Welcome Back Beautiful Playa del Carmen Sunshine!

Hello Playa del Carmen and welcome to this sunny beautiful day on the most beautiful beaches of the Caribbean!  Some of us have been a little down with the rainy cold days in Playa, but now those days are just a far away memory!

The sun is out and Playa del Carmen beaches are back in action!

Here are a few things to do in Playa del Carmen to take advantage of a full beautiful sunny day!

Have your morning coffee or breakfast outside!  If you have a backyard or terrace at your home in Playa del Carmen, start your day relaxing and reading the morning paper with the natural sunlight.  If you don’t have a space to relax at your home, go to Starbucks or Ah Cacao and enjoy your outdoor brew while you watch the people roam the 5th Avenue!

Take a walk! Maybe it can be on the 5th Avenue, in your neighborhood, on the beach or at a local park! If you have own a pet in Playa del Carmen, this is the perfect time to take your dog for a good long walk!  Remember, they too have been stuck indoors waiting for the rain to go away!

Go to the beach!  The sun is inviting us to come and play!  We have all been waiting for the perfect beach day to come along! So go ahead!  The local Playa del Carmen beach clubs are sure to be offering drink and food specials all day long!

Enjoy lunch outside! Whether you pack yourself a picnic for the beach, or hit up your favorite restaurant, eating outdoors can fill your tummy while boosting your endorphins, making you a little bit more likely to smile today!

Grab an afternoon fresh fruit refreshment!  Since the temperatures are rising, our bodies are asking us for a little extra hydration and nutrients.  You can always find all natural juices, smoothies and fresh fruits wherever you go!

Do a little outdoor shopping!  In the late afternoon, while it’s still light out, take a leisurely stroll down the 5th Avenue! Even if you won’t buy, it’s still ok to look!

As the sun is going down you can head back to the beach!  While the sun does not set on the ocean in Playa del Carmen, it still creates a beautiful colorful affect in the sky over the incredible turquoise sea.

Talk about perfect day outdoors in Playa del Carmen!  Enjoy the sunshine and beautiful temperatures everyone!