Pets and Mexico Real Estate Part I

Pets and Real Estate in Mexico

Many people include their pets in everything they do. They are a part of the family’s nucleus and are allowed to join in on most activities. When pet owners go shopping and/or run errands, they patronize pet-friendly places. It is not uncommon to see people traveling or going on vacation with their pets in tow. Throughout the decades, the hospitality industry, including food service and retailers, have readjusted their pet policies. There are still certain restrictions in place, but times are changing for our four-legged friends.

Animals and especially dogs and cats have been present since the beginning of time. It has been a historical tradition that families with kids are more likely to have pets than those who don’t. In the same token, some empty nesters grew accustomed to having a pet around the house. It seems as we get older, having a four-legged companion makes for good company.

However, what happens if you want to relocate? And let’s say that move is south of the border! You might want to know a few things about pets and Mexico real estate. It really isn’t that big of an issue when wanting to take your favorite companion(s) along with you. Pets can help you cope with anxiety when experiencing a life-changing adventure. They are always there to lend unconditional support, comfort, and confidence.

Pets and Mexico Beach

The following paragraphs will hopefully provide some basic information that will make your transition that much easier.

Documentation Needed to Bring a Pet Into Mexico

Beginning December 16, 2019, a certified certificate of health for your pet(s) is no longer needed to enter Mexico. However, this doesn’t mean you can casually come across the border and go on your merry way. The pet’s owner must proceed to Mexico’s Agricultural Health Inspection Office (OISA) for a brief inspection of the animal. The following procedures are required before official entry is allowed.

1. When you arrive at Mexico’s port-of-entry, the dog(s) and/or cat(s) must be in a clean cage(s) or carrier(s).
2. Before granted permission to cross the border, the pet(s) must be inspected and cleared for the following:
● Show no symptoms of infection are diseases.
● The animal shows no signs of ectoparasites.
● The animal has no signs of wounds or has any previous wounds healing.

Here are a few other important facts that will provide you with an easy transition.
● If your pet has an aggressive personality, you might want to consider a muzzle.
● It isn’t a bad idea to have your pet’s documented shots and medical history.
● You can only have that days’ worth of food for your pet when entering Mexico.

You can also contact Mexico’s OISA ahead of time if you have any questions or concerns. The numbers and website are 01 (55) 5905-1000 or 1 (800) 987-9879 –

Air Traveling With Your Pet 
Most airlines do accept traveling with pets, but like everything else, there are certain restrictions. Here are a few basic policies throughout the airline industry.

● The size of your pet will determine if it can travel in the cabin or the cargo hold.
1. The cabin can accommodate smaller dogs in a travel carrier that fits under the seat.
2. Larger dogs will fly in the cargo hold in an approved carrier.
● No matter the pet’s size, it must fly in the cargo hold if the flight lasts longer than 8
* Please note, it is always better to consult with your airline of choice regarding taking a pet on your trip.

Traveling pets

Finding A Suitable Property
Once you have decided to relocate to Mexico, finding the ideal home for both you and your furry companion will begin. There has to be a happy medium when looking for a place where pets and Mexico real estate come together. You should address several specific requirements before touring properties with a qualified agent. Here are a few suggestions:

● Would there be enough room for you and your pet to live comfortably?
● Is the complex – building – community pet-friendly?
● Is the home’s flooring pet-friendly?
● Are there any areas where your pet can get out and stretch its legs?

Other considerations like having a balcony, garden or patio, appropriate furnishings, and the ease of maintenance should be part of your buying criteria as well. These are just a few suggestions that might narrow down your search for that perfect home a little easier.

When researching potential homes, you might want to consider a free-standing home
seriously. The advantages would be more room and having a private outdoor space. The disadvantage would require more overall upkeep. The benefit of a condo would be less upkeep regarding landscape and building maintenance. However, depending on the size of your pet could dictate the space you need to spread out and play. You may find both types of homes in a variety of communities.

To be continued in Pets and Mexico Real Estate Part II…