Enjoy Spring Break in the Caribbean – Visit the Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya has been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, and especially from North America looking to have some fun in Spring Break. Sadly, there are so many concerns regarding if Mexico is safe to travel or not, that the influx of tourists has decreased in the last year or so.

For those lucky enough to live in the area, we are aware that this might sound quite scary… but still, the feeling around our community is that this shall pass and the government efforts to preserve the Riviera Maya as a safe area for tourists will succeed.

The 2018 Spring break is getting closer and closer and we are looking forward to seeing our dear friends and family from the US and Canada. A nice and affordable option is to get to Mexico on a cruise…directly to Cozumel.

Cozumel is a little island just off the coast of Playa del Carmen, and it is considered safe, unlike other areas in the Riviera Maya. So if you are thinking this might be an option, have a look at some of the deals we found!

4-Night Caribbean Cruise from New Orleans


Start Spring Break at New Orleans and party all the way down to Cozumel!

Date: March 8/22, 2018

Price: Starting at $314 per person

If you want to enjoy an epic experience, this cruise will be unforgettable. Enjoy the French flair of  New Orleans and hop into this cruise to enjoy everything Cozumel has to offer: the pristine waters of the Caribbean, scuba diving and many more cool activities.

Cozumel is so amazing and so close to Cancun and the Riviera Maya, we are sure you will find yourself scrambling to see and do everything there is.

7 Nights Western Caribbean Cruise from Galveston

(Royal Caribbean)

Date: March 4, 2018

Price: Starting at $624 per person

Book a cruise at the Lone Star State and be in the hottest spots in the Caribbean

Even though Texas might not be considered the hub of Spring Break fun, South Padre Island is a popular destination for many wanting to enjoy the crazy nightlife and fun. There is also another option, to take a cruise and visit amazing destinations all over the Caribbean.

This Royal Caribbean Cruise will visit Cozumel, Georgetown in the Cayman Islands and Falmouth, Jamaica… a once in a lifetime trip to create amazing memories.

These amazing trips are so affordable and stress-free, we believe is a fun way to travel to Mexico and other areas in the Caribbean. Another advantage is that the cost includes transportation, accommodations, and meals, so you are more in control of your expenses.

We would love to hear about your plans for Spring Break, have you ever taken a Cruise?

 Happy traveling, from everyone at The Let’s retire in Mexico team

Valentine’s Day 2018 in the Riviera Maya

Valentine’s Day is here! And we prepared a list of cool activities to enjoy this special day with your partner and your friends. Valentine’s day is an extremely popular celebration, so make your plans early and reserve ASAP.

Do not worry if your budget is limited! Our options include an affordable, a medium range and a more expensive plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Here are some ideas to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day:

Picnic at Xcacel-Xcacelito


Bring your own food and beverage and enjoy the best beach in the Riviera Maya, Xcacel. This is a favorite destination among locals and visitors alike. Also, its chilled atmosphere and beautiful natural surroundings will let you and your companion feel connected.

Keep in mind that the amenities are quite basic, so you need to bring everything you need: food, drinks, chairs or blankets, and umbrella, etc. as there is not a shop or restaurant in the area. This natural reserve is ideal for a romantic brunch or lunchs, as they close the beach at 5 pm.

Romantic dinner in a Romantic Restaurant


There are so many options to have a romantic Valentine’s day dinner in the Riviera Maya, it is really a matter of budget and personal taste. However, we picked the most popular Romantic restaurant in the Riviera Maya: Pavo Real by the Sea.

This beachfront restaurant has excellent reviews, and a good mix of international, vegetarian and vegan options. The restaurant has put on a special menu for Valentine’s day, with a cost of 55 USD + 15% tip per person.

Fun day at a Catamaran in Puerto Aventuras


Surprise your loved one with a catamaran and snorkel tour, that includes an open bar, food and all the fun you can have. This service is provided by Catamaya and it departs from Puerto Aventuras, for a 4 hour tour full of fun and sun.

The tour is rated as one of the best things to do in Puerto Aventuras, so we are sure you’ll love the views to the Caribbean, the swaying of the boat and everything else! The price for this tour is $100 USD per person, and this include a national open bar and food.

