you can find many tasty organic products and handmade goods to help support the local communities. Make sure you get there early as it works on a first-come, first-serve basis. This is a great place to socialize and buy from local vendors. Everything is always fresh and their products will have you coming back every Friday for more.

If you’re ready to adopt that healthy lifestyle you’ve always been after, make sure to check out these amazing organic markets in Playa del Carmen. The truth is, the general environment in this beautiful coastal town is the perfect place to go fully organic. And if you want to go the extra step, you can also point your efforts towards recycling and leaving a clean life.

A Day Trip to Las Coloradas, the Pink Lagoon

The Pink Lagoon at Las Coloradas in the Yucatan Peninsula might feel like a fairy tale; but in fact, this is just a beautiful natural phenomenon. This magical place is located about three hours from Playa del Carmen by car, which is perfect for a weekend getaway to Merida or Valladolid. The place is an ideal birdwatching destination, being home to 350 different species of birds. It was designated as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2004. The sights here are unreal.

Visiting Las Coloradas

Las Coloradas

Due to Las Coloradas being such a small fishing town, there are no hotels or restaurants in sight, so make sure you drive up from Merida or Valladolid to see the place. Likewise, bring enough to drink and eat during the day as you will probably spend about 3 hours there. The best time to see the bright pink color pop is at noon, so make sure you plan accordingly. As the sun beings to set, the colors are lost. The reason the lagoon is pink (and why the flamingos turn pink from feeding from it) is due to the many microorganisms that live there. This includes red shrimp and plankton.

On your way to Las Coloradas, you might want to make a quick stop at the salt production plant. It will also feel like a page out of a fairy tale with its mountains of salt laying around. Once you reach the pink lagoon you will be able to see that the water has a high concentration of salt. That is what makes it so easy to float in. However, locals and guards will not let you actually swim in the lagoon, so make sure you don’t try to go in to avoid getting into trouble.

spotting the flamingos


It is rather easy to find the flamingos, which is the bird most people want to see. They will flock away when too many people are around, so creep up carefully. Funnily enough, these tall birds tend to stray away from the pink waters when not feeding. So you will have better luck finding them in the other ponds. However, there are thousands of them and you will surely spot them in one place or another. Many locals will try offering you tours to see them. If you want to spare some pesos you can go with them and help out the local community. Otherwise, you’ll find the flamingos on your own.

The lagoons are an amazing day trip to take whether you’re living in Mexico or just visiting. Don’t expect too much to do there other than visiting the lagoon. Enjoy your weekend getaway to this amazing natural wonder.

5 Reasons to Retire to Mexico

5 Reasons to Retire to Mexico is a contribution by Crystal Tost from Re/Max.

When trying to decide on the right country for retirement, you will find that there are many options available. Many countries can dispute the pros of retiring there. However, there are several reasons why many Canadians and Americans choose to retire to Mexico. In fact, here are five great reasons to call Mexico home after retiring.


For those who currently reside in Canada and the United States, Mexico is a great retirement destination due to proximity. As part of North America, Mexico can easily be reached by car from any country. Moreover, flight routes are available between major destinations between the United States and Canada and Mexico, such as Cancun. Not only does this help to make the move easier, but it also makes it easier to travel back and forth to your home country to visit relatives and friends.

Cost of Living

Everything from real estate to groceries is cheaper in Mexico when compared to Canada and the United States. This means you can afford to purchase more luxurious accommodations while also enjoying the lifestyle you seek. Or, if you simply want to maintain your current lifestyle while making your dollars stretch further, living in Mexico can help make it happen. In addition, due to the country’s strong tourist economy, you can easily rent out your retirement property if you decide to head back to your home country for an extended stay.

Language and Culture

While Spanish and several native languages are the official languages of Mexico, many residents speak English, too. This is particularly true in the service industry and in those areas that are popular amongst tourist and expats such as Playa del Carmen. This can make the process of moving to the country, purchasing real estate and navigating through the country once becoming a resident a whole lot easier.

Of course, if you want to enjoy a wonderful cultural experience, you can also very easily choose a location that will allow you to submerge yourself entirely in the Mexican culture. The government system is similar to that in the United States and Canada, too. Couple that with the diversification of products and goods, the cultural experience is not too vastly different from what you are used to.


While the quality of healthcare provided will vary from one location to the next, healthcare standards are generally very high in Mexico. This is particularly true in the bigger towns and cities that are popular retirement locations. Here you can typically find doctors, dentists, hospitals and specialty medical providers. Not only do they offer high-quality services, they also do so at a fraction of the price you would pay back home. If that’s not enough to convince you, many of them also offer their services in English.


