Mayan Pyramid Bulldozed – But Not in Mexico!

This is a a sad, sad situation.  I friend sent me a BBC article about a a 2300 year old Mayan pyramid that was recently bulldozed!  That means the pyramid is several hundred years older than even the famous ones at Chichen Itza!


I guess a construction crew was looking for road fill and decided to bulldoze this “mound.”  The government officials say it was impossible not to know  that it was a Mayan pyramid – I’m guessing because of the shape, and, if you look at the pictures, it’s more than obvious that it’s a structure that they’re dismantling.


Can you imagine that??? A 2300 Mayan pyramid for road fill!


Where Was This Atrocity?

But here’s the catch; this was NOT in Mexico.  This was in Belize, the country that borders Mexico, just south of the Mexican Caribbean, starting where serene, quiet and virtually unknown Costa Maya area ends.


The article says that this is pretty common in Belize.


In Mexico, this Wouldn’t Happen

Some Americans have been looking towards Belize and similar places for their new warm-weather home.  While I’m not going to get into comparing different Caribbean or Central American destinations, I will say that I’m glad to live in a country that protects its history.


Here in Playa del Carmen, for example, we have 2 small, minor pyramid sites right in the city.


  1. One is in the heart of downtown, just behind the storefront on Fifth Avenue.  It was incorporated into the development so people eating the restaurant can enjoy views of it.
  2. Another is in Playacar, a gated community right next to downtown. They made the area surrounding the pyramid a park, preserving a good deal of vegetation, helping to make the community greener with another park area, protecting the Mayan pyramid and allowing people to enjoy seeing it.


Out the jungle there are also many Mayan sites which archaeologists are constantly visiting.  Many have been uncovered and are being planned for tourist visits.  Even in non tourist area (I’ve been to quite a few) the pyramids may not get much investment to make them pretty for visitors, but at the very least they are left alone and no one bulldozes them.


Sure, many Mexicans may not be as knowledgeable of their history as they should be, but at least they respect these artifacts.


-by Thomas Lloyd


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