So, which option would you pick? Do you have big plans for Valentine’s day? Please let us know about your Valentine’s, or if we are missing a cool restaurant or an extremely romantic experience in the Riviera Maya.

 Happy Valentine’s! From our friends at Let’s retire in Mexico!

3 Cool Properties to Book on Airbnb While Visiting the Riviera Maya

If you want to make your visit an unique and unforgettable experience have a look at these amazing Airbnb properties in the Riviera Maya.

Having an unforgettable holiday starts by choosing the right place to stay. Somewhere you can chill, enjoy and impress your friends with lots of photographs. Airbnb is a popular choice for people wanting to have a more personalized stay, different from the all inclusive hotels.

If you have ever considered this option, we have handpicked some cool properties to stay.

So, have a look at the ideal Airbnb properties for:

The Nature Lover

This property is nestled in the Mayan jungle, minutes away from Akumal. As a result, it will provide with a private haven with easy access to all the attractions in the area. What makes it so special is not only its strong natural elegance, but also the access to your own cenote just steps away.

Nature is to be found everywhere: the jungle, the exotic flowers growing wildly all over will be an unforgettable experience. Also,  the Yucatan Peninsula is home to thousands of colorful birds endemic to the area. You can easily observe these birds from the many open areas in this house.

Airbnb properties in the Riviera Maya

The Tree-Hugger

If you are all into preserving nature, this is the place for you! This property is nestled in Akumal, surrounded by the jungle. In addition, all the buildings are made of superadobe to ensure a cool and quiet building that would withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

This property is minutes away from Akumal beach and has easy access to everything the Riviera Maya has to offer.

Airbnb properties in the Riviera Maya

The Beach bum

Everyone likes the beach! If you want to get a room where you can hear the waves and be one with the coast, this might be the ideal location for your beach holiday. This property in Tulum offers a yurt with all modern amenities, and only steps away from the caribbean.

Airbnb properties in the Riviera Maya

So, Which one would you pick? We love them all, and are planning to visit some of them very soon! We would love to hear about you, do you like rustic properties, luxurious, unique? Let us know in the comments section.

Mexican Food – A Unique and Tasty Experience

Finding someone – anyone, who doesn’t like Mexican food is a rather difficult task. One of Mexico’s biggest contributions to the world is its culinary delights! Everyone in North America knows how delicious Mexican food is. Can you think of very many places that you have visited where you can’t get Mexican food? And we are not talking Taco Bell. Mexican food isn’t just tacos, burritos and tamales. It also includes fully prepared dishes that use fresh fish, pork and chicken as the main ingredient/course.

“Tastes great and is good for you!”

Mexico is noted on CNN’s Top 10 World-Best-Food list. CNN Travel boast that they “Celebrate the best cultural foods and lambaste the others”. Mexico’s unique cuisine is not only tasty, but quite healthy as well. By using such ingredients as peppers, avocados, limes and plenty of beans provide you with an abundance of antioxidants, proteins and other nourishing vitamins and minerals. It “Tastes great and is good for you!” What more do you need?

Anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to try ‘real’ authentic Mexican dishes are missing out. You won’t get them from corporate chains or fast food joints. You need to search out places that are not so popular or not-so fancy looking buildings. Although, the best option is to visit Mexico itself. Mexican families who own or operate restaurants are the ones who usually prepare the most unique and authentic Mexican food.

Delicious dishes some people haven’t tried

CNN Travel site rated Tacos – soft shell, and Fajitas – mixed meats, being among India’s Masala Dosa (crepes), the UK’s Fish & Chips and Pecking Duck from China as some of the best foods in the world. However, Mexico has many prepared foods that most people have never tried let alone heard of. Such dishes as:

  • Chilaquiles – a breakfast dish that consist of fried corn tortillas, chili peppers, eggs and chicken served with a cheese and sour cream topping.
  • Pozole is a soup that is served with a broth that has chicken, hominy and plenty of herbs and spices. It is topped with radishes, onion, lime and chili.
  • Chile en Nogada is one of Mexico’s most patriotic dishes that displays the colors of Mexico’s flag. It is a Poblano pepper stuffed with a variety of ingredients that is well known to the region.
  • Enchiladas are one of the favorite dishes for visitors to Mexico. They are corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of meats, beans, rice and vegetables top with a green or red sauce and cheese.
  • Mole (pronounced Mol-eh’), is a sauce that is made up of approximately 20 ingredients that include Mole Poblano chili. It is a deep brown in color and is poured over a variety of prepared foods.

