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Celebrate Independence Day, Throw a Noche Mexicana!

Tweet One of the most exciting national holidays in Mexico is expected on midnight on September 15, to celebrate Mexico’s Independence. On the night of the September 15th, 1810, Miguel Hidalgo a catholic priest rang the bells of his church; calling the population to rise against the Spanish government and fight for independence. This was the beginning of a long and bloody fight that would last over 10 years, as the Independence was.. Read More

NFL in Playa del Carmen

Tweet The football season is finally here! We are looking forwards the games and the excitement of watching our favorite sports team. Many expats living in Mexico often wonder where they can go to watch the games?? We have listed some of popular places to enjoy all the NFL games as well as a frosty cold beverage and delicious food. Here we go! Legends sports bar 16th Street, between 10th and 15th Avenues.. Read More

The Long Awaited Home Depot Opens in Playa del Carmen.

Tweet When possible, we try to buy our DIY materials and equipment in local shops, but sometimes we couldn’t find what we needed or the selection was limited; so we were forced to go to Cancun to get whatever we needed. As I have said before, living in Playa del Carmen can spoil you. It sounds terrible when you have to say to your family or friends living overseas, ”Oh well, my weekend.. Read More

Dental Tourism – Riviera Maya, Mexico

Tweet The Riviera Maya, Mexico is one of the most beautiful and sought after vacation destinations in all the worlds. Whether you are attracted to the white sand beaches and crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, the wonderful Mexican / Caribbean blend of cultures or the hypnotic, tropical vibe, the Riviera Maya is a place that needs to be seen to be believed. Now at about this time of year, people from the.. Read More

ViDAS Gives Back In Playa Del Carmen

Tweet ViDAS held its Annual Sterilization Campaign in Playa del Carmen this week. ViDAS the Spanish word for lives, is a non-profit organization made up of Veterinarians, veterinary students and other animal lovers dedicated to improving the lives of animals and people through veterinary medicine and education. ViDAS conducted its first clinic in 2002 with only six veterinary students and two veterinarians. The five day clinic managed to safely sterilize 100 cats and.. Read More

Living in Mexico: The Riviera Maya ultimate Bucket list

Tweet So now that you own a slice of gorgeous Mexico real estate, you have all this free time in your hands.  You find yourself being more active then you’ve ever been.  When you look out your window and see your beautiful Caribbean paradise… you want get out there… and enjoy living in Mexico. So why not start with the ultimate bucket list that lives inside your head.  For most dare devils, a.. Read More

Retirement: 3 Great things about growing old in Mexico

Tweet Now that you’re retired and have decided to move to Riviera Maya and live out your golden years, one may begin to contemplate “what am I going to do with myself ”? Adjusting to retirement can come as quite a shock. Not to worry… Here are three great things about growing old in Mexico. 1: TIME Losing track of time and the days of the week are a common accorace here in.. Read More

Let’s Retire in Mexico – Daydreaming is the First Step

Tweet Behind every person moving to the Riviera Maya there is a process of daydreaming, most probably fueled by a vacation. I know it for sure: that’s how almost everybody in my team ended up here! And with thousands of baby boomers moving down to Mexico every year, it is very clear that you can live here too… and there are many chances to accomplish this dream! Have you started daydreaming yet? If you’re.. Read More

Playa del Carmen: A Great Place to Find a Habit

Tweet Now I know what you’re thinking… and shame on you!  Get your head out of the gutter. Playa Del Carmen and the entire Riviera Maya in fact, is a great place to pick up a new and exciting habit.  A GOOD HABIT!  Or shall I say… hobby.  With its rich and diverse culture, tropical atmosphere and history-rich location, the Riviera Maya is an exciting and mystical place where one can find themselves.. Read More

Getting around Xcacel – Xcacelito

Tweet What a wonderful day to be at the beach! What about visitingXcacel- Xcacelito? Close to the small town of Chemuyil, this beach is well known among locals, far away from the crowds and closer to the way mother nature intended beaches to be. Sand, sun and coconut trees welcome you to one of the most secluded beaches in the Mayan Riviera. Immerse yourself in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, sunbath in.. Read More