Pets and Mexico Real Estate Part II

As promised, here is the second part of Pets and Mexico Real Estate

Pets and Mexico

Taking Your Pet For A Walk

Let’s not forget about the surrounding amenities that will contribute to you and your pet’s
daily activities. The Riviera Maya is one of the most pet-friendly destinations in Mexico. They go out of the way to provide as many accommodating amenities as possible. Pet owners can walk their dogs practically anywhere in the Riviera Maya as long as they are on a leash.

There are several doggy or kitty parks and walking trails in and around the area. Some public beaches along the Riviera Maya’s beautiful coastline do allow dogs. However, it would be better to check for specific hours and requirements beforehand.

Remember your pet paws

The Riviera Maya’s terrain can heat up to incredibly high temperatures. With this said, be
careful that your dog’s paws don’t get burned on the different surfaces along the Riviera
Maya. You might want to consider purchasing ‘paw pads’ before relocating. It is an unspoken rule amongst pet owners to always maintain a reasonable amount of pet control. Keeping your pet on a leash and staying out of pet-restricted areas make everyone’s life that much easier.

Veterinarians, Clinics and Hospitals.

Medical care is an essential factor when relocating to a new country. This is not only true for humans but for their four-legged companions as well. Therefore, having access to doctors, clinics and hospitals is a vital part of life. Here is a list of several Veterinarians and Clinics in and around the Rivera Maya area.● Petventiva Vet & Shop is a veterinarian clinic in Akumal that also offers pet supplies.
● Clinica Veterinaria & Sanimal Clinica Veterinaria offers Veterinarian and clinic services in Playa del Carmen.
● La Vet Veterinaria Hospital serves all of the Riviera Maya towns and communities.
● Veterinaria Pet Gar is a Veterinarian office in Puerto Morelos that serves the local area.
● Cozumel Pet Center is a Veterinaria facility with a small clinic on the Island of Cozumel.
● Vet Pet Tulum & Animal Care Plaza are 2 Veterinarian Clinics that are in Tulum.

These are just a few of the Veterinarian clinics that provide quality care in the Riviera Maya. When you establish your home base, take a few days to visit these or any other offices you might find in your area.

Pet Sitters
There could come a time when you may need to attend a special event or an important
meeting, however your pet can’t be in attendance. In this particular situation, you will need a pet sitter or walker. You have two options; they are to ask for references or do your own investigating. There are several pet sitters you can call and arrange for an interview. They are in no specific order :The Dog Walker Playa, Ami Dogs Playa del Carmen, and Dog’s Paradise (Cozumel). These three entities have a 4.6 star and above rating.

Pet Hotels
If the time ever comes where you need to be out of town for any period, several doggie hotels can take good care of your companion’s every need. Here are a few places that you could check out beforehand.
● Animal House – Playa del Carmen [4.6 stars]
● Cozumel Dog Sitter and Day Care Center [5.0 stars]
● Perrininis Nanny VIP – Pet Boarding Services [4.5 stars]

With just a little bit of effort, pets and Mexico real estate can live in harmony. People who relocated with their furry friends can create new and exciting adventures. You can walk on some of the world’s finest beaches and explore miles of unspoiled landscape. Let’s not forget Mexico’s welcoming culture and historical traditions.