The above are only a few popular dishes that are “Must try” cuisines. The more common Mexican foods we are familiar with are tamales, tostados and guacamole. Mexico uses all the food groups to create their delicious dishes. In addition, poultry, pork and seafood seem to be the most popular choices.

Mexican Food Mexico

Some history about Mexican food

Mexico’s world renowned cookeries started out over 7,000 years ago. Several Mesoamerican communities – tribes such as the Mayans, Olmec, Huastec, Zapotec and Purepecha to mention a few – are responsible for these now favorite cuisines. The Aztec Empire brought all these multi-ethnic societies together along with their culinary creations. Even though wheat and rice where introduced to Mexico’s culture, corn and chili peppers stayed as the main ingredients.

Enjoying authentic Mexican food either abroad or in your home town, its a unique and tasty experience. Every cuisine has a complimentary cordial that accents the experience. Mexico also has several adult beverages that are very popular and that’s cerveza – beer, and tequila. Add all these elements together, along with the colorful ambience that the Mexico’s culture brings and you have a perfect dining experience. “Disfruta!” (Enjoy).

Spending a Day at the Beach

The Riviera Maya has some of the most gorgeous beaches and beautiful turquoise Caribbean water in the world. Spending a day at the beach is like no other place you’d rather be. Hundreds of thousands of visitors, snowbirds and fulltime residents enjoy this wonderful experience on a daily basis.

Places like Tulum, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen and even the smaller communities like Akumal are privileged to have such breathtaking beaches. Several online publications ranked Tulum on their ‘Top 10’ list as having one of the best beaches in the world. Playa del Carmen is considered one of the most sought out vacation destinations in all of Mexico. Its reputation for having quite a few ideal beach spots is no secret. Ask anyone who frequents this charming town.

Spending a day at the beach

Enjoying a day at the beach is super simple. All you have to do is figure out which way you want to spend it! Tulum, Playa and Akumal to mention just a few have plenty of beach bars and grills. Pull up a lounge chair – hammock, order your favorite beverage and put your toes in the sand. When you need to cool down, take a refreshing dip in the warm tempered Caribbean water at your leisure.

Spending time on the beach is exactly what the doctor ordered!

However, if you want to just relax and enjoy the day, there are plenty of locations to do just that. Set up an umbrella and beach chair, take a cooler packed with snacks and plenty of your favorite beverages and a good book. Don’t forget to take time and people watch in between chapters. Spending time in paradise doing whatever comes to mind is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Being on the beach can offer plenty of opportunities to meet new people and participate in many of the everyday activities. There are absolutely no communication barriers when spending a day on the beach. The young and not so young play Frisbee, kick a soccer ball around, and hacky sack to mention just a few activities. Afterwards, everyone sits down together and enjoy each other’s company.

Spending a day at the beach

Moreover, on many of the Riviera Maya’s beach destinations you can watch windsurfers perform their acrobatic jumps, twist and turns. They glide along the water waiting for the perfect updraft to catch their kite’s broad sail and off they go! You can create your own adventure buy renting a Jet Ski or small sailboat for an hour or two. Beach vendors also offer parasailing, snorkeling and fishing trips upon request.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let life pass you by without enjoying Mexico’s fabulous Caribbean coastline. Spending a day at the beach offers no limit on what to do, see or experience. Palm trees, sugar fine white sand and tropical sea breezes can be a great way of life.

The Best Trees to Plant in the Riviera Maya

Once you own the property of your dreams in the Riviera Maya, there are other aspects to consider such as: the best trees to plant to make your garden a spectacular space.

Something special about the Riviera Maya is the beautiful weather year round. Also, having a beautiful garden to entertain or to hang your hammock and enjoy a nap is very important. Most developers in the Riviera destroy the jungle before building; nonetheless this shouldn’t stop you from having a beautiful tropical garden in your backyard.