With its wide range of topography and climates, you can very easily live whatever type of lifestyle you desire. Mexico is conductive to enjoying an active, outdoor lifestyle. But you can also enjoy living life at a leisurely pace. After all, the country has a laid-back vibe and warm and welcoming citizens. For those who want to retire in the Riviera Maya, they’re in for an amazing laidback lifestyle. Hit the beach every day and take a stroll amongst the lively coastal towns it offers.

Retire to Mexico Today

These are just five reasons to consider Mexico your retirement home. Spend those golden years in this wonderfully cultural country. Places such as the Riviera Maya are great expat retirement hubs. These are just a few of the many reasons almost 2 million Americans call Mexico home. If you want to spend your golden years sipping margaritas by the beach in a year-long warm climate, you should definitely retire to Mexico.

5 Apps for Expats in the Riviera Maya

In today’s technological world, living with apps is essential. Whether you’re at home, traveling or an expat abroad, there are some apps that are great for your day by day life. Especially for expats, some apps are great to get around a new city, overcome the language barrier or deciding where to go and what to do. Apps help us decide if we want to dine at a certain restaurant or not, or if we want to purchase a product or another. Here are some amazing apps that will help you and other expats feel more at ease in your new home.



This is the gift that keeps giving. This app is a great platform to practice and learn any language you want. If you’re living in Mexico and struggling to communicate on a daily basis, this app can teach you the basics of the Spanish language. Moreover, the app is completely free and you can choose as many languages to learn as you want. It teaches you vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, and hearing. Its sections and quizzes at the end of each lesson help you stay on track


You’ve probably heard of TripAdvisor, and it is exactly as its name states. The app lets you read other customer reviews on certain places and companies. Before you head out to try a new restaurant in Playa del Carmen, you can check it out on the app and see what other people are saying about it. It’s also a great way to find out what the tourists like and where the locals are actually going. Customers share photos of the place or the menu. You won’t be surprised when arriving at a place or restaurant you want to visit. It’s a great app for expats before they get a good handle on all the places in their new home.


You’ve moved to a new country and are eager to explore every given corner. TripIt is the one place to see and stock all your travel planes. The app is easy to use and rather intelligent. It lets you create a leading itinerary and gives you the opportunity to forward your documents to any travel companions. You can also create a user profile that can be shared with whomever you want. It allows you to sync your calendar, as well, to keep track of upcoming trips and dates. If you’ve got a departure flight, you can check it straight in the app. Any stress of traveling is gone with TripIt. It is efficient and smart.



There was no way to avoid an actual flight purchasing app. Any expat knows that constantly looking for flights to go back home is essential. With Skyscanner you can search for the cheapest and most convenient flights available to your destination. For expats who want to travel back home but don’t have a set date, the app allows you to choose the destination and see the cheapest times of the year to fly. Expats can also set alarms for dates and places they are interested in traveling to. It’s an essential tool when planning a trip.

Navigation Apps

Google Maps provides maps all around the world and offers the option to get directions from any point of the city. It allows you to choose your transportation means, as well. You can see the times and routes it takes from one point to another by walking, riding bike, taking the bus or driving. The great thing about Google Maps is that it’s constantly updating its maps to add and remove roads as cities change. You can use it even when you are not connected to the Internet. However, for that to work you need to have your route planned out first.

Maps.me is another wonderful app because you can use the maps offline, working on the Open Street Map Data. You can also bookmark and share location using this app. It is compatible with all devices, making it easy to find and share certain location points with any friends or family in the area.

It’s rather easy to move to another country with today’s internet reach. Everyone has a smartphone today and access to wireless connection. Like these, there are many other apps that can be helpful in new places and when first trying to become familiar with your new city. We suggest you download as many as you can while you get a hang of moving around on your own.

Medical Tourism in Mexico: Why You Should Consider It

Medical tourism is becoming a preferred choice for North America, especially the United States. With the rising cost of medical expenses throughout the marketplace, healthcare in Mexico is becoming an industry that is rapidly gaining international attention. Many Americans cannot afford or do not qualify for health insurance back home. Likewise, many treatments are not covered for those who do qualify. This has pushed Americans to seek treatment in other areas. Mexico is an obvious choice do to its proximity, amazing destinations and incredibly low costs. In fact, it is reported that medical treatments in Mexico can cost about 80 percent less than in the US.

