Wouldn’t You Like to Catch a Fish Like This in Playa del Carmen?

Fishing is a big thing in Playa del Carmen.  In fact, the reason the town was founded in the first place (just over 100 years ago) was as a fishing village, which is what it remained until the 1990s when tourism took off and it became a major expat community.


Fishing is still a part of daily life.  You find everything from the traditional fishermen throwing their nets in at the beaches in the very early mornings to luxury boat owners going out for a deep-sea catch.


Just the other day, I was walking along the beach and saw this young Argentinian guy who had just caught this fish, right from the beach:


Whatever you’re style of fishing, I’m sure you’ll find it in Playa del Carmen!  And, if you prefer just to enjoy the fresh catch of the day and let someone else do the work, that’s easy (and very low cost) too!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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