It is important to consider the available space, as trees will grow and may affect the construction. There are plenty of trees that will grow in the poor soil of the Yucatan Peninsula, but we decided to focus in trees that are adequate for urban spaces, with reduced space.

If you are looking for amazing ornate trees to plant in the Yucatan Peninsula, have a look at these:


(Thevetia gaumeri helms)

This is a small tree, its maximum height is 16 feet and it has plenty of foliage to provide shade. It has beautiful bell shaped yellow flowers.

Trees Riviera Maya


(Lonchocarpus longistylus)

This is the Mayans sacred tree, and an endemic species of the Yucatan Peninsula. The tree can grow up to 30 feet, and has beautiful purple flowers. The bark is used by the Mayans to prepare a fermented beverage with the same name.

Trees Riviera Maya


(Plumeria rubra)

This tree has a maximum height of 26 feet, and an interesting and unique look. The flowers can be many colors and have a beautiful parfum that will linger in your garden.

Trees Riviera Maya

Any kind of citrus tree

The Yucatan Peninsula is a great place to grow citrus. There are many kinds of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes that will thrive with little care. The most traditional citrus in the Yucatan is the Naranja Agria, which is used to cook traditional regional dishes such as: Cochinita Pibil and Lechon al horno, it is also ideal to prepare margaritas as it is naturally sour.

Citrus aurantium can only grow up to 26 feet high, with dark shiny leaves and small white flowers that have a beautiful fragrance.

Trees Riviera Maya

There are so many trees that can grow in the Riviera Maya, we would never finish this list. But we encourage you to learn more about native trees and chose the one that fits your space, taste and budget.

Choosing the right tree can increase the value of your property and provide shadow, oxygen and beauty for many years to come. If you want to learn more about trees that will grow in the Yucatan Peninsula, have a look at this page.



Mexican Christmas Dinner, Much More Than Turkey, Stuffing and Gravy!

Mexican Christmas dinner might be an exciting experience for newcomers to this country, or a celebration full of memories for those seasoned retirees enjoying the holidays south of the border.

Retiring to Mexico goes beyond learning  a new language, or sorting out immigration and health insurance. Living in Mexico also pushes retirees to adapt old traditions and add new ones; mixing ingredients, languages, people and creating memories in your new home.

There are almost a million foreigners living in Mexico, there is a bigger offer of North-American products in the Mexican supermarkets. However, if you are planning to have a traditional Christmas dinner there might be a limited variety in items like: stuffing, cranberry sauce and others.

Some retirees stick to the traditional Christmas dinner and stock on basic ingredients when they travel home. Others ask friends and family to bring the ingredients from their places of origin and a third group improvises or adapts to the regional flavor and ingredients.

If you are wondering what would be a Traditional Mexican Christmas dinner, well it depends. Every region has its specialties and flavors so a christmas dinner can be a turkey, roasted pork leg, tamales, or even grilled meat.

So, if you are feeling adventurous this christmas, here are some suggestions to try a Mexican Christmas dinner:

A traditional Mexican Turkey dinner:

In Mexico a  traditional turkey dinner;  consists of a baked turkey stuffed with ground meat, spices and fruit. This is served with some pasta or potatoes as well as other traditional side dishes such as romeritos or Bacalao a la Vizcaina (Basque style cod).

A delicious suckling pig Roast (Lechon al horno)

This is my favorite Yucatecan dish, and if you are lucky enough to live in the Yucatan Peninsula you must try it! This is a traditional recipe but it is not spicy, and the flavors mix perfectly and leave a really juicy meat; it is also ideal to have the next day as Tacos or tortas.


(10-12 servings)

  • 1 piglet (12 – 16 pounds)
  • 6 sour oranges (the juice)
  • 6 crushed garlic cloves
  • ½ cup vinegar
  • Pepper
  • Ground cumin
  • Salt
  • Red Achiote paste (Annatto paste)
  • Baking soda

24 hours before roasting:

  1. Mix the ingredients to form a marinade and let the piglet soak in this juice for 8-24 hours
  2. Make deep cuts on the meat so the marinade can really soak in the meat  (if possible, do not pierce the skin)
  3. Rub the meat and skin with the marinade

Before roasting the pig in the oven:

