Run for Happiness! Run for Health! Run for Charity! Or just Run!

Sunday in Playa del Carmen was filled with motivation and fun at the 1st annual 5k and 10k Solidaridad race!  The race started at Centro Maya and continued on highway 307 over the bridges!  The great thing about this event was that the energy reached all different crowds.  Some younger, some older, some runners some walkers!  In any case we saw a great diversity running this race and many expats involved.


A World-Wide Trend

Over the last couple years these kinds of races as well as marathons have become extremely popular and it’s providing motivation to get people to train and be in better shape! This trend has gone all over the world and of course in Mexico as well!


Ready, Set, Go!

On Sunday the race started at 7 am!  Runners were given chips to put into their shoes to track their times!    The runners took off from Centro Maya, up the highway bridges and around back to Centro Maya for the finish line!  At the end of the race there was a lot of energy and a big party to congratulate the runners but also to wish Playa del Carmen a happy 20th Birthday!  (… as a municipality; the town is much older.)


Mmm … Food Again

Pizza was provided by De local restaurant as well as many food options available including fruit, sandwiches, sweet breads and pastries, plenty of water, juice and rehydrating beverages!  Besides the generous breakfast there was energetic music, an announcement of the winners and we can’t forget FREE massages for all the runners!  It was truly a well thought and organized event and was definitely a great and rewarding experience for all that participated!


Top Mexico Participates … Along with Everyone Else

One of our very own team members ran the 10k race and finished in one hour and six minutes! She says she loves these kinds of events because it gives her motivation to practice, train and stay in shape; and at the end of the day makes her feel proud!
We saw men and women of all ages running including children, people running with their dogs, mothers pushing their babies in the strollers, even a very talented man balancing a soccer ball on his nose all throughout the 10k course!  Incredible!  We think it’s great that there was so much turn out and excitement here in Playa for this event!  It makes us feel more proud every day to see the love everyone has for our small beach town and to see so much turn out for community events!


If this kind of activity is something you enjoy doing go ahead and add some of the Riviera Maya races to your list.  Following this last race there will be a night run in Cancun with glow sticks and Neon lights in August.  If you like more of a challenge you might want to join the Cancun Marathon in December which has a route running throughout the hotel zone!  If running isn’t your thing come out and cheer the runners on!  They always appreciate the support!


-by Bea Lozano
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Mini World Cup Expat Soccer Tournament 2013 in Playa del Carmen

There was plenty of fun and excitement last weekend in Playa del Carmen at Mamitas Beach where the 8th Annual “Mundialito de Playa” was held. The Mundialito, or mini world cup if you will, was a special soccer tournament for locals and expats from all over the globe who are living here and like to play.  Check out this slide show with some of our pictures:


beatlo's Mundialito Playa del Carmen - Final Game album on Photobucket

(If you’re reading by subscription, or can’t see the slideshows, click here to go to the blog and see the pics!)

We visited all three days of the tournament to watch, take photos and cheer on our own home countries. It was really quite an event! Teams included were from Mexico, USA, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Spain, Uruguay, France and Switzerland. Each team was made of expats from each country!

Here’s the women’s soccer:

The event was a lot of fun and we even saw some visitors from some of the professional teams come out to cheer for their own. In addition to the soccer tournament, the event also included a men’s and women’s rugby expedition. There were plenty of fans and some vibrant cheerleaders who came out to cheer on their team as well.


I’ve never seen rugby on a beach before, but it’s something else:


beatlo's Mundialito 2013 Rugby album on Photobucket


The tournament included two full days of matches between the 10 teams followed by the finals in the last day. Who won? While each country did a fantastic job we must give our congratulations to the Mexican team for taking 1st place in the tournament! The most important thing, however, is that all participants from every team had fun and played great!


This event was great for any age group and families as well. It was so nice to see so many people from all over the world get together to play together. While there are many expats who love Mexico and love living in Playa it is always important to show pride for the place you came from. This was clearly and event that showcased that kind of pride.


While we were there we got to talking with some of the fans who were watching the games. There were definitely plenty of locals that came to cheer on their family and friends but also there was a nice tourist crowd. For those who love soccer and love the beach this was a special treat! This event is held yearly so if you didn’t get the chance to make it out this time it’s definitely worth it to mark it down for next year!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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Staying Active in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a town in which we can’t help but to be active on a normal basis. By settling here in Playa, you may actually be improving your health and wellness even if you didn’t realize it. Aside from the fact that you generally do a lot of walking and moving around from one place to the other, Playa promotes many choices for staying fit and the good news is there is something for everyone!

Let’s take a look at some of the options, shall we?

Walk-Everywhere Lifestyle

While the use of taxi’s and cars are a main source of transportation to get from one place to the other it is more likely that you spend just as much of the time walking to your destination. Why not? The weather is nice! So even without exercise in mind we are doing it! And besides, Playa is small and sometimes it doesn’t make much sense to drive. Our feet and the use of bicycles are actually the main form of transportation here therefore contributing to the “subconscious calorie burn”!

Join a Gym!

This is the most typical mechanism as the gyms here offer state of the art equipment for both cardio and strength, on site personal training and group classes.


Yoga is HUGE here in Playa del Carmen! There are many yoga studios scattered throughout Playa. It is unlikely that you will not see one as you are strolling through the main streets toward the beach here. Try yoga on the beach or in a studio! There is even yoga on the ocean with the use of surfboard. Give it a try!

