How One Baby-Boomer Lived Her Life-long Dream

Remember the old Map Quest joke where if you asked for driving directions overseas it gave you all the necessary directions to bring you to the shore line and then told you to swim across the Atlantic Ocean?

Very funny huh?

Well, until someone actually did!  It’s for sure most of you have already heard of the courageous Diana Nyad but if not you are in for a story!  This 64 year old woman took on the challenge of swimming a complete 53 hour swim from Cuba to Miami!  Battling Jelly fish and salt water effects she made it through with an incredible team of people who kept her safe and motivated through her 3 day, 2 night journey!

Why did she do it?

Probably not because she wanted to risk her life in shark infested waters battling jelly fish and to end up with lacerations on her face from the salt water!  Rather because it gives an incredible feeling of success!

This was a dream of hers that she was persistent in pursuing as this was not her first attempt to make it on this particular route.  It was actually her fourth attempt!  Her first try came early on in her 20’s but she held onto that dream for the next 40 years and continued trying three more times in her sixties with the last attempt obviously being her victory.

Follow your dreams

This just shows that when you have a dream and your mind set on something, even if it seems wild or painful, you can do it with a strong will.  And this is exactly what she directly points out when she said:

“The people who follow me aren’t sports hounds.  They’re human beings who are dealing with their own heartaches and their own obstacles in life.  And they want to know how to get through.  And I think I’m a person who represents, A, never give up.  You find a way if something is really important to your heart, you look and see what’s inside yourself and you find a way.”

“Never give up”

This statement holds a wealth of meaning for many people!  Remember when we wrote recently about the Neon Race in Cancun (click here if you would like to read about it), we quoted one of our team members who started off by saying she doesn’t actually love to run but there is a bigger purpose and a bigger picture which makes her to continue on pushing her body to the limit.

It’s really all about pride, success, achievement, and making seemingly impossible things come true.  And that is an important lesson for everyone to learn.  Whether you are running a marathon, pursuing a new job, relocating to Mexico, changing your life, having children, or swimming from one country to another you can achieve whatever it is that is in your heart!

Baby Boomers are still booming!

But let’s not forget there is another very important lesson that Diana Nyad has left for everyone, whether she intended to or not; at age 64 you still have plenty of life ahead of you.  Your body works, your mind works and your dreams are still in-tact!  She totally beat the notion that moving into your 60’s means you have to sit in your rocking chair and knit sweaters!  Baby Boomers, this is your time to rock!!

Follow your dreams…

-by Bea Lozano
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