Tulum’s Ever-Increasing Choices for Dining

With Tulum’s ever-increasing popularity as being a vacation destination, the demand for more restaurants and bar & grills will be on the rise as well. Travelers like to feast on local cuisines prepared with homegrown spices, vegetables, and fresh meats. Top Chefs are coming from all over Mexico as well as the world to show off their culinary talents. Tulum’s dining scene is a perfect choice for a variety of ambiances, exotic dishes, and tropical beverages. Tulum’s cuisines tend to offer a flavor and preparation style all its own.

A delicious dining spot to begin your day: Ki’bok Café Gourmet

Let’s begin with the first thing most people want in the morning and that is their java. Ki’bok Café Gourmet is a bit rustic but fits perfectly into its surroundings. The tree trunk poles support the handcrafted – wood built covering that exposes its open-air storefront. Sitting curbside, this simple but novel cafe offers crafted espressos. Also, brewed coffees from the finest organic ingredients grown in the area’s rich soil. Ki’bok also offers freshly prepared pastries and a lighter menu selection.

Most vacationers tend to wander towards the white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise Caribbean water. Tulum’s Sur 15 – from Mexico’s Federal Highway 307 to Av. Coba that turns into Sur 15, travels along the Riviera Maya’s scenic coastline. Here is where most all the waterside eateries reside. There are plenty to choose from and they all offer great views, fabulous food and designer drinks. Just point yourself in any direction along the beach and you will surely find a great place.

Zamas – The Restaurant at Zamas

There is one particular restaurant connected to a boutique hotel that was originally a coconut plantation. The Restaurant at Zamas offers many exquisite reasons to visit. This palapa style eatery offers several earthy floorings to choose from. You can bury your toes in the sand, sit up at the bar with a solid surface beneath you or relax at a table that sits on aged wooden planks. The surroundings are simple but elegant enough to satisfy any dining occasion. You can enjoy a midday appetizer or have a complete lunch. Their dinner menu includes traditional flavors with the finest local ingredients from land to sea. It’s also a perfect place to kick back with friends, family or spend the day solo enjoying what the Riviera Maya has to offer.

A notable dining experience at Arca

When evening arrives and just a few minutes away from Zamas, one of Tulum’s more notable dining experiences happens at Arca. Nestled against the Caribbean Sea and positioned amongst the jungle, makes this restaurant a favorite for locals and visitors alike. Its unique culinary entrées are chef selected daily. Choose from 5 to 6 specialty dishes with complementing sides, add an appetizer and a dessert if there is room. Arca also offers food and beverage through the day, but dining hours take precedence.

The aforementioned restaurants are just a few of many places that serve fabulous food and thirst quenching drinks. Just north of Zamas and still on the beach is Pancho Villa and to the south is Hartwood. Both eateries boast a four-star and above rating. Downtown Tulum also possesses plenty of culinary establishments. Azafran serves traditional style cuisine during breakfast and lunch hours. Sale & Pepe is located at the main intersection and is known for their pizza and other Italian dishes.

No matter where you go in Tulum, there will always be a place that will delight even the most discerning palates. Choose an atmosphere, decide on a flavor of food and drink. Then, let Tulum’s ambiance sweep you away for an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Just imagine living in a place where dreams can come true. Think Mexico’s Riviera Maya!