Cirque du Soleil Tumbles Into The Mayan Riviera

Cirque du Soleil has delivered entertainment and enchantment to crowds all over the world since its foundation in 1984. This Canadian Troupe has grown so much in the last 30 years, with about 4,000 employees worldwide and many set or touring shows at any time in several countries.

The Mayan Riviera is celebrating the start of their new exclusive show, JOYÀ. This new and innovative show has been designed exclusively for the public visiting the Riviera Maya and it is inspired by the Mexican nature and natural beauty.

Grupo Vidanta and Cirque du Soleil are working together for this project, developing the concept, the space and everything else from scratch. It has taken 4 years of hard work and the first show is starting on November 8th, near the Grand Mayan Resort.

Joya Building

JOYÀ is an innovative concept, the first permanent production for Cirque du Soleil outside of Las Vegas and Orlando. The venue, the Vidanta Theater is an intimate space for only 600 spectators; a big difference from other shows that can have up to 2,500 visitors; and guests will enjoy the show and a gourmet dinner with champagne.


So, what is JOYÀ?

JOYÀ follows the adventures of a rebellious teenage girl whisked away to a mysterious jungle in her grandfather’s fantastical world. Surrounded by a strange band of half-human, half-animal assistants, the extravagant naturalist is on a relentless quest for the meaning of life.

When the reluctant Joyà finds herself in this strange land where logic has no bearing, she must face a series of outlandish challenges that her mischievous grandfather has secretly set out for her. Is she ready to take over the quest her granddad inherited from his own ancestors?

Inspired by the fabulous migratory journey of the monarch butterfly in which life is passed from one generation to the next to ensure the survival of the species, this show reveals a world inhabited by entrancing characters that work hand in hand to perpetuate the love of life.

Cirque de Soleil

JOYÀ – A thrilling, whimsical show in which joy, courage and friendship conquer all!

How do I get my Tickets?
The tickets are already available online, and they will be also for sale in different hotels in the area. The prices range from $85 to $225 and the 70-minute show will be performed eight times a week, with two daily shows on high season.

Do not wait any longer, reserve your tickets at

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