3 reasons why living at the Mexican Caribbean is making you healthier


Have you ever thought about the benefits of living just a few steps from the sea? If you don’t, then you should think about getting out more into the Mexican Caribbean sun and start receiving some natural treatment that you won’t be having in any other place. Is this for real? You better believe it, there’s no healthier way of living than enjoying a full day out in a sandy white beach in the Riviera Maya.

Besides that the already known fact that you can be at any paradisiacal place in a few minutes, living of by the coast brings you a different kind of air and the quality of it, makes it just perfect for any person with some kind of respiratory system issue: asthma, bronchitis, sinus pressure, coughing… you name it and you’ll be cured in such a snap. But what are those other benefits? Here are three good reasons to retire in the Caribbean and improve your health:

beach tulum

1- The air

There is no better smell than fresh air, and this ocean-air property contains negatively charged hydrogen ions that help absorb oxygen and balance our serotonin levels, resulting in more energy and diminished depression. Living by the sea will also get you an extra pack of vitamin D, nor to say that getting some sunshine every day is good for your health and skin. This vitamin improves autoimmune protection, increases endorphins, lower the risk of cancer and enhances bone health.


2- The sun and sea

Swimming in the ocean will also make you feel better; there is no greater healer than salt water, and getting a sweet dive will sure enhance the immune system to the fullest and start hydrating your skin and boost your circulation. Seawater that is rich in magnesium also has been shown to relax muscles and helps induce sleep… plus, swimming is one of the greatest forms of exercise… so, what will you prefer? Getting fit on a small pool or in an awesome beach at any Riviera Maya’s place?


3- Stress free zone

Aren’t you here for relaxation? Stress is a major cause of illness in our society. The ocean has a way of deeply relaxing us and bringing us back to earth. Sitting in the sand while you watch and listen to waves crashing, gives us a sense of bliss and peace. We let go of shoulder tension and look life in a different way. Being here can also help us meditate: one of the easiest guided meditations involve ocean waves, don’t you think? This is highly inspiring for any kind of meditation and psychological healing… it’s like having your own personal therapist, but in a form of a beautiful Caribbean wave.

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How One Baby-Boomer Lived Her Life-long Dream

Remember the old Map Quest joke where if you asked for driving directions overseas it gave you all the necessary directions to bring you to the shore line and then told you to swim across the Atlantic Ocean?

Very funny huh?

Well, until someone actually did!  It’s for sure most of you have already heard of the courageous Diana Nyad but if not you are in for a story!  This 64 year old woman took on the challenge of swimming a complete 53 hour swim from Cuba to Miami!  Battling Jelly fish and salt water effects she made it through with an incredible team of people who kept her safe and motivated through her 3 day, 2 night journey!

Why did she do it?

Probably not because she wanted to risk her life in shark infested waters battling jelly fish and to end up with lacerations on her face from the salt water!  Rather because it gives an incredible feeling of success!

This was a dream of hers that she was persistent in pursuing as this was not her first attempt to make it on this particular route.  It was actually her fourth attempt!  Her first try came early on in her 20’s but she held onto that dream for the next 40 years and continued trying three more times in her sixties with the last attempt obviously being her victory.

Follow your dreams

This just shows that when you have a dream and your mind set on something, even if it seems wild or painful, you can do it with a strong will.  And this is exactly what she directly points out when she said:

“The people who follow me aren’t sports hounds.  They’re human beings who are dealing with their own heartaches and their own obstacles in life.  And they want to know how to get through.  And I think I’m a person who represents, A, never give up.  You find a way if something is really important to your heart, you look and see what’s inside yourself and you find a way.”

“Never give up”

This statement holds a wealth of meaning for many people!  Remember when we wrote recently about the Neon Race in Cancun (click here if you would like to read about it), we quoted one of our team members who started off by saying she doesn’t actually love to run but there is a bigger purpose and a bigger picture which makes her to continue on pushing her body to the limit.

It’s really all about pride, success, achievement, and making seemingly impossible things come true.  And that is an important lesson for everyone to learn.  Whether you are running a marathon, pursuing a new job, relocating to Mexico, changing your life, having children, or swimming from one country to another you can achieve whatever it is that is in your heart!

Baby Boomers are still booming!

But let’s not forget there is another very important lesson that Diana Nyad has left for everyone, whether she intended to or not; at age 64 you still have plenty of life ahead of you.  Your body works, your mind works and your dreams are still in-tact!  She totally beat the notion that moving into your 60’s means you have to sit in your rocking chair and knit sweaters!  Baby Boomers, this is your time to rock!!

Follow your dreams…

-by Bea Lozano
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Running the 10 Kilometer Cancun Neon Race

For all you runners out there!  We wanted to draw attention to the great race opportunities that are being offered here in the Riviera Maya.  Like other major cities all across the world, the Riviera Maya is joining in on this much participated trend. Last month we told you about 5k and 10k (3 and 6 mile) race that was held right here in Playa del Carmen and since then we have traveled to Cancun to participate in the 5 and 10 k Neon Race in Cancun.

A Family Event

This turned out to be an incredible event for runners and also for supporters who were cheering on their friends and family!  The event started at 6 pm where runners got themselves all decked out with Neon Paint and glow sticks!  There were other items for sale like funny colorful hats, sunglasses and glowing headbands!  It was a chance to express yourself and be creative while you run!  We saw people all dressed up with neon colored wigs, body paint, crazy skirts and stockings and bright colored running sneakers!  It definitely brought personality and fun to running!

Neon Night

As soon as the night sky came along the sky was lit up with Neon colors and it looked awesome!!  There was a slight hiccup when a huge raincloud made its way through about 10 minutes before starting but that didn’t stop the runners.  The race went on!  Thankfully the rain stopped shortly after and the runners had a dry run!