  1. Dry the skin thoroughly with a paper towel
  2. Rub all the skin with cooking oil or lard

To roast the suckling pig:

  1. Place the piglet with the skin side up in a baking dish with the marinade as the cooking surface. Do not overturn the piglet until the end.
  2. Preheat the oven to high (200ºC) Introduce the piglet and cook for 1/2 hour
  3. Reduce the heat to 180º C, and  cook for 4 to 5 hours, depending on the size of the piglet.
  4. After cooking, remove from the oven and sprinkle the skin with baking soda, and use a clean cooking brush to spread the powder
  5. Return to the oven using the grill to brown, and let the skin get a golden color

Note: Follow this process and make sure the skin does not touch the cooking juice, in order to get a crunchy skin.

To Serve:

Cut into uniform pieces and bring to the table.

We hope you have a great time making these recipes, and enjoy your Mexican Christmas. We would love to hear what dishes are your favorite, and if you try our recipes please let us know how it turns out!

Christmas Traditions in the Riviera Maya: Posadas, La Rama and More…

Once that you choose the Riviera Maya as your new home, you will find there are Christmas traditions that are unique to this part of the world.

Retiring to Mexico is a dream for many; beautiful weather, cheap cost of living and with direct flights to most of the main North American cities. Over a million foreigners have chosen Mexico as their home. You’ll surely find many traditional ingredients to make your christmas dinner!

However, moving to Mexico means to adjust to a whole different set of christmas traditions, such as:

“La Rama”

La Rama is a tradition with origins in Veracruz. Nonetheless, it has spreaded all over the southeast of the country including the states of Yucatan and Quintana Roo. This tradition is literally a branch of a tree, which is decorated as a Christmas tree and taken around the neighborhood.

In the Riviera Maya it is common to see groups of children going around with a branch of a tree or a decorated palm leaf, they do some caroling and then ask for a donation in cash.

Mexican Christmas Traditions


Las posadas is a tradition with christian roots. They were celebrated with friends and family to commemorate Joseph and Mary and their journey to Bethlehem. The celebration was leaded by traditional caroling asking the owners of the house for lodging,  after the door was opened there was more singing and praying.

Posadas nowadays might be traditional or just regular Christmas parties with friends, neighbours, coworkers and family members. It is not rare to have invitations to these parties almost every weekend. Also, there is an abundance of food, drink, candies and pinatas.

Mexican Christmas Traditions


The pinata is maybe one of the most recognizable Mexican traditions. Pinatas have many shapes, colors and materials. However, the original pinata had the shape of a star. Also, it was part of the Christmas celebrations as a symbol of the seven deadly sins and the people using a stick representing virtue to overcome temptation. The blindfold represented the faith and finally the candy or fruit inside the pinata was a prize for those able to destroy it.

Pinatas are almost always present in Christmas parties in Mexico. Moreover, it is a great fun for children and adults.

Mexican Christmas Traditions

Are you familiar with any of these traditions? Have you witnessed them? We would love to hear your experience with Christmas Mexican celebrations.  The team in Let’s Retire in Mexico wishes you a Feliz Navidad!!

Pets & Vets in Playa del Carmen

Are you planning to move to Playa del Carmen with your pet and you want to know which vets are the most reliable? Well, If you have been to this paradise before, you will be familiar with all the animals here. Everyone in Playa adores pets and you will notice walking around Playa del Carmen, especially the famous 5th Avenue, that a lot of people have a dog or two. So, if you are planning to come for a visit or to move here for good, do not leave your furry friends behind. With the warm weather here in Mexico, not only will you be in paradise but your pets will be too!

If you are looking to see how to bring your pets to Mexico, please check out our blog showcasing how to do that. This blog is to encourage you to bring your pets down to Mexico with you and to explain to you about the safety with animals here in Mexico and if you ever need to frequent a vet, where you could find the best ones.

Vets in Playa del Carmen

Of course with any place you take your pet, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings. Some people throw things on the ground that could harm your pet so being 100% alert at all times will help keep your pet safe. You will notice some places put out water bowls for pets along 5th Avenue. This is just to show you how thoughtful the locals here in Playa del Carmen are.

