The Long Awaited Home Depot Opens in Playa del Carmen.

When possible, we try to buy our DIY materials and equipment in local shops, but sometimes we couldn’t find what we needed or the selection was limited; so we were forced to go to Cancun to get whatever we needed.

As I have said before, living in Playa del Carmen can spoil you. It sounds terrible when you have to say to your family or friends living overseas, ”Oh well, my weekend was ruined I had to go to Cancun!!”

Anyways, we were excited to see a Home Depot being opened here in Playa del Carmen, on the corner of Carretera Federal and Luis Donaldo Colosio. This is the 109th store opened in Mexico, the second in Quintana Roo. It brings 100 new jobs that benefits local families.

home depot playa del carmen

We are sure both professional builders and weekend DYI -ers are excited to have this store in our city. Home Depot offers all sorts of products and materials to build, remodel or decorate your Playa Del Carmen Property.

The governor Roberto Borge Angulo leaded the official traditional “board-cutting ceremony”, surrounded by government officials, suppliers, customers and the general community. After the ceremony The Home Depot donated 100,000 pesos in construction materials to the local branch of “Save The Children”, to help kids in need.

The store looks like any other Home Depot in North America; however it is interesting to see the differences in products that are available. Also, most of the Mexico real estate properties are sold missing closets, kitchens and appliances so Home Depot offers a huge section of products to furnish these areas.

home depot playa del carmen

Expect a highly knowledgeable staff that speaks Spanish, there is also some English speaking staff members that can help you to find the right product for your home. Since it is hurricane season, it is a good opportunity to buy materials to weatherproof your home: seals for doors and windows, sealing paint or cool roof coating.

Visit our local Home Depot to find everything you need to remodel or decorate your dream home.

Home Depot – Playa del Carmen
Carretera Cancun – Tulum km 55
Or for locals is the corner of Carretera Federal and Luis Donaldo Colosio
Playa del Carmen
C.P. 77712
Phone number: (984) 871 5800
Hours of Operation
Monday-Saturday 7:00am-10:00pm Sundays 8:00am-10:00pm

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