Ideas for Rainy Days

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing…– Billy Connelly

As we all know Playa del Carmen is known for its beautiful white beaches and sunny days. But with the recent storms and with the promise of more upcoming rain a question arises: what is there to do in Playa del Carmen when you can’t be outside? Surprisingly Playa del Carmen still has a lot to offer.

Here in Playa del Carmen there is a number of malls that may not be as big as you are used to in the United States or Canada but are great for an enjoyable way to pass a rainy day.

One of the main malls is Plaza Las Americas, located north of Playa del Carmen has many department stores, a grocery store, Sears and even a Sally’s. For entertainment Plaza Las Americas has a 12 theater cinema with many movies in English to choose from and a small casino and video arcade.

Closer to the center of Playa del Carmen on the highway towards Tulum you will find the Centro Maya mall, this mall is quite small but it does have Mexican known stores, a grocery store and a cinema next to the food court that shows movies in both English and Spanish.

If you are feeling brave and think you can make it shop to shop through the showers the Fifth Avenue has 2 malls, the newest is La Quinta. This 3 level modern mall (partially outdoor) has many well-known shops that include American Eagle, Forever 21, Victoria Secret and brand sport shops plus more.

The second shopping area on the Fifth Avenue, Paseo del Carmen is at the entrance of Playacar Phase 1, the south end of the Fifth Avenue. At this open air mall all of the department stores are next to each other if do need to make a mad dash between showers to get to the next store. This quaint shopping area carries on the cobblestone pavement and is the home to many stores for all ages such as Zara, Diesel, Ultrafemme, jewelry stores and even a Harley Davidson shop.

If you are not in the mood for shopping and the storm has settled why not head to beach with your favorite Starbucks coffee for some easy exercise to listen to the roaring waves come in. While you out for your leisurely stroll you will see many surfers on the beach. As you know this is a highly unusual sighting for Playa del Carmen and this is the only time you will see people surfing since the water is normally calm, but on these rare occasions when the heavy rain comes it also brings these huge amazing waves that surfers cannot help to take advantage of.

In the end we are very lucky here in Playa del Carmen, we have more sun than we do rain so another option is to simply take advantage of this weather. Stay home guilt free with your feet up and catch up on your favorite TV show, start or finish that book you’ve been meaning to read and listen to the rain against your window enjoying a hot cup of coffee or bowl of soup.

Enjoy your time off!

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What to Do on Rainy Days in Playa del Carmen …

I’m going to make a startling admission:


There really are rainy days in Playa del Carmen!


There aren’t many of them – I’d say over 300 days of the year are mostly sunshine. Even when there is rain, it lasts for a couple of hours at the most, and sometimes much less, and then Playa’s bright sun comes out again.


But there really are a handful of days in which it rains all day. And in these cases, it usually rains hard.


So what to do on a rainy day in a place where life is out on the beach, a stroll out on Fifth Avenue or breakfast on a terrace?


I have to admit, it’s hard to keep stuff around just for a few days a year when the rainy days keep you inside. These are my personal favorites:

  • browsing the web – writing blogs of course (good internet connections around here)
  • watching a moving – there are good movie rentals in English, as well as 2 movie theaters, also mostly in English (with Spanish subtitles)
  • bowling – we just got our first bowling alley a couple of years ago!
  • hanging out at the mall – whether you like malls or not, you won’t find yourself spending much time at them just because it’s so easy to be outside – except on the rainy days! (One has underground parking)
  • a game of chess – you can do that outside too, but rainy days are especially good for it; my 8-year-old son has become quite the pro! There’s a very informal chess club that meets on Fridays at one of the malls.
  • drink hot chocolate – it never really gets cold enough for hot chocolate here, but I always feel like the hard rain makes it taste better
  • read a book – it’s a good chance to catch up on some over-due reading


So how will you spend your rainy days here? Well, to be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, since it’s so seldom. But on the other, when it happens so seldom, you kind of appreciate it!


-by Thomas Lloyd


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