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Playa del Carmen Real Estate buyers include those who buy for a vacation home, which some times they rent out while their not their to bring an income, and those who permanently re-locate to their beachfront home. In either case, those who buy real estate in Playa del Carmen enjoy much more than a relaxing life on the beach - albeit this is one of the most important aspects. As Playa del Carmen and various other Yucatan Real Estate

destinations grow and thrive as favorite choices for Americans, Canadians and Europeans both for vacations and for re-locating permanently, the area is also developing as an international center for culture.


One recent example of this is the up-coming Elton John concert at Chichen Itza. The concert is scheduled for April 3, will begin Elton John's tour of nine countries, and it will include participation of the Yucatan Symphony Orchestra. This concert will be the third large-scale concert to be organized for Chichen Itza in the last couple of years, showing the international famous archaeological site's growing importance as a cultural center, with a stronger global presence.

Chichen Itza, a Mayan pyramid site, which, during ancient times, served as a religious and economic focal point of the peninsula, is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and provides real estate owners from Playa del Carmen (which is about a 3 hour drive away), as well as those from the nearby Merida Real Estate area, to enjoy an awe-inspiring visit into one of the most important parts of the North America's ancient history. The recent concerts which have been planned at the site also provide another kind of cultural experience.


Playa del Carmen, along with the nearby real estate destinations of Tulum, Cozumel, Cancun and Merida, offer a large amount of cultural variety for non-Mexicans considering buying properties and re-locating. Within a few hours drive of Playa del Carmen, a resident can enjoy events ranging from large international concerts, such as the one from Elton John, to the richly traditional Carnival in Merida or Campeche (only a little bit further away), to the international jazz concerts and film festivals in which Playa del Carmen hosts every year in the fall.


When buyers choose Playa del Carmen as their beachfront home, they are choosing much more than just a real estate purchase; they are choosing a lifestyle which includes both the world's most beautiful beaches, and a wide variety of events and activities.


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