Los Cabos Film Festival Returns for a 4th Edition

Another edition of the Los Cabos International Film Festival has come to an end. The 4th edition wrapped up after several fun filled days of work and play which saw the best talent from the film industries of North America converge on this beautiful location. Not only did it feature a lot of national and international premieres but it was a great location to enjoy a festival and get some business done in one of Mexico´s top destinations.

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Among the talent on hand were: Liam Neeson, who spoke about his latest acting performance in Silence, the newest film from acclaimed director Martin Scorsese; Ewan McGregor, who was there to receive the Protagonist Award for his years of excellent acting; Oscar-winner Jared Leto, who helped honor director Jean-Marc Vallee with a career tribute award; and Alexander Skarsgard, who presented his new film The Diary of a Teenaged Girl. 

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Not only is Cabo a great place for a film festival and a vacation spot for celebrities, it’s the perfect location to retire outside of the United States. If you are want to enjoy your retirement years living in luxury here are a few reasons why you should choose Cabo.

  1. The oceans provide many activities to engage in and keep you active, including fishing, sailing and whale-watching.
  2. The Weather is beautiful almost all of the time. Except for the chance of bad weather during hurricane season you can expect to have consistent weather that boasts around 350 days of sun. The sunsets and sunrises are also spectacular – and you get to experience them every day.
  3. The people in Cabo are friendly and fully support and embrace tourism and foreigners living in their town. Many Mexicans settle in Cabo for the same reasons retirees do, and have thriving business that sell arts and crafts as well as restaurants that will ensure you eat well on a regular basis.

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The lifestyle offered in Los Cabos is first-rate, with opportunities to live modestly away from the tourist bustle. The peninsula has communication routes by land, sea and air, with some people using their own boats to find easily accessible ports. The proximity to the United States of Los Cabos is great for American retirees, with Los Angeles only a 2 hour flight from here. This is a place where a retiree can enjoy an excellent quality of life among some well established expat communities who can offer support and advice. Many are involved in sports, hobbies, and even business investments, so rest assured that you will stay active.

It is for all of the above and more that Los Cabos will remain as one of the most attractive places in Mexico for foreigners to come and enjoy their retirement. For more information about purchasing property in Cabo contact Top Mexico Real Estate. And remember…


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