Why Pay to Run?

But what’s with the trend?  Why would someone pay money for a number for something they can do for free every day in their own neighborhood?

One of our team members who ran the race says:

“I don’t necessarily love running but I am addicted to the feeling you get when crossing the finish line!  It’s amazing to see all the people out there cheering you on!  It’s invigorating and exciting and gives you adrenaline!

“Nobody actually wants to run a 21k or 42k race but they want the feeling you get from surviving it and accomplishing the seemingly impossible task of pushing your body to the limit and fighting through to the end.  It makes other things seem less impossible in life. 

“We all run for different reasons and all of them being great ones and healthy ones!  You can run because your happy or maybe you need to burn some anger, or maybe you just want to let your mind be free for each step you take towards the finish line; it could be as simple as running for a cause like breast cancer or other wonderful organizations where your efforts will be appreciated. 

“I have good strong legs!  When I run I remember the people who don’t have legs and wish they could run.  This is why I run and why it feels good!”
As the Good Feeling catches on we will likely see more and more of these races popping up and definitely more contributors.  If you are looking for other race opportunities close to Playa here are a couple recommendations:

“The running Dead Cancun” https://www.facebook.com/TheRunningDeadCancun coming to Puerto Morelos on September 22nd!  You may choose to be a runner having to escape the zombies or twist it up a bit and do a monster chase to scare away the runners.  Sounds like a super fun haunted house type event to me!

Then there is the Annual Marathon Riviera Maya coming October 27th right in Playa del Carmen! https://www.facebook.com/maratonrivieramaya


-by Bea Lozano 
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How Old Do You Have to Be to Retire … in Mexico?

How old do you have to be to retire? How old do you have to be to retire in Mexico?


They are two distinct questions, and have two distinct answers.


We all know that in the U.S. and Canada retirement age is on the rise – often due to financial constraints.


In Mexico, there are several factors to consider:


  • The cost of living is lower, which makes it easier to retire sooner.
  • It’s easy to start your dream business; it costs less and there are fewer hurdles. Mexican bureaucracy can be a marathon, but outside of the government offices you’ll find that it’s easier to get things going. Most people running their business in Mexico just keep doing it – even if they’re financially ready; they just like it so much.
  • It’s easier to be healthy making it easier to choose to keep working or to have an active retirement otherwise.  Warm weather, good and affordable healthcare and easy access to fresh, healthy food have many advantages.


When it comes right down to it, you might not think of it in the same way as you do there.  You may just enjoy life here so much, that the distinction between work and retirement blurs and even disappears!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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Staying Active in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a town in which we can’t help but to be active on a normal basis. By settling here in Playa, you may actually be improving your health and wellness even if you didn’t realize it. Aside from the fact that you generally do a lot of walking and moving around from one place to the other, Playa promotes many choices for staying fit and the good news is there is something for everyone!

Let’s take a look at some of the options, shall we?

Walk-Everywhere Lifestyle

While the use of taxi’s and cars are a main source of transportation to get from one place to the other it is more likely that you spend just as much of the time walking to your destination. Why not? The weather is nice! So even without exercise in mind we are doing it! And besides, Playa is small and sometimes it doesn’t make much sense to drive. Our feet and the use of bicycles are actually the main form of transportation here therefore contributing to the “subconscious calorie burn”!

Join a Gym!

This is the most typical mechanism as the gyms here offer state of the art equipment for both cardio and strength, on site personal training and group classes.


Yoga is HUGE here in Playa del Carmen! There are many yoga studios scattered throughout Playa. It is unlikely that you will not see one as you are strolling through the main streets toward the beach here. Try yoga on the beach or in a studio! There is even yoga on the ocean with the use of surfboard. Give it a try!

Keep that Core Tight!

Holding hands with the same hot demand of yoga is Pilates. There are many Pilates studios here in Playa and some are even teamed up with the yoga studios and gymnasiums.


Outdoor Running!

Find the treadmill boring? Well who wouldn’t when you have the perfect setting and nice running/jogging options here in Playa. Try some barefoot running on the beach. It’s easy to forget you are exercising while you are connected with such a nice view. The 5th Avenue is a nice option for a run. The mornings are quieter (and cooler) but if it’s in a busier time of the day make it like an obstacle and weave in and out through the people. Also, it’s a good way to people watch. Consider the track on 10th avenue and 34th street which at the moment is under construction but will be available again soon. And also, try running through different neighborhoods. Switching up your route can prevent boredom.

Don’t like running? Well, all of these options are just as nice for walkers.

Cross fit

Cross fit studios are becoming very popular as well. Living near the beach means that fitness and being strong is a hot topic. Cross fit combines some hard core techniques to get you in shape. It’s worth the sweat!

Tennis anyone?

There are a couple of nice options for tennis courts in Playa del Carmen center as well as Playacar. It should be pretty easy to find a partner if you don’t have one already.

Take a bike ride!

If it’s a nice evening why not take the bike out for a spin. It’s very nice ride through Playacar for example. Also, Playa is building up their bike paths to make it easier and more enjoyable to take a relaxing and safe ride through the town.

Dance your heart out!

Take a salsa or Tango class or just simply find where the music is and dance. There’s plenty of it here so take advantage and let yourself go. Dance is just as great for the mind and soul as it is for your body. Learn a few new moves or use what you’ve got but either way have fun and move!

And with all this being said we have to remember the summer is here and it’s HOT! Stay active but also remember to stay hydrated! Drink water as you are participating in these activities and also throughout the day.

-by Bea Lozano

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