Top 25 Beaches: Coco Beach in Playa del Carmen

Coco Beach is one of the most stunning waterfront locations in the Riviera Maya. White-sand beaches offer gorgeous views and provide the perfect place to lay your beach blanket. Even the most experienced sunbather might need a break once in a while. The selection of beach clubs located in the area provide opportunity for shade and refreshment. Relax on a beach lounger and have drinks and snacks delivered directly to you while you enjoy the sunbeams.

Be Still at Coco Beach

Located in Playa del Carmen’s northern end, Coco Beach is a dreamy and quiet strip of land. It doesn’t get as much attention as its counterparts. It is located past 38th street, just where The Reef Coco Beach hotel stands. A block from 5th Avenue, this beach is easy to reach but still far away from the hustle and bustle. Blue ocean waters stretching out to the horizon sparkle in the sun. The ocean provides opportunity for refreshment to those on the beach. Swimming in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea is an experience that everyone should take part in. You will dry off and be ready to go again in no time, thanks to the year-round warm weather in the region.

Perfect for Aquatic Activities

In addition to sunbathing, there is also a number of activities available to those visiting or residing in Coco Beach. Adventure-seeking people might be interested in parasailing. This is a recreational kiting activity that involves a person, tied to a boat, flying in the air behind with the use of a parachute. Only from there are you able to truly appreciate the stunning vistas of the area.

The Coco Beach neighborhood is also home to several dive shops. You can register for lessons or excursions with certified trainers and guides. Diving tours are possible not only in the ocean, but also in caves or cenotes throughout the Riviera Maya.

Once you have your fill of the beach, visitors to Coco Beach can wander up to Fifth Avenue for access to even more amenities. The neighborhood itself offers everything one might need. From convenience stores, restaurants and bakeries to art galleries, clothing stores and exercise studios, there is something for everyone.

Real Estate Opportunities in Coco Beach

Retire in Playa del Carmen

If you are interested in enjoying Coco Beach’s lifestyle, then you might want to explore its real estate opportunities. There are countless beautiful properties that are great for snowbirds who like to flock away from the cold during the winter months. Moreover, they can produce an extra income from the months they are not occupying the property. However, if you wish to fully retire down in Mexico, its proximity to the beach and 5th Avenue make for a great place that has everything within easy reach.

This 2-bedroom condo, for example, is just one block from the beach. Its Caribbean style will always make you appreciate the beauty of the Riviera Maya – whether you’re vacationing in it or permanently living there.

Enjoy Coco Beach Today!

So, whether you’re visiting, vacationing or retiring in Playa del Carmen, you must visit Coco Beach. And if you love it, invest right away! This charming beach was long a well-kept secret but it is starting to garner more attention, so make sure you snatch the best retirement property while you still can.

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Where to Buy Groceries and Necessities in Playa del Carmen

One of the first annoyances many expats and retirees face when settling for their new life in Playa del Carmen is finding where to buy things. When relocating to these new places it is important to do some previous research on where all the necessities are located in reference to where you will be living. If you are making the Riviera Maya your forever home, you will surely be in need to find certain things along the line – more than just groceries. From grocery stores to malls to car dealerships, you will find it all in the region. Even more mundane things such as going to the cinema or knowing where to buy fruits and vegetables is important. Here is a list of where to buy things throughout Playa del Carmen.

Grocery Shopping

A routinely activity, grocery shopping is very easy in Playa del Carmen. There are many large supermarket chains throughout – both national and international – where you will find locally-sourced and imported goods. La Mega and Walmart are great for quick shopping. You can find anything from alcohol to groceries, clothing, souvenirs and electronics. Although you might be familiar with Walmart, this is focused on a Mexican market and not always carries the same products you are used to back home.

Here is a list of the largest and most popular grocery shops:

La Mega




Super Aki


Medical Centers and Hospitals

It’s important to know where to get medical attention, whether it’s for a quick check-up or an emergency. As expats and retirees, we highly recommend you always go to a private clinic or hospital for any medical needs. As to where to buy medications and other things, there are many pharmacies throughout the area, as well as inside large hospitals.

