The Best Places to have Breakfast in Playa del Carmen

The best places to have breakfast in Playa del Carmen, what a difficult pick! There are so many options in the area, from fancy hotels with buffet breakfast to little Fondas with a la carte options.

Picking the best place to have breakfast in Playa del Carmen created a heated debate among our staff at Top Mexico Real Estate, everyone had their own favorite!  However, we came up with this handy list.

  1. Chez Celine

Even if we wanted to keep this French bistro hidden from you, we couldn’t. At some point you would stumble across this café and see the crowds waiting for a table every morning. Chez Celine has become a breakfast favorite for locals and visitors alike, and there are so many reasons like the fresh baked rolls, traditional French baguettes, delicious coffee and many other tasty items.

 photo chez-celine_zps524ef74d.jpg
Chez Céline

5th Avenue and 34 street

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tel: (984) 803 3480

  1. La Vagabunda

La Vagabunda is another popular breakfast spot in Playa del Carmen, with a mix of Mexican and international flavors; La Vagabunda will not disappoint you! This restaurant has been in Playa for almost 20 years, which is a lifetime in Playa years, where restaurants come and go on a daily basis.

Their chilaquiles is a popular choice but you can also pick a more traditional, continental or American breakfast. Our favorite is the breakfast burrito, that has nothing to do with an American style burrito but it is really tasty!

 photo la-vagabunda_zps97bf22e5.jpg

La Vagabunda

5th Avenue between Calles 24 y 26

Playa del Carmen Centro,

Tel. (984) 873 37

  1. Nativo

This place is also a very popular spot, due to its big selection of freshly squeezed juices, fruit cocktails and the traditional chilaquiles with red or green sauce. Their omelets are also fluffy and delicious, another good option for someone looking for a more traditional breakfast.

 photo nativo_zps3028a9b4.jpg


30th Avenue between Constituyentes y calle 20

OR Avenida Juarez with Carretera Federal (HWY 307)

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

(984) 873 0758

(984) 147 1753

So when you wake up in Playa del Carmen and are looking for a great place to have breakfast, try one of these. You willl not be disappointed!

And remember, here at TOP MEXICO REAL ESTATE…

We make it happen!

Action Packed November Events in Playa del Carmen – Golf, Food, Music and Fun!

November is a busy month in Playa del Carmen!  As low season is nearing the end, and more people start to arrive in to the area, we have packed lots of events in our calendars starting this month!  November is a time for Golf Lovers, Food Lovers, and Music Lovers!  If you love all three you are in for an extra special treat!

What can you expect to see around Playa?

The OHL PGA Golf Tournament!
Kicking off a slew of November events in Playa del Carmen is the annual OHL Classic PGA Golf Tournament at Maya Koba!  Come see the pros, and spend the day with your friends and family on one of the most prestigious golf courses in Mexico.  The PGA Golf Tournament will start off on Thursday November 14th and run through Sunday November 17th.

If you like to golf and want to get in on some golfing action, join in for the “Golf para todos” event on Saturday November 16th!  This fun event was a huge hit during the entire summer at Maya Koba!  This Saturday, as part of the PGA Tournament schedule, will be the final chance you have to partake in the fun for this season!

There will be lots of tourists flying in to be a part of the event so you may be noticing Playa a bit busier this coming weekend.  If you already live in Playa del Carmen this can be a great weekend activity to add to your agenda!

Annual Taste of Playa!  Get your mouths watering for Playa del Carmen’s annual Taste of Playa event coming Sunday November 24th at Parque Fundadores.  This is an annual event held in Playa and is one of the most popular, and geared up for, events of the year.    An incredible selection of Playa chefs, caterers and restaurants will be there to provide you samples of their best dishes.
You can pay for your samples by purchasing “Playa Pesos” which is a similar concept to buying tickets for a carnival ride.  Once you purchase your Playa pesos you can use them towards food samplings which range 2-3 pesos per sample.

If you like you can purchase VIP tickets which get you early entrance, special VIP seating and 20 Playa Pesos towards your samples!  The event will run from 3-9 pm!  This is a do not miss event if you are Playa.  Where else do you get to try the best of Playa del Carmen’s amazing selection of restaurants all one on place.

Taste of Playa Pre-Gaming!  Do not forget to pre-game for this exciting event by participating in some of the “Taste of Playa Kick off” events!  On November 16th Wah Wah Beach bar will be a hosting a Taste of Playa Pre party event!  Come and join in for National Open bar and Appetizer buffet for 450 pesos at the door (online tickets available for 400 pesos).  The party will include raffles and great live music as well.

Casa del Agua will also be hosting their yearly Taste of Playa food and wine paring dinner on Wednesday November 20th.  The dinner costs 750 pesos and can also be purchased online through the Taste of Playa Website.

Riviera Maya Jazz Festival!  All the fun and all the food all lead down to one well anticipated yearly event – The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival!  Here we will see amazing artists such as Earth Wind and Fire take the stage at Mamita’s Beach in Playa del Carmen.  This event starts off on November 28th and runs through November 30th.
This is often times the weekend that starts brining our friendly snowbirds down from the United States and Canada to spend the winter.  The Riviera Maya Jazz Festival has been an incredible success in past years and is expected to carry on the same great reputation and popularity for years to come.

If you are wondering time of year is great for travel in Playa del Carmen, November is your prime time.  On top of the fact that there are fun events going on throughout the entire month, you can also still take advantage of low season rates on airfare and hotel stays.

We, at Top Mexico Real Estate, hope to see you around town this November in Playa del Carmen!