Medical Tourism on the Rise in Mexico

Last year, the Association of Medical Tourism announced a 10 percent increase in the medical tourism market. Surgeries such as knee and hip are the ones that have risen the most over the years. Patients are in search of other medical markets, such as dental care. Over 15,000 people seek medical treatment in Mexico yearly, and the number is quickly rising.

Medical research

Medical advancements and quality treatments given in Mexico have steadily increased. Ongoing research and development is also credited with increasing the recent influx of people traveling for medical purposes. Doctors in Mexico are highly qualified and are often studying procedures and treatments that might be hard to find elsewhere. This is especially true in the Yucatan Peninsula, where many doctors target American and Canadian markets.

The Yucatan Peninsula

Merida, capital city of Yucatan, is the most populated metropolitan city in the region. It reaches approximately one million people. Although it is known for its colonial charm and historical roots, Merida holds another very important title. Merida is the undisputed healthcare capital of Southeastern Mexico, according to The Yucatan Times. Beyond its fine arts and cultural diversity, it has a high-level medical infrastructure that provides numerous public and private hospitals, clinics and various research institutions. Tourists also recognize Merida for constantly updating and modernizing its laboratories that attribute to its advanced studies and research.

The city also has the highest concentration of specialists in the geographical region. Most of the resident doctors studied in the United States and speak fluent English. Others know multiple languages. Merida’s doctors see patients coming from Central America, all of North America, and other parts of the world, as well. They provide services and a variety of medical procedures which allows them to offer specialized treatments that other countries offer at much higher costs.

High-Quality Services in the Riviera Maya

Medical tourism has grown plenty in the Riviera Maya region for the same reason. More and more highly qualified doctors move to the area to offer their services at prices that are less than half than you would find up north. The quality of hospitals and clinics has also increased dramatically, and Cancun is offering more specialized treatments.

Whether you’re seeking a simple procedure while on vacation, or actively traveling for treatment or surgery, the Yucatan Peninsula is definitely the go-to place. In fact, 85% of Americans that have received some sort of medical attention in the region have reported a higher level of personalized care. Experience teaches doctors in the Southeastern region to undestand medical tourism. They know how families react to different procedures in an unfamiliar environment.

Low Cost and Top-Notch Services in paradise


Healthcare in Mexico is a rapidly growing industry that generations billions of dollars annually. Statistically, most of Mexico’s medical tourism come from the United States and Canada. The main reason for this is the little to no delay in scheduling procedures. Moreover, patients value the unmatched cost and the short and inexpensive travel time by plane. Moreover, who would refuse to get better after surgery in the beautiful Riviera Maya?

The skyrocketing cost of healthcare and the overcrowding of public facilities and institutions in the USA are forcing people to look elsewhere. Economic indicators are pointing towards alternative solutions that will instinctively increase the demand worldwide. Establishing a health provider(s) abroad is no longer a farfetched idea. It’s a practicing concept that is gaining momentum by the day.

Mexico Healthcare

Weekend Getaway to Merida

Forbes magazine named Merida the American Capital of Culture in 2017 for the second year in a row. This makes it the only city to hold the title twice. Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, this colonial city is just a three-hour drive from Playa del Carmen by car. Merida is one of the oldest cities in Mexico and has been occupied fully throughout the years. Because of this, it holds many traditions. You will notice the old stonework and architecture as you take a stroll through the city.

Culture, History and Gastronomy


Visitors know the Yucatan Peninsual for its gastronomy. Merida has an abundance of small markets scattered throughout the city with all the gastronomical delicacies your palate can imagine. If you’re more hands-on, you can try one of the many cooking classes offered by Mayan chefs. It makes for an interesting day spent in the kitchen and a good switch up from walking and hanging on the beach.

Because it is a colonial city there are many museums around to tell the story of its past. The Gran Museo del Mundo Maya de Merida is the best one. Here, you will find interesting information about the Yucatan’s history and its many fascinating artifacts. If you enjoy photography, you may also want to visit the Museum of Anthropology and History. It is found within a mansion on the large Paseo Montejo. The museum features stunning photography.

The Mayan connection with the underworld

Besides walking around the city and visiting the museums and markets, there are many fun activities for nature lovers. There are plenty of cenotes around the outskirts of Merida. The Mayans used the cenotes as consecrated wells to connect with the gods. They would perform offerings and mystical ceremonies. Many of the cenotes surrounding Merida can surprise you with hidden artifacts, or even skulls of the sacrifices they made.


