A Quick Guide to a Mexican Golfing Retirement

A Quick Guide to a Mexican Golfing Retirement is a contribution by Chrissy Jones.

With some of the best all-inclusive golf resorts in the world, it’s natural to assume that Mexico takes its golfing seriously. With 11 of these courses based in Cancun alone, it’s a haven for the golfing enthusiasts. The real estate market also loves golf courses. Because of this, they add a significant amount of value to the properties in the area. For retirees, good properties and plenty of golfing is the perfect combination. Mexico offers some of the best retirement spots, now with the added advantage of including a swing at golf.

Golfing Paradise at Baja and Las Palomas

Mexico is not necessarily known for its golfing. But an increased focus in the sport has resulted in two of the top ten golf courses in Latin America to be in Mexico. Jack Nicklaus designed the first, Cabo del Sol in Baja. At 36 holes, this is not a course to be trifled with. The second is designed by Forrest Richardson and is based in Las Palomas. This course features 18 holes, which is perfect for a quick round on a Sunday. Both Baja and las Palomas offer retirees the ideal mix of real estate to keep their purses and comfort levels satisfied.

No Need to be a Pro

Bahia Principe Golf Course

Retirees who wish to take up golf as a hobby after retirement don’t need to worry about learning the perfect swing or putt. Plenty of beginners are retirees. In fact, many of the gated estates and resorts offer beginner golfing to their residents. This is a trump card on the real estate front. You can find many of these residences in the Riviera Maya, such as this one in Bahia Principe. Retirees don’t have to worry about starting out their golfing hobby in retirement, as many of them do. This is because many retirees never had the opportunity to take up a hobby before due to lack of time. Residents can request golfing lessons at the local golf courses. Participants can decide when they’re ready to go out on their own.

Luxury is Part of the Package

From the Tom Fazio signature golf course in Chileno Bay to the Jim McLean Golf School at Banyan Tree Mayakoba, luxury and golf go hand in hand. Sprawling residential resorts that offer more than just great views are the ideal location. Here, retirees can rest their wandering feet on Mexican soil. These destinations offer other spoils such as spa access and exclusive outdoor activities, as well. For retirees, this all comes at affordable prices and the temperate weather is a bonus.

From the sprawling beaches that provide the perfect backdrop to a great day’s golfing, to world-class accommodation, retiring in Mexico is one for the young at heart. With fresh greens and crisp lawns, there has never been a better time to take up golf.