Mexico’s Charm Comes in Simple Images – A Car in a Village

Imagine this – a traditional Mexican town, with brightly painted homes, an old VW parked on the road …


Well, you don’t have to imagine.  Here’s a picture:


If you live in Mexico, scenes like this are very common.  Notice the man fixing his own car an the roadside.  Back home, this may indicated some sort of emergency repairs, but here, this is normal; even in repair shops in working-class communities will have a car or two on the roadside while they work on them.


Also notice the VW Beetle; “Bugs” (or “Bochos” in Spanish) went out of production 10 years ago, in 2003, so relatively new Beetles can still be found on the road.


As I’ve said before, now and then I just like to do a Google search for images on Mexico.  This is the second time I’m sharing some of these pictures, and I think I’ll do some more in the future.


– by Bea Lozano


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