Palenque! A Surprisingly Charming Stop on our Journey through Mexico!

Part of the privilege of living in Mexico is getting to explore all of the hidden treasures, beautiful wonders and amazing history tucked away in nearly every corner of the country.  Every landmark, every town and every city in Mexico tells a story!

On my journey with my husband from Mexico City to Playa del Carmen by car, we stopped in the charming town of Palenque in the beautiful state of Chiapas. We stopped off for a place to sleep for the night and to simply take a break from driving but discovered that we were in a town full of beauty, charm and rich history.

The town is small with a very Mexican feel.  Many people who come to Cancun or even Playa del Carmen experience more of a Caribbean and Americanized version of Mexico.  If you are searching more authenticity Palenque is a perfect place to experience it!

Although Palenque happens to be a very popular tourist destination due to its history, well-known archeological sites and wondrous hidden waterfalls the town’s traditional feel has remained untouched by tourist traffic.

You feel as though you stepped into a little story book!  Pick up a morning tamale by one of the local street vendors and then head on over to one of the many cafes you will find all around the little town.

If you are a sweet addict of coffee or even the casual morning sipper you are going to be in love in Palenque.  The state of Chiapas has the most incredible coffee, hence the reason why you will find a café nearly everywhere you turn.  Pick up a cup or go to your favorite local café and grab a kilo of the perfect blend to make right in your home!

Once you’ve had your caffeine fix you can explore the town and then head over to the famous archeological sites where you can find exceptional pyramids standing strong on a site where the Mayans used to reside, leaving us with mysteries of their endeavors.  Each pyramid holds a different history.

In Palenque you can still climb the historical Mayan pyramids which leave you with outstanding views into the distance of the town and far ahead.

In Palenque you can also visit the beautiful waterfalls at Misol Ha!  The incredible views are captivating and invigorating for your spirit.  Swim in the clear waters and take in all of your breathtaking surroundings!

Before you leave Palenque don’t forget to have a good meal while you are there.  In Mexico each state prepares Mexican food with a different style of cooking and specializes in different regional dishes.

There are not any fancy resorts in Palenque but rather small and clean hotels, most offering coffee and breakfast in the morning.

Palenque is known for being a hot travel spot for backpackers and also for students exploring and studying new cultures and traditions.

Traveling through Mexico means you have the opportunity to see, taste, and feel so many different and new things.  Take of all the beautiful new experiences you are presented with and enjoy your journey through this amazing country!

-By Bea Lozano