Pyramid Marketing or Relaxing Retirement on Mexico’s Beaches?

The word is getting out there; more and more Americans are worried that they won’t have enough money to retire comfortably.


Wall Street Journal has taken notice.  Yahoo News did too.  It’s becoming common place to see articles analyzing the situation and offering advice for those who are approaching retirement with lower funds than they would ideally want or need.  Solutions are being offered up that include anything from even more frugality to elaborate savings and tax strategies.


This guy is even suggesting that the best solution is to join an internet based pyramid marketing program. (He’s the CEO, so no surprises …!)



Now, I have nothing against how people make a livelihood, but let’s just get right down to a simple, basic question:


How would you prefer to spend your retirement years?  Trying to sell products to your family, friends and neighbors, or simply enjoying a relaxing life on the beach?


I think even JR Ridinger would choose beach.  (He’s so rich, he doesn’t have much to worry about, but if it came right to down to it …)
The point is that if you retire in Mexico, you won’t have to become a pyramid salesman in your free time to make ends meet – or, if you do, that money will sure go a heck of a lot further.  This true of any part time job.


And what about those elaborate savings and tax strategies?  Go for it!  No one will complain about having too much saved.  But why not take some of the pressure off and enjoy the hard work you’re putting into those savings a little more?


-by Thomas Lloyd


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