Meet Kristie Scivally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

As part of our Livin’ Playa Series we are showing and capturing the real life of expats and snowbirds in Playa del Carmen!


We had the lovely opportunity to talk with Kristie Scivally from Oklahoma City Oklahoma!  We were interested to talk with Kristie because she is a die-hard Playa fan who chooses to spend all of her vacation time here in Playa.  We wanted to find out why!  So this is her story!


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Kristie lives a normal life back in Oklahoma City.  She raises a 10 year old boy and works very hard.  She has been coming to Playa for the past 10 years, right around the time her son was born. She likes to take any chance she can take to be here.  She visits approximately 4 or 5 times per year and by this time has become a Playa expert as she has watched this lovely beach town evolve and grow without ever sacrificing its charm.


Kristie usually spends a bigger chunk of time, of about a month, here during the summer since her son is free from school during that time.  Throughout the year she takes smaller trips of about a week or so whenever her son gets a break from school! And when she is not here, she is always planning and looking forward to her next trip!


So we wanted to know, Why Playa?
If you get the chance to take 4 or 5 vacations every year then why not change it up a little? This is an easy question for Kristie to answer.  She simply loves Playa!  We all know that when you love something you should stick with it.  Kristie comes to Playa for a wide scale of reasons.  The atmosphere, the beach, great food, the family friendly environment and also because of safety!


Some of her favorite things to do here are to go to the beach, lounge by the pool, take her son for a ride in the go karts or other fun kids activities, walk on the 5th Avenue, socialize with friends while enjoying nice dinners and wine!  She also loves the fact that you can come here and still escape to other beautiful gems such as Tulum, Chichen-itza and many other paradise locations all within the Riviera Maya!  This is all a part of the life in Playa!


Good Friends
Over time Kristie has made good friendships with expats who live here year round and she looks forward to spending time with them each visit.  Playa del Carmen is, in fact, a home away from home for Kristie and her son!


At this point in Kristie’s life she is not prepared to live here full-time but knows that once here son is out of school, and she can retire, Playa is the place she wants to be!  For now she will continue to escape to Playa for vacation and keeping dreaming that little dream of one day living here!


To hear what Kristie has to say please click on this link for her testimonial on You tube!


We love our town of Playa del Carmen and we want to get the word out that this is a great place to live, retire and vacation!  What better way to do that than by letting you meet people who can give you the real scoop!  Stay tuned for more testimonials for our Livin’ Playa series!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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