Hospitals and Clinics

Hospiten Hospital


Playa International Clinic

Hospital San Carlos

Consultorio Clinic

Cruz Roja (Red Cross)



Farmacias del Ahorro


Car Dealerships

If you’re thinking of bringing your car down to Mexico, you should definitely check whether the brand you’re driving is available in Playa del Carmen, or at least Cancun. That way, if you need to put it in for a check-up or need to replace any parts, you will be able to visit the dealership. For those who want to purchase a car in Playa del Carmen, it is also best to know what dealerships are available and what cars they carry – it often varies from other countries.

Here are the most popular dealerships in Playa del Carmen:


Nissan Playa del Carmen

Toyota Riviera Maya

Ford Riviera Maya

KIA Playacar

Shopping and Entertainment

Expats are often looking where to buy clothes, sports accessories, perfumes and lotions and other things. There are plenty of shopping centers with great local, national and international stores, as well as plenty of entertainment options. You will find movie theaters, cafés, shops, supermarkets, furniture stores and big stores like Sears.


Centro Maya

Quinta Alegria Shopping Mall

Paseo del Carmen

Plaza Playacar

Calle Corazon

Plaza Las Americas

US Consular Agency, Playa del Carmen

For any needs about visa requirements, passports or any other assistance you may require while living in Playa del Carmen you will need to visit or call the US Consular Agency located in Plaza Progreso on the Federal Highway 307, local 33.

Everything is different in Playa del Carmen than it would be back home. That is why knowing where to buy things or find the help you need is important. As you settle into your new life, you will slowly start finding quirky and odd stores throughout the many neighborhoods. You will find restaurants, cafés, shops, bars, and more that you will start to frequent.

If you’re just beginning to consider your retirement to paradise, make sure you check out the hundreds of listings we have for you. And if you’re ready to start seeing properties, give us a call. We’re here to help you!

Why People Love Living in Playa del Carmen

There are so many things we could include in this article. We will do our best to include as much as we can, but you most likely do not have hours upon hours to read about everything that we love about living in Playa del Carmen. So let us keep this short and sweet. We will include the main attributes as to why people love to live in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Below we have listed the top five things that we love best about living here.

  1. The location (beach + convenience)
  2. The people
  3. The safety
  4. The food
  5. The culture


Let’s start off with the number one reason as to why we love living in the beautiful Playa del Carmen, and that would be the location. Here you can find everything you would ever need in the proximity of 45 minutes. An international airport is only 30 minutes away. Some of the best beaches in the world, such as Tulum, are only 45 minutes away. If you would like to go on a tour to one of the eco parks, it is within 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen. If you are looking for grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Cell phone stores, malls, and Starbucks, Playa del Carmen is home to all those places.

Living in Playa

The people

Secondly, it would of course be the people. They are some of the friendliest, most helpful people here living in Playa del Carmen. Not to mention people of every nationality. It is such a multi-cultural beach town, where you will find people of your own culture and meet new people too! No matter where you go, if you have troubles or need help with anything you can ask a fellow local and they will be happy to help you out.

Living in Playa

The safety

Number three is a huge advantage to this town, and a very important reason as to why people choose living in Playa del Carmen. When you think of living somewhere, you do not want to be afraid of your safety. We know things happen everywhere in the world and you always have to be cautious, Playa del Carmen is a safe town. There are policemen located all over the city to protect everyone who lives and visits Playa del Carmen. So there is no need to feel unsafe living in Mexico. Just ask the other Americans and Canadians and other nationalities that live here.

Living in Playa

The food

Number four is most likely why the expats choose to live here for so long. The food in Playa del Carmen is FANTASTIC. Not only the Mexican food is delicious, but also the Italian community is huge here. We recommend you trying out all the delicious Italian restaurants on Fifth Avenue, but there are many wonderful and cheaper restaurants on 10th Avenue. You will not be disappointed in the gastronomy here in Playa del Carmen, especially if you are a true foodie.

Living in Playa

The culture

Last but not least is the culture. If you have been to Mexico before and stayed in an all-inclusive resort, you have experienced about 10% of the culture. If you went into town for a day, you have experience 20% of the culture. You need to move to Playa del Carmen to experience 100% of the culture here. With Mexican shows at night, friendly locals roaming the streets, comedy nights, local talent acts in the middle of the streets, along with musicians who sing to you while you are enjoying some wine. No matter where you go you will be surrounded with beautiful people who love you! The energy is high, and that comes with a high quality of life. So we suggest you pack your bags and move down to paradise.

Living in Playa