Running the 10 Kilometer Cancun Neon Race

For all you runners out there!  We wanted to draw attention to the great race opportunities that are being offered here in the Riviera Maya.  Like other major cities all across the world, the Riviera Maya is joining in on this much participated trend. Last month we told you about 5k and 10k (3 and 6 mile) race that was held right here in Playa del Carmen and since then we have traveled to Cancun to participate in the 5 and 10 k Neon Race in Cancun.

A Family Event

This turned out to be an incredible event for runners and also for supporters who were cheering on their friends and family!  The event started at 6 pm where runners got themselves all decked out with Neon Paint and glow sticks!  There were other items for sale like funny colorful hats, sunglasses and glowing headbands!  It was a chance to express yourself and be creative while you run!  We saw people all dressed up with neon colored wigs, body paint, crazy skirts and stockings and bright colored running sneakers!  It definitely brought personality and fun to running!

Neon Night

As soon as the night sky came along the sky was lit up with Neon colors and it looked awesome!!  There was a slight hiccup when a huge raincloud made its way through about 10 minutes before starting but that didn’t stop the runners.  The race went on!  Thankfully the rain stopped shortly after and the runners had a dry run!

Why Pay to Run?

But what’s with the trend?  Why would someone pay money for a number for something they can do for free every day in their own neighborhood?

One of our team members who ran the race says:

“I don’t necessarily love running but I am addicted to the feeling you get when crossing the finish line!  It’s amazing to see all the people out there cheering you on!  It’s invigorating and exciting and gives you adrenaline!

“Nobody actually wants to run a 21k or 42k race but they want the feeling you get from surviving it and accomplishing the seemingly impossible task of pushing your body to the limit and fighting through to the end.  It makes other things seem less impossible in life. 

“We all run for different reasons and all of them being great ones and healthy ones!  You can run because your happy or maybe you need to burn some anger, or maybe you just want to let your mind be free for each step you take towards the finish line; it could be as simple as running for a cause like breast cancer or other wonderful organizations where your efforts will be appreciated. 

“I have good strong legs!  When I run I remember the people who don’t have legs and wish they could run.  This is why I run and why it feels good!”
As the Good Feeling catches on we will likely see more and more of these races popping up and definitely more contributors.  If you are looking for other race opportunities close to Playa here are a couple recommendations:

“The running Dead Cancun” coming to Puerto Morelos on September 22nd!  You may choose to be a runner having to escape the zombies or twist it up a bit and do a monster chase to scare away the runners.  Sounds like a super fun haunted house type event to me!

Then there is the Annual Marathon Riviera Maya coming October 27th right in Playa del Carmen!


-by Bea Lozano 
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