Best Places to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the Riviera Maya

Thanksgiving has become an increasingly important celebration in the Riviera Maya, as the number of North American visitors keeps growing every year. It does not matter if they are a residents, snow birds or just tourists, they all celebrate Thanksgiving Day and local restaurants are getting ready to serve the best fare of turkey.

There are thousands of restaurants in the Riviera Maya, so how do you find a homey traditional dinner? Top Mexico Real Estate is always looking to provide the most relevant and accurate information, so you can find the best places to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the Riviera Maya.

What do we mean by the best? The most fancy?  The most expensive? The one that pays us a fee to publish their names? No! We are listing the restaurants that have crowds waiting for their dinner, the one that has a fanbase among the local expats, the one that will transport you from the sandy beaches of the Caribbean to whatever home is.

Our top picks for Thanksgiving Day Dinner are:

Wah Wah: Thanksgiving dinner on the beach

Wah Wah is a big favorite, among locals, expats and tourists. This restaurant in Playa del Carmen offers cold drinks nice casual food and live music. If you are looking for a beachfront venue for your dinner, Wah Wah is the place to be.

This year there will be a delicious menu that includes: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Cabbage Rolls, Glazed Carrots, Garlic & Butter Squash, Deviled Eggs, Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Fresh Bread, and Cranberry Sauce!

Wah Wah’s  buffet dinner will have a cost of $300 pesos per person, and there is going to be a special 2×1 in Margaritas. The food is going to be served from 4 until 7 in the afternoon.

If you want to have a delicious Thanksgiving dinner here, please contact Wah Wah.

Mom’s Bar: The homey Thanksgiving dinner in the place where everybody will know your name

Mom’s Bar is another popular place to have Thanksgiving dinner, and traditionally they offer a delicious traditional menu. This year, they are having a Thanksgiving buffet dinner on November 23th 2017 at 7:00 P.M.

The buffet will be served only for 60 people, so it is important to make reservations ahead of time. The dinner will cost is $275 pesos per person. However, keep in mind that the menu doesn’t include drinks, therefore you must purchase them separately.

The buffet includes:

  • Oven Roasted Turkey
  • Smoked Ham
  • Mashed Potatoes & Turkey Gravy
  • Stuffing
  • Green Bean Casserole
  • Creamy Cole Slaw
  • Cranberry Sauce with Almonds & Raisins
  • Dinner Rolls & Butter
  • MOM´S Double Chocolate Rum & Almond Cake with Iced Cream

If you want to contact Mom’s Bar and make reservations, visit their facebook page.

Turtle Bay Cafe: A delicious Dinner ready to take home

Turtle Bay is located in Akumal Bay and it is one of the best places in the Riviera Maya. Also,the food is incredible and their pastries are to die for.

The secret of their flavor is using a Mayan technique to cook the turkeys, as they are cooked in an underground oven or pib. This allows the birds to cook at a very slow pace, while retaining all its juices and flavor.

Nonetheless, if catering doesn’t work for you, you can also pick one of the two available times to have dinner at the restaurant.

Here is a menu, if you’d like to have a look:

Thanks for reading our blog and we hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving day. Please let us know if you know about another venue to enjoy Thanksgiving Day. We would love to hear about your plans, and share this information with other readers.

Happy Thanksgiving Day, from the team at Let’s Retire in Mexico!

As a token of our appreciation, we have included a special guide filled with Insider Tips for the Riviera Maya. Click on the link below to download this incredible guide with all the best spots to eat, shop, swim and adventure in the Mexican Caribbean!



Pass the mashed potatoes! A Real Thanksgiving in Playa del Carmen!

November has come yet again and you know what that means! The Holidays!  One minute its July and you are enjoying long summer days and then all of a sudden you are organizing your holiday to do list!

If you are living in Playa del Carmen during the holiday season, you might find yourself wondering, “What will I do for the holidays?”

Let’s start with Part 1!  The Thanksgiving Feast!
For some of you, it may be the first year you are in Playa del Carmen for Thanksgiving and for others you may have already started new Playa del Carmen Thanksgiving traditions; whether it is to go to your favorite restaurant or cook your own delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

But if you aren’t sure what to do this coming Thanksgiving, we at Top Mexico Real Estate have a few suggestions for you!


Let someone else do the cooking while I catch some sun and sip my margarita!
If you are looking for someone to do the cooking for you, there are some great restaurant options in Playa; some even right on the beach!  What better way to spend Thanksgiving than to eat your Turkey with your feet in the sand!  Wah Wah beach bar is throwing their Annual Thanksgiving All you can eat Bash and the price for this all you can eat extravaganza is shocking!  For just 150 pesos you can stuff yourself like a turkey for 3 hours straight! Not a bad deal huh?

Wah Wah will be serving traditional Thanksgiving favorites, starting with the turkey all the way down to that homemade pumpkin pie!

If you are looking for something with a little less sand and a little more formal atmosphere, restaurants like Auja Maya are serving up your Thanksgiving favorites “sit down dinner style”.  Reservations are encouraged to insure your table.

Be on the lookout for other restaurants and beach clubs soon to announce their Thanksgiving offerings.

A home cooked meal under your own roof!

For those of you who love Thanksgiving under your own roof you can certainly make a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner in your Playa del Carmen home.  Playa is well equipped for these kinds of occasions.  Walmart, Sam’s Club, Mega and other major grocers will be selling turkeys (fresh and frozen).  Even if you don’t have the whole entire family here to entertain there is no doubt you will have friends that wouldn’t mind the invite. Create new traditions, try new recipes and start the holiday season off with your own taste.

A little help with the pie please!
If you want to have your Thanksgiving at home but could use some help to do the baking, there are some great solutions!  Places like Café Martin surely wouldn’t mind whipping up a few Pumpkin Pies to sweeten your occasion!

Just remember in Playa del Carmen you are never really far from home!  If you live in Playa or are considering living here, you can always take comfort in knowing you still have the same conveniences and services as back in the United States and Canada.