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Thomas Lloyd
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Purdue University

  • Graduate of Purdue University
  • Krannert School of Management
  • Degree in Business Management with Specialty Finance Administration

Degree in Mexico Real Estate

  • This the first national level university degree in Mexico real estate business
  • Federal Department of Education (SEP) program official, nation-wide licensing
  • Thomas Lloyd was the FIRST person to have received this degree
  • Only 44 professionals in all of Mexico hold the degree
  • It represents a major step forward in professionalism in the Mexico real estate industry
  • Official diploma, with knowledge put into REAL PRACTICE!

Thomas Lloyd Receives a special congratulations from Alejandra Reyes of Federal Department of Education SEP for being the first person in Mexico to receive this degree.

National Professional License

  • Granted only to holders of a university degree (see above)
  • Reserved for highly trained professionals, such as lawyers, doctors
  • Indicates thorough knowledge of the processes involved in Mexico's real estate industry
  • Offers clients PROTECTION of their investment, PROFESSIONALISM and CONFIDENCE

National President of Mexico's Professional Real Estate Association, Pedro Trueba de Torres, recognizes Thomas Lloyd's distinction in receiving Mexico's first National Professional License in Real Estate.

Official National Real Estate Certificate

  • Granted by the National Counsel for Standards and Certification of Professional Skills (CONOCER)
  • Indicates knowledge of processes in Mexico real estate
  • Includes national identification number

AMPI Realtor of the Year 2010

  • Chosen by Mexico's Association for Real Estate Professionals (AMPI)
  • Selected in highly competitive region, Riviera Maya Chapter (Playa del Carmen and surrounding area)

Honor & Justice Committee AMPI Riviera Maya

  • Member of the Board of Realtors, Riviera Maya Chapter (area surrounding Playa del Carmen)
  • Mexico's National Professional Real Estate Association (AMPI)
  • Serving on the Honor and Justice Committee

Ongoing Certification

  • Diploma Course - Condo Regime in Mexico
  • Diploma Course - Updates on Capital Gains Tax as related to real estate transactions
  • 3 Month Diploma Course Real Estate Business, from La Salle, one of Mexico's most prestigious Universities, and sponsored by AMPI
  • 8 Month Diploma Course Theoretical-Practical Modules for Real Estate Agents, also from La Salle University

New License

  • Now certified under new Mexican law requiring real estate agents and their companies to be accredited to legally sell property
  • 9th person to receive accreditation for all Quintana Roo
  • New licensing and certification will regulate real estate agents and companies helping to create a sense of safety and security


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