Six Steps to Get Ready for Retirement

Who are you? A life-long adventurer for whom retirement and relocation are just another opportunity to clear out the lumber in the attic? Or a senior executive concerned about losing your status and connections, and perhaps even the goals that drive you, in a whole new world?  Retirement should be fun. It should bring new challenges and new possibilities. Especially if it means leaving everything you know behind and starting that Mexican Caribbean lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. So, pack up and move to the Riviera Maya for retirement. But first, here are six ways to get ready for retirement.

Take charge

Mexico Retirement

‘Retiree’ is a very passive word. As if all the decisions are made by your employer, leaving you with nothing to do but watch the grass grow. The first step to an active retirement is to explore your options and clarify your own expectations. Become an active ‘retirer’!


There are some very obvious questions here. Do you have a steady income from savings, investments and pensions? Or do you plan to carry on working from your new home? Are you sure that you can comfortably cover your cost of living and accommodation? What about medical expenses? There is plenty of advice out there for the careful planner. For the free spirit, the alternative is to sell up, move out, and leave the rest to fate.


The timing of your retirement may also depend on financial calculations. But it’s affected by lifestyle choices too. Early retirement may be affordable although it produces a smaller pension, but gives you more time to enjoy and explore. And there’s plenty to explore on and around the Riviera Maya.


Move to Playa del Carmen

Here on the Riviera Maya we are blessed with a great climate, wonderful beaches, mysterious jungle ruins and easy access to the rest of the world from the Cancun International Airport. There are expats here who have no intention of ever going back to their native countries. But you might have to factor in the need to get back home in an emergency – elderly friends and relatives or your own medical care, for example, or just to be with your grandchildren.


Here’s where our expertise comes in. There’s a very wide range of property for sale or let along Riviera Maya, including beach-front villas, gated condos, independent houses and apartments of all sizes. Talk to us about your budget, the options you are looking for and investment in property to rent to other visitors, and we’ll match you up with affordable solutions.


Playa del Carmen

What are you looking forward to doing with your retirement? A busy, fruitful social life, perhaps offering your skills to charity work? A quiet time with the occasional round of golf? Catching up on the books you haven’t read or the places you haven’t visited? Scuba diving or game fishing? Riviera Maya offers all these options and more. Make a priority list. It may just be a blank piece of paper with ‘Have Fun!’ scrawled across it, but the more you can tell us about your probable needs, the better we can help you find the right location and type of accommodation.