Keep that Core Tight!

Holding hands with the same hot demand of yoga is Pilates. There are many Pilates studios here in Playa and some are even teamed up with the yoga studios and gymnasiums.


Outdoor Running!

Find the treadmill boring? Well who wouldn’t when you have the perfect setting and nice running/jogging options here in Playa. Try some barefoot running on the beach. It’s easy to forget you are exercising while you are connected with such a nice view. The 5th Avenue is a nice option for a run. The mornings are quieter (and cooler) but if it’s in a busier time of the day make it like an obstacle and weave in and out through the people. Also, it’s a good way to people watch. Consider the track on 10th avenue and 34th street which at the moment is under construction but will be available again soon. And also, try running through different neighborhoods. Switching up your route can prevent boredom.

Don’t like running? Well, all of these options are just as nice for walkers.

Cross fit

Cross fit studios are becoming very popular as well. Living near the beach means that fitness and being strong is a hot topic. Cross fit combines some hard core techniques to get you in shape. It’s worth the sweat!

Tennis anyone?

There are a couple of nice options for tennis courts in Playa del Carmen center as well as Playacar. It should be pretty easy to find a partner if you don’t have one already.

Take a bike ride!

If it’s a nice evening why not take the bike out for a spin. It’s very nice ride through Playacar for example. Also, Playa is building up their bike paths to make it easier and more enjoyable to take a relaxing and safe ride through the town.

Dance your heart out!

Take a salsa or Tango class or just simply find where the music is and dance. There’s plenty of it here so take advantage and let yourself go. Dance is just as great for the mind and soul as it is for your body. Learn a few new moves or use what you’ve got but either way have fun and move!

And with all this being said we have to remember the summer is here and it’s HOT! Stay active but also remember to stay hydrated! Drink water as you are participating in these activities and also throughout the day.

-by Bea Lozano

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Today, Playa del Carmen’s Deep Sea Fishing Tournament Starts! – Video

If you love fishing, then Playa del Carmen really would be your cup of tea!


This morning, Playa del Carmen’s annual fishing tournament was kicked off.  Take a look at this video from Mexico Travel News:



This is one of the winners from last year’s tournament, I believe:


Here’s a shot of “the big catch” on a boat. (This is not in the tournament, but gives you a taste of what fishing in Playa del Carmen is like:)


If you’re around, it’d be great to head out and see some of the prize catches. If not, well you know what you can plan for the next time you’re here in Playa!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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Wouldn’t You Like to Catch a Fish Like This in Playa del Carmen?

Fishing is a big thing in Playa del Carmen.  In fact, the reason the town was founded in the first place (just over 100 years ago) was as a fishing village, which is what it remained until the 1990s when tourism took off and it became a major expat community.


Fishing is still a part of daily life.  You find everything from the traditional fishermen throwing their nets in at the beaches in the very early mornings to luxury boat owners going out for a deep-sea catch.


Just the other day, I was walking along the beach and saw this young Argentinian guy who had just caught this fish, right from the beach:


Whatever you’re style of fishing, I’m sure you’ll find it in Playa del Carmen!  And, if you prefer just to enjoy the fresh catch of the day and let someone else do the work, that’s easy (and very low cost) too!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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Beach Soccer was Amazing! – Pictures

If you remember, last week I posted about the beach soccer tournament; I went on the weekend and got some great pictures – well, pictures of a great event, in any case!


Notice that the event is actually sponsored by FIFA, the organization for the World Cup:


And here, with the FIFA flag, you can see the beautiful Mamitas Beach:


Mexico vs. Brazil:


Mexico vs. Spain:


Here are the cheerleaders:


And finally, this is the beach after the games:


If you think you would’ve enjoyed this, you’ll be happy to know about the 8th “MUNDIALITO DE FUTBOL DE PLAYA” (or “little World Cup for Beach Soccer”) coming up on June 21 – 23. For this one, the teams are made of expats from Playa representing their home country.


-by Thomas Lloyd


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The World Cup Comes to Playa del Carmen

… the Beach Soccer Worldwide Cup, that is.
Starting tomorrow (May 3), the Beach Soccer Worldwide Riviera Maya Cup will be taking place at Mamitas Beach Club.  I’m kind of thinking of going to take a peak.  I’m usually not a soccer kind of guy, but on the beach … that’s something altogether different!


And, it’s worth noting that its free!


This is the announcement from Mayan Explore:


Riviera Maya Cup 2013 in Playa del Carmen from the 3rd – 5th May 2013


Mexico, Spain, Brazil and the Bahamas will take part in the Riviera Maya Cup 2013 at Mamitas Beach Club in Playa del Carmen.


This competition will be played in a round robin format, with all of the teams playing each other, the team with the most points will be awarded the Riviera Maya Cup 2013 Champions.


Her e is the schedule for the Round Robin:


Friday 3rd of May


1.45pm:- Spain Vs Brazil
3pm:- Bahamas Vs Mexico


Saturday 4th of May


1.45pm:- Brazil Vs Bahamas
3pm:- Mexico Vs Spain


Sunday 5th of May


1.45pm:- Spain Vs Bahamas
3pm:- Mexico Vs Brazil


-by Thomas Lloyd


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