You will find a lively city full of culture. The squares in Merida often feature musicians and food in the parks. They are great places to spend the day, having a picnic and enjoying the beautiful scenery that Merida provides. People from Mexico are very friendly and welcoming, and they will welcome you into the city with a warm smile and open arms. They love speaking with foreigners, opening up their shops and even their homes to share an afternoon. Don’t forget to visit the many historical churches in the city. They are worth visiting and make for great photo opportunities.

a sacrifice to please your stomach

If by the afternoon your stomach is claiming a sacrifice for itself, visit one of the many ice cream parlors. The Soberteria Colon is perhaps the most famous one, followed by Pola. Locals and tourists know these ice cream shops for their delicious desserts and cool ice creams for a hot day. Speaking of which, beware of the heat! Merida can reach high temperatures and given that it is half an hour from the coast, there is not much ocean breeze to cool off with. Stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid a heat stroke!

Merida is a great place to visit during the holidays due to its many fun parades, markets and festivals. Day of the Dead is an especially neat time to visit the city. Locals make quite a celebration of the life of those who have passed. It is a sight to be seen. In the end, it doesn’t matter when you visit, Merida will have something to offer. A weekend getaway may result in you wanting to spend more time there. Retirees living in Playa del Carmen can visit Merida easily. It makes for fun weekend trips throughout the year.

merida: the best getaway

Unlike the Riviera Maya, Merida is not lined with five-star resorts, which means accommodation is focused more towards small boutique hotels and apartments. This allows for a more intimate and authentic experience, far from the Americanized one you might be used to in Playa del Carmen. And if you are eager to keep coming back, you might want to consider purchasing a vacation home.

How to Reduce Plastic Waste

When you take the decision to retire to the gorgeous turquoise corner of Mexico, the Riviera Maya, you take on a commitment to live an eco-friendly life. There is little point to retiring to a heavenly paradise only to see it soon destroyed by the amount of waste produced. Plastic waste is a hazard to this beautiful coastal region. In fact, it’s a hazard to the world as a whole. That is why it is always important to pick up whatever waste you see lying around. Every bit helps and makes a difference to our environment. So, if you’re committed to keeping the Riviera Maya every bit as pristine as you first saw it, you can reduce plastic waste starting with yourself.

Avoid Plastic Straws

Plastic Straw

Plastic straws are creating more and more waste around the world. Imagine the amount of waste created by all the people that visit the Riviera Maya on a daily basis that are drinking their cocktails with fancy straws. These simple drinking tools take one thousand years to decompose. Fortunately, many bars, hotels and restaurants in the region have banned their use. And you should at home, as well. If you’re insistent on drinking with a straw, make a one-time investment into a metal straw that you can wash and reuse endlessly.

Say No to Plastic Bags

You will notice many supermarkets sell fabric, reusable bags at the check-out point. This is a strategy to get people to minimize the use of plastic bags. Whenever you go grocery shopping, take something with you to carry your items. Many people opt for taking backpacks, others take market baskets. Whatever suits you, avoid leaving the shop with a shopping cart full of plastic bags.

Buying in Bulk reduces plastic waste

This saves you both money and trips to the shop in the future. But it also helps reduce plastic waste. When you purchase items in bulk they most likely come in cardboard boxes, which can easily be recycled.

Make Other Small Adjustments

Grocery shopping

When you’re buying products for your home make sure you always pick the ones that will make the least impact on the environment. For example, when purchasing a razors, invest in a good one that will require only the blades to be changed, instead of a disposable razor. Other household goods can also help reduce plastic waste. Purchase reusable water bottles and other cups. Even if you insist on purchasing your morning coffee from the closest cafeteria, bring your own cup instead of using a disposable one.

Contribute Positively to the Community

Retirement allows you for more time to contribute positively to the community. Participate in beach clean ups and recycling marathons. Many groups and organizations are often posting about these events on social media. Make sure you keep updated and participate as much as you can.

You might think that one person cannot make a difference in reducing plastic waste. But that is all it takes. It is one less person harming the environment. Influence your peers around you to do the same. We will be reducing plastic waste faster than we can imagine. All it takes is for you to make the decision to keep the Riviera Maya waste-free. That way you, and many more generations to come after you, will be able to continue to enjoy the gorgeous turquoise waters, the delicate white sands, and the hundreds of wildlife that also call this place home.

If you’re ready to retire to the Riviera Maya and commit to a clean lifestyle, we recommend you check out some of our eco-friendly and sustainable properties in Tulum such as Nuuch, which has installed solar panels to reduce energy waste, as well.