Expat Tip – Traveling Back Home in the Winter

by Thomas Lloyd

Expats in MexicoWhen traveling back to their home country, most expats will follow the “snow-bird” pattern, choosing the hotter summer months.  Basically, this is the way the option that makes the most sense for the most reasons.  You avoid the most extreme heat in Mexico, while enjoying at least part of the milder northern summers and avoiding the worst part of all of it altogether – freezing cold and snow.


Yet, I know a few people who will make their trips back home during the winter months.  There are several possible motivations for this.  One is that they can spend holidays with their family.  For many expats this becomes less compelling because, as so many expats have pointed out, once you live on a beach in Mexico, you will suddenly find that many family members and friends will actually start visiting you more often – especially for holidays; you may even find that you have friends that you never knew about before!


Expats in MexicoAnother reason is that some people miss the Christmas spirit as they know it from back home.  This may be true especially early on after moving.  Yet, after getting to know Mexico’s rich Christmas traditions, most Americans and Canadians prefer it to the overly commercialized hustle and bustle that has come to define the holidays seasons north of the Rio Grande.


It’s worth noting that most people don’t miss the snow.  It looks beautiful, but most of us remember how cold it is and are quite content to see pictures!


Despite the fact that most reasons to travel north in the winter disappear with time, there are nevertheless some expats who do it.  Most will quite happily follow the snow-bird pattern, or increasingly as time goes on and, many are simply happy to choose Mexico as their full-time home!


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