Xplor’s Bravest Race – Do you think you are Brave Enough to Cross the Finish Line?

The first ever bravest race at Xplor Park was a huge success this past Sunday in Playa del Carmen!  This was a well anticipated race well planned by the makers of Xplor, who strived to deliver a quality fun experience for both competitors and spectators of the race.

The Bravest race was a 5k obstacle run with daring challenges and opportunities to overcome fear. The race did not revolve around time, but rather around clearing the obstacles and challenges ahead of you.

Finishers of the race finished with sincere pride for their athletic and mental achievement.  Many who participated in the race spent months training physically and mentally.

In addition to the main race, there was also a Bravest Kids Race where the youngsters were able to show their “kiddie” strength.

The Bravest Race was a fun event for all ages!

There was plenty of room to handle a high demand of the race.  There were new races groups starting every 30 minutes throughout out the day, ending at 2 pm.

Watching the race was just as fun as competing in it.  Family and friends got to enjoy watching their loved ones on huge LED big screen TV’s while enjoying live music, food and entertainment.

The Bravest race was an event including the whole community.  The Playa del Carmen Boy Scout chapter volunteered by handing out water and supplies and also by directing competitors in the right direction.

The bravest race also supported exceptional cause for charity! Krispy Kreme Doughnuts were being sold as a way to collect proceeds for “Projecto Sonrisa”, a group of Patch Adam type animated clowns who make special hospital visits to brighten the days of sick children.

The race was sponsored by TV Azteca, the second largest TV network in Mexico bringing lots of extra attention to Xplor, Playa del Carmen and the entire Riviera Maya!

After the race there was a huge party which turned out to be a great family fun day for all competitors, volunteers, and spectators!

We are looking forward to the next Bravest Race which is expected to be scheduled for July!  Do you think you are the Bravest?  Come and find out!  See you in July!