In Chichen Itza, I Rediscover The Ancient Mayans Each Time! Gallery #1

There are some tourist sites where you visit once, see it, and it’s done; you never need to go back.  Chichen Itza is most certainly NOT one of those places.  Since I moved to the Riviera Maya, and even before, I’ve visited numerous times.


Every time I’m left with the feeling that I should have stayed longer, looked at engravings more closely, or just admired the grandeur of the main temple. And every time I go back, I feel like I’m discovering it for the first time again – it’s a truly awe-inspiring place.


A few days ago we went back again.  Other than these brief opening comments, I just want to share some of the pictures I took. Today I’ll share some of the main temple or “Castillo,” and tomorrow I’ll share some pictures of various other buildings and features.


To start off, here are a couple of shots from the car:

And the majestic “Castillo:”


The sacred cenote nearby, at the end of the Sacbe, “White Road”:


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