At the Riviera Maya Film Festival I Met Patricia Arquette!

I’m not one to go following stars around, or even looking for them, but if I get the chance to meet one, I’m definitely happy about.  As is more and more common these days, there are celebrities showing up in Playa del Carmen, Cancun and this entire region.


And yesterday, at the gala in Puerto Morelos for the Riviera Maya film festival I met Patricia Arquette!  I got some nice pictures:


beatlo's Patricia Arquette album on Photobucket


I’m not sure if I mentioned it on Saturday when I announced the festival, but this festival is entirely FREE! So, you get glitz and glamour and after-parties and fun activities … without paying anything.  Besides seeing stars, and enjoying international cultural events, it costs very little or nothing.The rest of the event was very nice.  


Take a look at the moon over the sea:


Riviera Maya International Film Festival Puerto Morelos Playa del Carmen 

Here are some pictures of other parts of the event, and the after-party:

beatlo's Gala Puerto Morelos album on Photobucket


Of course, Saturday was really good here in Playa too, with some screenings in Fundadores beach right downtown:


beatlo's Riviera Maya Film Festival 2013 album on Photobucket


Playa del Carmen really is growing into a thriving place for culture, celebrities, events, festivals and all of this – of course – in the setting of pure relaxation on the beach!


– by Bea Lozano


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