Love Plank! A New Unique and Exciting Culinary Experience in Playa del Carmen!

If you live in Playa del Carmen and have not heard of Plank yet you are in for a real treat! Plank is one of the newest additions to Playa del Carmen’s hot restaurant scene offering, not just dinner but a whole experience!

From the excellent food to the unique fusion cocktails, everything deserves an unlimited amount of starts and a special high five for excellence and service!

If you are familiar with Imprevist, The GYM, Indigo Beach and Porto Playa you will probably have good confidence that this new restaurant addition brings nothing but quality and good standards. That is because Plank is brought to you by the same owners who have continued to bring Playa exceptional high quality products and services-known and loved by residents and tourists in Playa del Carmen.

So what is there to brag about?

The Sweet Scene!

Let’s start with the fact that a first impression is always given by looks! You wouldn’t show up to a job interview wearing sweat pants would you? So if you want to show you are worth it, you’ve got to look good! And Plank does just that!

The restaurant is not oversized but it is not tiny. If offers indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the beautiful street of what some are starting to call “the new Calle Corazon”.

The entire ambiance is romantic and sleek with just the perfect amount of light to enhance its surroundings.

The bar is uniquely placed and beautifully designed with a sweet display of citrus and spirits! Perfect place to relax and have a cocktail before sitting down for dinner! You can also enjoy a laid back environment watching the game on two perfectly visible flat screen TV’s and an excellent sound system.

Mouthwatering Dishes!

Well now that I’ve got you hooked and into the restaurant let’s talk about the most important thing on the list-the food! Plank offers something entirely different from other restaurants in Playa, and it’s not because of what they are cooking, but how they are cooking it.

Each entrée is grilled on special wooden planks or Himalayan salt planks both designed to infuse every bite with a unique and special flavor, which traditional grilling can’t provide. Plank is the only restaurant in the entire region to have introduced this special cooking style which makes it truly like no other in the area.

Having tried nearly every entire dish on Plank’s superb menu I can tell you that this is where it’s at! The chefs of Plank have worked hard to combine the perfect ingredients and just the right amount of love into every dish being offered.

The menu offers a variety comfortable variety of selections for every taste from tender steaks, elegantly prepared shrimp and seafood, classic BBQ baby back ribs, fusion flatbreads, grilled meat skewers, to classic comfort foods like mac and cheese and chicken pot pie!

They even have an excellent bar menu offering a few more classics like Buffalo wings, beef or chicken sliders and nachos!

One thing that I have to say is that Plank takes the word gourmet and delivers it in a very special fashion which everyone will love! Whether you are a gourmet food lover or someone who prefers simplicity each and every dish is cooked with absolute quality and care.

Tasty Drinks!

Every heard of a Smoked Dirty Martini? Did I get your taste buds working a little bit? Well, I don’t want to give away too much. You’re just going to have to try! But I will say this-At Plank the excellence and uniqueness that is infused into their food flows right into their cocktails as well.

There’s no fluff when talking about these cocktails. They use quality ingredients, premium spirits and creativity that is being brought to you by experienced bar tenders who have made cocktail science, not just their job, but their business!

Try your classic favorites, pick from a list of new and fun fushions or simply ask your bartender to surprise you with something new!

Plank also has a lovely wine selection and bottled and draft beer!

Exceptional Service!

You’ll love the ambiance, you’ll love the menu, you’ll love the drinks but what is the most crucial ingredient to a successful business? As always, it’s the service! Good service is what keeps you coming back and gains your faith in a quality company!

There is no doubt in my mind that Plank has mastered all of the proper elements to run and maintain a fantastic restaurant but also to provide an enjoyable experience for their customers.

A good experience comes from value! And at plank value is ranked high!

If you love food like I do…fall in love with Plank!

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