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You know from your last vacation that staying in a resort is fabulous, but now that you’re considering buying Bahia Principe real estate near Tulum, you’re wondering if longer-term resort living, or at least property ownership, is the right thing for you. The answer is that if you like the idea of most of the following points, then buying a home in the Bahia Principe resort complex would probably be the right thing for you.

You love golf.

Bahia Principe’s golf course is a professionally designed (Robert Trend Jones II), 18-hole course accompanied by a golf academy and a 9-hole practice course.  Many of the residential developments in Bahia Principe are directly on the golf course.  This not only provides direct access to an excellent game of golf, but also beautiful views, and a lifestyle surrounded by nature which the course’s design carefully preserves.


You love beaches.

The Riviera Maya, the area running from Cancun to Tulum, has become famous worldwide for its beaches, which are wide, with soft, fine sand, and warm water.  They are also extraordinarily beautiful with pure white sand and bright turquoise water.  Within this area, the beaches in Tulum are generally thought to be the most beautiful, and as their fame spreads, specifically Tulum’s beaches are showing up among “top 5” lists worldwide.  These beaches are very close to the residential golf developments of Bahia Principe, with direct access on the resort.

You could live like you’re on vacation every day.

Living in Bahia Principe, you have access to a beach club, restaurants, large pools with lounge areas, waterfront sports, sports complexes and much more as a part of day to day life.  Whether you use your property for vacations, retirement or any other arrangement, it’s like being on vacations – all the time.


You’ve fallen in love with Tulum, and you know you’re coming back – often.

If you’ve vacationed in Bahia Principe or another resort nearby, and you know you’ll be coming back often, it’s worth owning a property here.

You are looking for a good property investment.

In Tulum, demand is only going upward.  Owning a property in the town’s most established resort complex gives you an advantage in terms of value as well.  Other resort complexes will take years to develop the infrastructure and activities found in Bahia Principe; by that time, the properties will in all likelihood be selling for much higher prices – and your home is likely to have a much higher value.

If any of these points are true for you, contact an experienced agent to explore the possibility of buying in Bahia Principe.; Mexico's Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely

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