10 Things to do on a rainy day: Riviera Maya Style

After planning your holiday carefully and making a long list of fun under the sun activities, you find yourself stuck in your hotel. The weather forecast is not looking good and you find yourself wondering if there anything you can do.

Even though the Mayan Riviera is famous for its beaches and many other water activities, a little bit of rain shouldn’t ruin your holiday. So go ahead and find about 10 different activities you can do on a rainy day, Riviera Maya Style.

  1. Chill: After all, that is what holidays are for. Book yourself on a day spa. Spend time in the sauna, get a massage, have a mani-pedi or that body wrap you always wanted and let the staff pamper you.
  2. Get dirty: Book a day at the ATV Park, mud makes things even more fun. The roads are slippery, which makes the experience so much better. We bet you it is going to be an amazing unforgettable experience.
  3. Go underground: It doesn’t matter if it is pouring outside, go ahead and have a tour at an underground river. This is a unique experience that you will never forget!!
  4. Have a private class: There is so many things you can learn, why not try that activity you were always curious about?. Do you want to master a few salsa moves? To try yoga or pilates on a one on one lesson? Learn how to make your favorite Mexican dish?? The options are endless.
  5. Go warrior: Try Gotcha, use your strategy and stamina and defeat your enemies. The rain and slippery floor makes the experience so much more fun!
  6. Have a cultural experience: Visit a museum or art gallery, go to the theater or enjoy a good film.
  7. Try Mexican hot chocolate. Chocolate comes originally from Mexico, where it was considered an aphrodisiac. Cocoa is roasted, grinded with sugar and spices and then added to milk or hot water, you will find it is different to hot cocoa. If you are feeling particularly adventurous have the chocolate with chili, it will blow your mind.
  8. Dive or snorkel: Enjoy the beauty of the reefs and the cenotes, you won’t mind getting wet if you are already under water.
  9. Take a jeep tour to the Sian K’aan Reserve: Two words, mud and 4×4 cars.
  10. Go shopping: try a covered shopping mall, visit the local grocery store or the local market. We are sure you will find something to buy.

Having a god time is all about attitude, do not let a few days of bad weather ruin your holiday. Go around with an open mind and make sure to have fun every single day.

-By Bea Lozano

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