Here’s a list of the best vets In Playa del Carmen:

How to get there? –  Av. Paseo Tulum Mz 19A Lt 1 Local 12, Paseo Playacar. Playacar F2., 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Location: Av Luis Donaldo Colosio 37, Santa Fe del Carmen, 77712 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico 

  • Clinica Veterinaria:

Visit Clinica Veterinaria at  45 Avenida Nte., Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Location: Av. Tikal Mza 29, Lt 2 Antes de la pluma de entrada a Playacar Fase 2, Playacar Fase 2, Calica, 77710 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

 Coco’s is located on Calle 44 Nte, El Pedregal, 77712 Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

Where? Playa del carmen, Quintana Roo Colonia Zazil-ha, calle 38 Nte, /30 y 25 bis Av. Nte, Mza 38 Lote 10, Local 20 altos, C.P. 77710, Mexico

These vets will make sure your pets are safe!

Vets in Playa del Carmen

Depending on where you are located in Playa del Carmen, it is always important to check in to a vet and familiarize yourself with a good place for your animal. If worse comes to worse, you know what to expect when you take your pet into the clinic. You can register your pet with the vet clinic of your choice, so when you take your pet into the clinic that’s already been done. It’s important to stay up to date with your pet’s vaccines in order to avoid any infections or viruses.


Live Music in Playa del Carmen

Some nights you just want to go out and enjoy some good tunes and good company. In Playa del Carmen we know how important that is for our travellers and even the locals here in Mexico. Therefore there are quite a few different locations scattered around Playa del Carmen that offer live music. Why not take advantage of listening to something a little different and not so mainstream while you are here in Mexico. Let loose and have a good time, while dancing and singing the night away on the beach. Below you will find a couple of our favorite places in Playa del Carmen that offer fantastic live music.

  • Wah Wah Beach Bar
  • Kitxen
  • Lucky Luciano
  • Senior Frogs
  • Fah Live Music & Food

Each one of these restaurants and bars offer some of the best live music and fun atmospheres that you would not want to miss on your travels.

Wah Wah

Wah Wah Beach Bar is so popular amongst English speaking travellers because of the setting. You will be dancing and singing directly on the white sand. You can also enjoy dinner and drinks for a reasonable price! In Mexico we like to please everyone, and this place is definitely a crowd pleaser. Wah Wah Beach Bar plays live music every Tuesday to Saturday from 1:00pm to 4:00pm and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 7:00pm-10:00pm. So if you are tied up through out the day, make sure to head out there at night for a time you won’t forget.

Live Music


Kitxen is known to be a rockers paradise. This place is actually owned by a legendary singer and guitarist, who is part of the rock band: Caifanes. Kitxen is located right in the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen on Fifth Avenue between Constituyentes and 20th. It is open everyday from 5:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Live Music

Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano is another popular English speaking restaurant that plays some unique tunes through out the week. You can enjoy some delicious food + free entertainment with a tip at the end of course whether you enjoyed your experience. This restaurant is located on the famous Fifth Avenue, in the middle of the hustle and bustle. If you are looking for a place to get you up on your toes and enjoying life- this place will do that for you.

Live Music

Señor Frog’s

Señor Frog’s in another popular Mexican tourist destination amongst other travellers from all over the world. It seems to be a hot spot especially for Americans and Canadians. They place wonderful music and have live bands on weekends. You can enjoy the most delicious piña colada amongst all their other fabulous drinks- without leaving the beach. Señor Frog’s tends to be the busiest on weekends but it is enjoyed everyday of the week of course. You can find delicious food here as well.  Señor Frog’s is located at the end of Fifth Avenue on the beach and is conveniently right next to the ferry port to Cozumel. Bring your dancing pants to this place!

Live Music

Fah Live Music & Food

Fah is an excellent restaurant to have a great night! Plus, it is located in the heart of the Fifth Avenue, between streets 8 and 10. Fah plays live music every night. Also, they offer delicious food that goes beyond the traditional. Food and drinks here have a totally reasonable price. Additionally, the atmosphere at this place is amazing and so is the service. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a delicious café and breakfast, Fah opens from 8:00 am to 12:00 am.

Live Music

We hope you have a great night at these fantastic bars enjoying live music and Playa del Carmen!