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Are you thinking of retiring in Mexico? Here are the best retirement destinations. Each of these cities features wonderful activities, a calm lifestyle, and safety. Many expats have decided to retire in these popular Mexican destinations, and they all can’t be wrong!

Take a look at our Top 10 places to retire in Mexico:

Playa del Carmen

This beautiful Caribbean jewel is currently a cosmopolitan city that is home to thousands of expats looking for a relaxed lifestyle. Playa del Carmen features some of the most amazing beaches in Mexico. The turquoise sea and fine white sand are definitely the main reasons why Playa del Carmen has become a favorite destination among tourists from all over the world. This city offers many activities such as fishing, diving, paddleboard, and much more. If you’re planning to retire in Mexico, Playa del Carmen is an excellent option for you.

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Tulum used to be a small fishing village. However, it is now one of the most beautiful towns on the Riviera Maya. Tulum has a vibrant lifestyle, offering its residents and tourists the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea and white-sand beaches. Besides, Tulum has several attractions that go from cenotes to delicious eateries and one of the most beautiful Archaeological sites in Mexico. If what you’re looking for is a peaceful town to retire, then Tulum is for you.

Retire in Losantos Tulum
Retire in Losantos Tulum
Retire in Losantos Tulum


This is the second-largest city in Quintana Roo. Cancun is has plenty of shopping malls, big hotels, and renowned restaurants. This city has everything you can find in the US without losing the Mexican charm. The sea here is beautiful, and the beaches are incredibly mesmerizing. Cancun is America’s best destination abroad. This city is defined by luxury and exclusiveness.

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Merida, Yucatan

Merida is the safest city in Latin America and 21st in the world. Although it is a big city, Merida is a gem that offers a tranquil lifestyle. There are several shopping malls to pick from, each with different stores, restaurants, and other attractions. You can appreciate Merida’s prominent history while going for a walk through all the magnificent roads with traditional and colonial Mexican homes.

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Costa Maya

The stunning Mexican Caribbean is also home to Costa Maya. This area comprehends from Punta Herreros to Xcalak, going through Bacalar, Mahahual, and Chetumal. These beautiful towns are a less-crowded alternative that will also allow you to discover the great Mayan culture. If you’re into diving or interested in family activities, you will undoubtedly always find something to do in this beautiful area.

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Among the best cities to retire in Mexico is Campeche. This is an up-and-coming beach area with a small colonial town. If you decide to retire in Campeche, you will experience a lifestyle filled with Mexican traditions, many activities, and calm days. The Mayan ruins and the annual carnival are some of the activities you should never miss!

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Retire in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende

Located in Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende has become one of the best towns to retire in Mexico. This beautiful city is home to the Sanctuary of Jesus Atotonilco, which has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. San Miguel de Allende has a lot to see, such as the San Miguel Arcangel Parish and the archaeological site of Cañada la Virgen. Certainly, retiring in San Miguel de Allende will keep you entertained.

Puerto Vallarta

Speaking about the best cities to retire in Mexico, we can’t forget about Puerto Vallarta. This coastal town is immersed in the Mexican Pacific. From here, you can admire the magnificent golden sunsets while you swim in the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Puerto Vallarta offers a diversity of activities, including scuba diving and fishing. It also hosts an array of restaurants, shops and bars. But the best part is its proximity to the United States!

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Retire in Lake Chapala

Lake Chapala

Many expats, mostly Canadians and Americans, have found their home in Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico. Lake Chapala is only 25 miles south of Guadalajara, and it has what many foreigners consider the best weather. There are several small towns around to discover, each with very charming atmospheres and a lot to do. If you are considering retiring in Mexico, you can join the large community of expats living in Lake Chapala.

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Cabo San Lucas

Also known as “Los Cabos,” this small town has everything! From large deserts to mesmerizing seas and beautiful mountains. Cabo San Lucas is located at the tip of Baja California, and has a lot of beauty to offer, as well as incredible scuba diving. Here is where the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean meet. If you decide retire in Los Cabos, you will enjoy fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, and relaxing in high-end spas.

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