Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Bring New Connection Between Cozumel and Texas

When people think about beaches, for many people bikinis come to mind – for some, wearing them, for others seeing them.  When it comes to bikinis, Mexico’s beaches certainly aren’t lacking.  Now, people don’t believe me when I say this, but seeing beautiful young women in bikinis on the beaches in the Riviera Maya is so common that after a while you really just don’t notice anymore.



But here’s something you simply can’t overlook:


Just last week, the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders came to Cozumel (the island across the strait from Playa) to do a few photo shoots!


Besides the pictures, as anyone would guess, these women also enjoyed Cozumel to it’s fullest, scuba diving in the coral reef among other things.


For obvious reasons, Mexico’s tourism board is using the cheerleaders’ visit as a publicity campaign, which includes a 2014 calendar I believe as well as some online promotions.



Now, it’s also worth noting that international, high-profile events with celebrities are becoming more and more common in the Riviera Maya.  Besides the idea of seeing these people around, it’s good for just about every other aspect of choosing to live here – better publicity, more tourism, which leads to more modern services, investment, etc.


I’ve written about the growing connection between Texas and Cozumel a number of times before. I believe Dallas is one of the main U.S. destinations for direct flights from the island, and there have been several international real estate conventions, but you might says this is something a little more “lively.”

You don’t have to wait for the Dallas Cowboys’ cheerleaders to see bikinis on Cozumel’s beaches, but I’m sure most people wouldn’t miss the chance if they got it!


See this gallery from Cozumel Cruise Excursions for more pictures from the 2014 calendar.


– by Thomas Lloyd


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