Budget-Friendly Restaurants in Playa del Carmen

When you move to a new place, it’s always hard transitioning from what you are use to. That also includes finding new restaurants to enjoy. Playa del Carmen is home to several delicious cuisines, from Mexican, to Italian and even French. However, if one day you feel hungry and want to find a delicious and budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen, you will surely have many options.

Here’s a list of a few budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen:

  • Papa Charly

This exquisite Pasta Factory is perfect for anyone looking for a delicious Italian restaurant. You can find Papa Charly in Calle 30 Nte and 25 Avenue. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Ferron’s Jerk Chicken

Nothing like a delicious chicken with a Jamaican style! If you like spicy grilled chicken, then Ferron’s Jerk Chicken is the perfect restaurant in Playa del Carmen to visit. Make sure to try the delicious smashed potatoes.

Visit Ferron’s Jerk Chicken in 105 Nte Local 3, entre Constituyentes y 30 Bis, Col. Ejido.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Chez Céline

Chez Céline offers lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. This French cuisine has home-made  bakery products. Its croissants and bagels are definitely worth trying! To eat in Chez Céline, head to the 5th Avenue and calle 34 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Piola

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious but also inexpensive slice of pizza? Alternatively, Piola also offers a vast menu with salads, pasta, paninis, etc. Make sure you visit this delicious and budget-friendly restaurant right in the center of town between 5th ave and 1st ave North and Calle 38 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Pizza Renzo

Pizza Renzo offers diverse pizza toppings. You can pick as many slices as you can eat! This pizza restaurant is one of the favorites for locals, not to mention it is completely budget-friendly!

Visit Pizza Renzo in 10th ave, inbetween Calle 24 and Calle 26 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • El Fogon

If you want to try authentic Mexican food, specially tacos, we highly recommend to visit El Fogon. This place offers delicious food at an amazing price. We also recommend trying the vast variety of tacos El Fogon offers. If you want to visit this place, head to Costituyentes Ave. and 30th Avenue.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • La Brocherie

This place not only offers great food but also an amazing atmosphere! La Brocherie has delicious gourmet grilled chicken. In addition, La Brocherie offers the best selection of French wines and beers.

If you want to try some French grilled chicken, go to 15th avenue, between Calle 6 and Calle 4 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Don Sirloin

Don Sirloin is a popular place amongst tourist and locals and there are several locations in Playa del Carmen. Don Sirloin also offers Mexican food and its speciality are tacos. The most popular and close to downtown Playa is in 10th ave between Calle 12 and Calle 14 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • El Nativo

The best place in town for breakfast and brunch! In addition, El Nativo offers delicious and nutritive juices and milkshakes for an amazing price. You can find this place in 30th Avenue and Calle 20 Nte.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

  • Chiltepin

We highly recommend Chiltepin when it comes to delicious fajitas and fish tacos. Also, this place has a great atmosphere to have fun while enjoying a delicious taco. There are a few of these restaurants located around the town, though the one in 20th Ave and Calle 34 Nte is a great option!

Budget-friendly restaurants in Playa del Carmen

Each of these restaurants offers plates under 100 pesos. We included a mix of restaurants like Italian, French, Mexican, and Jamaican.

If you’re not looking to spend a high amount of money on food but you still enjoy good cuisine, we would recommend staying off of 5th avenue. Eating on 5th avenue is amazing, but it is a little more expensive than eating on 10th avenue, 20th avenue, or even 30th avenue. Each Avenue past fifth offer delicious and budget-friendly restaurants!

If you eat on 30th avenue at El Nativo sometime, don’t be alarmed to see mostly locals enjoying their dinners too! As you’ve probably heard before, locals know the best spots in town. So it’s always good to ask locals for more budget-friendly restaurants around Playa del Carmen!