Camping and the Outdoors around Playa del Carmen

When most people think of Mexico, they think of resorts, beaches with bars and restaurants nearby, colonial cities, ancient pyramids, etc. While people know that there is beautiful nature in Mexico, when making their choice to make this their new home many soon-to-be expat is the actual “roughing it” outdoors lifestyle that can be enjoyed, alongside of the more comfortable ways of enjoying nature.




Like every other outdoor activity, camping in tents can be enjoyed year round; unlike other favorite camping locations, in this area, you’ll be camping on some of the nicest beaches in the world.  You choose your location to be as near to or far from conveniences as you like; some good spots, like Xpu-Ha Beach are next to little rustic shops and restaurants to make the experience easier and give it a unique flavor; others, like Sian Kaan, would be miles away from the nearest building.


Rustic Cabins

In addition to camping, Tulum especially has some rustic beachfront cabins.  When I say “rustic” I really mean rustic – no electricity, basic beds, simple wooden huts with thatched roofs.  These are a beautiful experience, because, as with camping, you can see the bright stars in the sky over the Caribbean Sea in a place where lights from hotels and towns don’t overpower them.

There are many reasons to love Mexico, and nature lovers who really love to get away from civilization can easily do so here and in many other parts of the country!


-by Thomas Lloyd